Jack Whitehall reacts to Prince William mocking his dad jokes during school visit

The comedian described it as an ‘outrageous shading from the future king.’

Emma Guinness
Friday 26 April 2024 10:00 BST
Jack Whitehall responds to Prince William's 'dad joke' about him during school visit

Jack Whitehall has reacted to the revelation that he is the inspiration behind Prince William’s terrible dad jokes.

The comedian, 35, took to social media to share his response to being namedropped by the future king while visiting a school Rowley Regis yesterday (April 25).

The prince visited St Michael’s Church of England High School after he was invited via a touching letter from a 12-year-old student, Freddie Hadley, written last October.

Against the odds, the Royal took the youngster up on his invite and came to the school to learn more about its award-winning student-led initiatives to improve mental health.

As part of this, he appeared on the student podcast and that’s when he was asked to tell a joke.

In the hilarious video, the comedian initially looks pleased that he’s inspired the future king, 41, to tap into his funny bone but things soon take a turn when he hears the Royal’s joke.

“I’ve been asked to produce a dad joke, so I’m kind of trying to channel Jack Whitehall, most of his jokes are pretty dad-like,” Prince William said.

The future king shared a dad joke for the student podcast
The future king shared a dad joke for the student podcast (PA)

Recounting Princess Charlotte’s favourite joke, William said “knock knock” prompting the pupils to ask “Who’s there?”

“Interrupting cow,” the prince said.

“Interrupting cow who?”

The prince then interrupted the children by saying “moo”, prompting them to laugh.

But Whitehall was far from amused by the joke that allegedly channelled him, as he revealed in his reaction video.

After expressing his shock at how terrible the joke was – dad jokes are meant to be terrible – Whitehall then pretended to write it down.

He then joked with a hashtag that he’s now lost any chance he may have had of receiving a knighthood.

He wrote: “An outrageous shading from the future King.”

Jack Whitehall did not find the joke amusing
Jack Whitehall did not find the joke amusing (Jack Whitehall )

William’s visit yesterday was one of his first since he returned to public duty since the Princess of Wales’ shock cancer diagnosis last month.

Kate Middleton had been notably absent from public life after having planned abdominal surgery in January, which was when the cancer was discovered.

While she was scheduled to return to work after Easter, she will now remain away from the spotlight as she undergoes “preventative” treatment.

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