Watch again: Hillary Clinton speaks at Cop28 on women’s role in building climate-resilience

Lucy Leeson
Monday 04 December 2023 10:32 GMT

Watch again as Hillary Clinton speaks at Cop28 on Monday (4 December) about the role women can play in building climate resilience.

Ms Clinton has described the “lack of” women around negotiating tables a Cop28 as a “major concern”.

Addressing an event at the Dubai Expo centre on Sunday (3 December), the former US secretary of state said: “In many of the governments that are represented here at Cop, there are no women.

“How do we get the concerns of women to be heard? That’s what events like these are about.

“We also have to be cautious of the fact that now we are swimming against the tide, and the tide has been turned against women in many parts of the world,” she added,

Ms Clinton was speaking at an event highlighting the critical role of women’s leadership in tackling the climate crisis, and also the growing impacts of extreme heat on women and girls in vulnerable communities.

The former Democratic presidential candidate referenced “visible pushback” against women’s rights and opportunities, pointing to a recent statement from Chinese leader Xi Jinping calling on women to “actively cultivate a new culture of marriage and childbearing”.

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