Man who had a sexual relationship with his own niece found guilty of her murder

Hayley Wall told people what happened before she died

Andrew Lowry
Friday 01 September 2017 11:54 BST
Christopher Wall, 58, was found guilty of the murder of his niece and partner Hayley Wall, 25
Christopher Wall, 58, was found guilty of the murder of his niece and partner Hayley Wall, 25

A man who in a relationship with his niece, beat her over the head with a flatscreen television after she refused to let him touch her sexually in public, has been convicted of her murder.

Christopher Wall, 58,had argued with 25-year-old Hayley Wall on a night out last December when the pair had been drinking with friends in Bournemouth, Winchester Crown Court heard.

Their lodger, Adrian Bassett, testified that he had heard the couple arguing loudly, before she walked into his room "covered in blood".

Although he had urged her to call an ambulance, Ms Wall had left the home, he told the court.

Three students out for a Christmas meal found her bleeding and disorientated on the street, and called an ambulance.

Initially, Ms Wall told them that she had fallen over, but then said she’d been hit by her partner, one of them told the court.

She also told the girls Mr Wall had wanted to touch her sexually in front of their friends at the pub, but she had pushed him away.

She then said: “Before I left, he hit me with a television and I fell down. I fell down.”

She repeated the claim to a paramedic.

When police went to the home the pair shared they found evidence of a disturbance, including a damaged door, blood stains and a broken television.

Mr Wall was found asleep in his bedroom with mild stab wounds on his back and a cut on his hand.

In a prepared statement Mr Wall claimed his niece had attacked him with a pair of scissors and he had used reasonable force to defend himself.

He refused to answer questions on the nature of his relationship with his niece.

Calling a it a "clear example of extreme domestic abuse", Mary-Ruth Johnson, a senior prosecutor for Wessex Crown Prosecution Service, said, Ms Wall's death was tragic.

She added: “After hearing the prosecution and defence’s cases the jury accepted that during the course of an argument Christopher Wall struck Hayley causing serious head injuries, from which she subsequently died.

"The jury as a result decided that he was guilty of her murder. Our thoughts go out to Hayley Wall’s family at this very difficult time."

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