Erotica show gives Britain a first

Ann Treneman
Sunday 23 October 2011 07:48

The Erotica show that opened at Olympia yesterday may not have been the Full Monty but it was certainly more than Britain had ever seen before.

"It's a first for this country," said organiser Brian Wiseman who insists the three-day affair is all about the erotic and nothing as tawdry as sex. Others, such as the woman from Surrender armoured clothing, agrees: "You know the fetish scene is becoming very mainstream these days. You see rubber in the High Street." Well, you certainly saw it yesterday at Olympia, as well as almost everything else. "I think England should loosen up a bit," said one 26-year-old. "We could use a little less fox-hunting and a little more of this." Mr Wiseman says that is his idea too and that Glasgow could be the next stop.

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