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The government is set to confirm the final stage of lockdown easing on 12 July following the latest announcement on Monday

Philippa Jenkins
Tuesday 06 July 2021 09:07
<p>Shoppers in masks</p>

Shoppers in masks

The government announced on Monday that everything is on track for the final stage of lockdown easing to take place 19 July.

Boris Johnson announced the easing of social distancing rules will go ahead, despite a backlash from scientists over his willingness to accept more serious illnesses and deaths from Covid-19.

People will be urged to “learn to live with this virus”, when the prime minister unveils decisions on whether to scrap the “one-metre-plus rule” and work-from-home guidance, on Monday.

He has said England is on course to remove the distancing rule on 19 July – allowing drinkers to order at the bar again – after a cabinet minister revealed the wearing of face masks will be voluntary.

A public health expert branded the removal of all Covid restrictions “absolutely bonkers” and Mr Johnson was warned the pandemic could still spiral “out of control”.

But the prime minister, who is also expected to kill off plans for Covid-status certificates to attend large events, will also argue for the virus to be considered like flu – which kills 20,000 people in a bad winter.

The government will confirm the plans for 19 July in a further announcement on 12 July.

What are the final restrictions set to be eased?

The rule of six indoors, rule of 30 outdoors, one-metre social distancing in pubs, ban on nightclubs and at least some legal face masks laws are all likely to be dropped,

How do you feel about the final stage of lockdown taking place?

Do you feel relieved that the end of the roadmap is in sight or do you think the government is taking this step too soon?

We want to know what you think about the 19 July being the date restrictions come to end. Do you think some restrictions should remain in place indefinitely? Or is it time we got on with discovering how to live to Covid and end the disruption to our lives?

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