Business Diary: BBC Worldwide has too much time and money

Tuesday 15 December 2009 01:00

The corporate Christmas cards are arriving thick and fast, but many companies are this year opting to send festive greetings by email. Still, if saving money is the object, the BBC Worldwide team obviously hasn't got the idea, having shelled out for a Christmas animation featuring many of their brands – it skips past Lonely Planet pretty quickly, naturally.

Cleaners are worth more than bankers

So much for bankers and the huge contribution they always harp on about making to the economy via all those taxes. The New Economics Foundation reckons that such has been the damage caused to the global economy by the banks, the average banker destroys £7 for every £1 of value they create. Hospital cleaners, by contrast, contribute £10 of value for every £1 they are paid.

A racy proposition for 'Dragon's Den' star

Dragon's Den judge James Caan has been conducting an online question-and-answer session for would-be entrepreneurs seeking his counsel. No answer yet for the correspondent who asked whether she could bring her erotic novel on to the show in order to ask for his cash.

Monetising the net and then some

We know newspapers are supposed to be working out how to monetise technology, but does The Guardian really think people are going to pay £2.39 for its new iPhone app? Most other newspapers are giving them away – not least because for a significantly smaller investment than £2.39, you can buy all sorts of fantastic games and goodies to distract you from the day's gloomy headlines.

Express way to spend £5.95

Still on the topic of over-priced internet media, the Express Newspapers group has begun offering online access to the previous 48 hours of its archived material via UK Press Online. A snip at a mere £5.95. Still, you do get both the Daily Express and the Sunday Express (always assuming, that is, that you're logging in on a Monday or a Tuesday).

Number of the day: 2

The number of takeover advances that the engineering company Mouchel says it has rejected from VT Group recently.

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