Whisper users reveal the worst things their boss has done on anonymous confessions app

Startling eyewitness accounts range from demoting employees for dating and stealing money from cash registers

Victoria Richards
Thursday 05 November 2015 09:00
Whisper allows people to post their thoughts on issues anonymously
Whisper allows people to post their thoughts on issues anonymously

Disgruntled employees have been sharing the 20 most corrupt things they've seen a boss or former manager do in the workplace, with eye-opening - and eye-watering - candour.

The comments appear on the confessions app Whisper, which allows people to post their thoughts on issues anonymously, and is titled: '20 Corrupt Things Employees Have Seen Their Bosses Do: Make the rules; break the rules'.

It contains revelations such as 'pull food that fell in the trash can out, put it back on the plate and serve it to a guest' and 'scream and curse at my coworkers in front of customers'.

But it also reveals the kind of personal prejudices that can adversely affect anyone looking for a step up in the office.

One user, for example, wrote that he or she had witnessed their boss 'demote my friend for dating a girl he hates'.

Another added: 'Asked me to hack into his partners account to see if he was planning on leaving the company'.

And someone wrote: 'Without looking at an application she said to throw it out'.

And others take an even darker turn, by recounting incidences of sexual harrassment or unwanted physical attention.

One user admitted: 'He took me in the bathroom, offered me blow, I declined, he kissed me'.

Another added: 'He told a former employee that she would make a good porn star'.

And one, shockingly, said they saw their boss 'feel up one of his female employees'. The person added: 'To this day neither of them know I saw it happen. Disgusting. She was like half his age.'

Many of us will have worried at some point in our lives about complaining in restaurants, and what they may then do behind our backs in the kitchen.

And the app, if true, confirms some of those most terrible suspicions, with eyewitness accounts of 'stirring cigarette ash into the soup' and a boss who shouted at 'a pregnant woman who complained about the very oversalted fries he served her. Told her it was her hormones and cravings and to get out.'

According to the user accounts, which are predominantly based in America, not even those in the education system were exempt from bad behaviour.

One said they had even seen someone change pupils' grades from a fail to a pass - so she could claim a 100% success rate while principal of a school or college.

And others mentioned several shocking and illegal activities, such as 'steal money from the register then try and fire me for covering her shift while she was smoking meth in the back'.

It might be time to ask for a performance review....

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