Your work is in the cloud – what about your talent?


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Wednesday 08 March 2023 11:29 GMT
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Business Reporter: Your work is in the cloud – what about your talent?

Talent is everywhere; opportunity is not. When Covid-19 shifted momentum from the office to the home, companies expanded their view beyond where their talent worked. Now they were thinking about where their talent lived. If the best data scientist or software engineer for the job was a continent away, how were their traditional recruiting methods going to discover them? Would companies gravitate toward a new way of recruiting?

Turing already had the answer back in 2018 – the Talent Cloud.

The trouble with traditional recruiting

Traditional recruiting wasn’t built for a software-first world. When you think about it, what are some of the common challenges when using recruiting firms, staffing firms, labour marketplaces and even global IT services companies?

1. They’re slow because they tap into a limited talent pool – are you finding the best possible candidate or just the best on offer?

2. They often have shallow vetting, forcing you to decide whether their pick is qualified for the job.

3. Success means putting a person in a seat, rather than ensuring the team is successful. Staffing companies aren’t concerned with retention, productivity or anything that happens after that person gets hired.

The AI angle for recruitment today

So we asked ourselves, what if we replaced these companies with a software-driven talent platform? What if, at the push of a button, an AI-powered deep-vetting platform matched you with remote developers, tech leads and other talent specific to your needs so you could immediately build and scale your team? What if that platform also included capabilities that supported retention, productivity and a host of other operational needs?

It turns out companies want a digital talent platform. According to a recent survey, 50 per cent of business leaders reported a significant increase in the usage of digital talent platforms in their respective organisations. In fact, more than 400 companies – including Fortune 500 companies and some of the most well-known brands across the US – use Turing to quickly and easily build their ideal remote engineering team by leveraging our global talent pool.

The Talent Cloud transforms work

With our AI-powered vetting and matching technology, we have evaluated some two million developers, with 50,000 of them having passed our technical exams and interviews to reach the “vetted” status – ready to be matched to a client’s needs. Being vetted means we’ve combined some 20,000 machine learning signals alongside our testing to create a developer’s profile.

And it’s not just a profile, it’s the profile. These deep developer profiles are detailed, comprehensive, and continuously updating vector representations of a developer’s strengths and areas of improvement. This high-dimensional vector has components for a developer’s technical skills, seniority level and soft skills.

Through these profiles and machine learning signals, we can accurately predict a probability of success in the role, giving our clients an accurate match. In fact, our clients trust our vetting so much that many forgo an interview altogether.

We also offer a zero-risk, two-week trial period: if for some reason our clients aren’t happy with the team, they could pause and pay nothing, and we’ll still pay the developers. And our developer retention is almost 97 per cent, which puts engineering leaders at ease to focus on building and shipping products without worrying about retention and attrition.

Major trends in the future of work

Three major trends will continue to play out over the next five years that will have a massive impact on the future of work:

1. Geography will become less relevant, as companies go global to secure the best talent.

2. Skills will replace credentials – it’s all about what you can do and proving it.

3. New tools that make distributed teams more effective will come into play, solving for connection, culture and collaboration, and making it possible for people worldwide to do their work regardless of where they’re based.

Getting started with the Talent Cloud

If you want to build your engineering team, you can visit Tell us what you’re looking for, the problem you want to solve and the tech stacks you need. It’s super easy to get started, and we can get developers working on your projects in a matter of days.

Originally published on Business Reporter

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