Ex-minister in trouble after striking journalist

Paul McCann Media Editor
Thursday 18 June 1998 23:02

ANDREW NEIL, editor-in-chief of the European news magazine, is facing an office rebellion if he does not sack his closest friend, the former Conservative minister Gerry Malone, for hitting one of the newspaper's journalists.

Mr Malone, who was a health minister in John Major's government and is now editor of the European, has issued a formal apology to the title's features editor, Nicola Davidson, after making a drunken sexual approach to her and then hitting her around the head when he was rebuffed.

Mr Malone's position at the magazine is hanging in the balance depending on whether Ms Davidson accepts the apology.

It is known that a number of other European employees have said they no longer wish to work with Mr Malone after his behaviour.

Some have lobbied Ms Davidson to hire a lawyer and make a stand against sexual harassment.

Mr Malone's actions, which were witnessed by at least three other European employees, happened when he returned from watching the Scotland versus Brazil World Cup match in a pub on 10 June.

Sue Douglas, managing editor of the paper, said yesterday: "It is an entirely internal matter and the company has taken appropriate action. We have the matter in hand."

But Mr Neil is known to have been deeply upset by the incident despite his closeness to Mr Malone.

The two have known each other since university and at one time they were flatmates.

Mr Malone, a former Glasgow solicitor, was known as 'Bugsy' at Parliament and renowned for his wit and sociability.

He is married to a leading Scottish doctor, Anne Blyth. He made tabloid headlines in 1995 when, still a minister, he attended a live sex show.

Mr Neil caused much resentment when, as editor of the Sunday Times, he appointed Mr Malone as Scottish editor after he lost his first parliamentary seat in 1987.

The two also have a business together.

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