11:11 L.U.C.K. Fashion: Wearing purpose to promote mental health

No one should feel alone in their journey toward mental health. In a world where mental health issues touch one in four people, the fashion brand 11:11 L.U.C.K. stands out not just for its stylish offerings but for its heartfelt mission to raise awareness about this challenge. 11:11 L.U.C.K., fashion with purpose, seeks to support individuals on their mental well-being journey.

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Jon Stojan
Wednesday 10 January 2024 20:12 GMT
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The Birth of a Vision: Personal Struggle to Global Mission

The inspiration behind 11:11 L.U.C.K. comes from a deeply personal place. The founder, Polina Mikhailova’s own mental health journey led to the realization that art and music could be transformative in discussing and understanding mental health challenges. This gave birth to a brand with a mission: to create a platform that not only defies but also eliminates the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

The Meaning Behind the Name

"11:11 L.U.C.K." is more than just a catchy name. It’s imbued with deep meaning. The number 1111, often associated with spiritual awakening, symbolizes well-being and good fortune. It serves as a reminder to embody the values in the acronym L.U.C.K.: Love, Unity, Care, and Kindness. These core principles form the foundation of the brand. 11:11 L.U.C.K. promotes a world where compassion, understanding, and support for mental health are paramount, free from any shame, prejudice, or confusion.

Walking The Talk: Supporting Mental Health Initiatives

A notable component of 11:11 L.U.C.K.’s identity is its unwavering commitment to supporting mental health causes. Dedicating 2% of its revenue to mental health charities, the brand goes beyond lip service, making a tangible impact in the mental health community. This commitment stems from a deep-rooted belief in the power of collective support for those struggling with mental health challenges.

The Power of Art and Music in Mental Health Conversations

Art and music are integral to 11:11 L.U.C.K.’s approach. These forms of expression have a unique ability to convey emotions and experiences, sometimes beyond the capacity of words. By leveraging these creative elements, the brand connects with people on an emotional level, making the discussion of mental health both accessible and engaging. This artistic approach is pivotal to the brand’s mission of initiating meaningful conversations about mental health, thereby increasing awareness while decreasing barriers.

Fashion as Advocacy: T-Shirts That Talk

Perhaps the most visible aspect of 11:11 L.U.C.K.’s mission is its T-shirt line. Each design represents different mental health challenges. These T-shirts transcend fashion, transforming wearers into advocates for mental health awareness. They spark conversations, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to the normalization of discussions around mental health. The intent is to foster a societal shift toward greater empathy and understanding.

Envisioning a Stigma-Free Future

11:11 L.U.C.K. aspires to broaden its influence, cultivating a worldwide community that values openness, support, and understanding. Its ultimate aspiration is to become synonymous with positive societal change in attitudes toward mental health, creating a world where everyone feels acknowledged, heard, and supported.

11:11 L.U.C.K. – The Movement

11:11 L.U.C.K. is not just a fashion brand. It’s a revolution in the way we perceive and talk about mental health. With every product sold, 11:11 L.U.C.K. stitches a narrative of hope, resilience, and unity, paving the way for a future where mental health is not just a conversation but a community-wide commitment.

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