Top job creators in UK revealed in the E2E Job Creation 100 Track

In association with The Independent, E2E reveals the top companies for job creation in the UK

Monday 03 July 2023 12:15 BST

The E2E Job Creation 100 track features the strongest performing UK-based private companies that have created the most jobs. These companies have successfully maintained 100 or more employees in the last two years and have a turnover of £10 million.

Designed to showcase the UK companies that have experienced consistent growth in the last two years by taking on new employees and providing stable job opportunities, the E2E Job Creation 100 track highlights the fastest-growing companies in terms of job creation and their position is based solely on independent research, not on nomination.

E2E is a membership organisation that enables extraordinary entrepreneurship, helping connect E2E Ambassadors, its members with other businesses in order to foster support and funding opportunities. It helps businesses thrive by enhancing their visibility and putting them in front of investors. With the government keen to position the UK as a thriving business economy in order to attract new business from overseas, organisations like E2E are playing a vital role in supporting the business community.

Although the economy is struggling somewhat in the UK, the jobs market remains strong. The Office for National Statistics said in their Labour Market Overview in May 2023 that the UK employment rate was estimated at 75.9% in January to March 2023, 0.2 percentage points higher than October to December 2022. This shows that companies still take on employees and maintain their current workforce, despite economic difficulties.

The E2E Job Creation 100 track highlights privately owned UK-based companies which have a turnover of more than £10 million and a minimum of 100 employees over the last two years. The companies are ranked by the absolute number of employees, and have all grown, at least by 25% in staffing over the two most recent filing periods. i.e.those who have created the most new jobs. The tracks are compiled by Experian and Go Live Data, according to the specific criteria and official data.

Some leading UK owned names on the E2E Job Creation 100 list include Specsavers, the UK’s most well-known opticians who are the largest privately owned optical group in the world. They now operate in 10 countries and have over 37,000 employees. They increased their employee numbers by 1,601 in the recent two-year period.

Ranked first in terms of change in number of employees is RSK Group, a global leader in the delivery of sustainable solutions in the engineering and technical sectors, who have increased their employees by 4,041. Howden Group Holdings, the UK’s leading international insurance group with employee ownership at its heart, ranks second in the list and have increased its workforce by 3,264 employees in the same period.

The E2E Job Creation 100 is the fourth in a series of six E2E 100 tracks to launch this year, that are designed to showcase successful UK companies. Launching in March, the first E2E 100 track to be published was the E2E Female 100, followed by the E2E Tech 100 in April and most recently the E2E International 100 with the E2E Job Creation 100 launching today. The remaining two tracks due to launch are the E2E Dynamic 100 (September) and E2E Profit 100 (October).

Each track will be celebrated at The Houses of Parliament, to champion the best of UK business and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders to boost the UK economy. The initiative also provides an opportunity to get under the skin of today’s business challenges. E2E members can access vital help, such as finding investors to fund their growth and being matched with mentors and non-executive directors to help their start-ups and scale-ups to grow and take on more staff.

You can view the complete E2E Job Creation 100 track here

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