Are you better at maths than an 11-year-old? Take our quiz to find out

Answer Year 6 SATs questions to test your maths skills as the PM is set to improve young people’s numeracy

Maryam Zakir-Hussain
Monday 17 April 2023 15:30 BST
Rishi Sunak ignored by students as he repeatedly asks for questions after maths speech

Rishi Sunak is determined to stamp out an “anti-maths mindset” in the UK as he persists in his “maths to 18” policy.

To improve the numerical literacy of young people, the prime minister today set out further details of his plan to ensure all pupils in England study maths until the age of 18.

Under current rules maths education ends with GCSE examinations at age 16 and many people choose not to study the subject further.

Mr Sunak has also pledged to introduce a new qualification for primary school maths teachers and increase the number of Maths Hubs.

With the renewed focus on Year 6 maths, we want to see if you could still pass your maths SATs. Answer the 10 questions below to test your knowledge.

Question 1

A pack of paper has 150 sheets. 4 children each take 7 sheets. How many sheets of paper are left in the packet?

Question 2

What is 444 minutes in hours and minutes?

Question 3

Maria bakes cakes and sells them in bags. She uses this formula to work out how much to charge for one bag of cakes. Cost = number of cakes × 20p + 15p for the bag.

How much will a bag of 12 cakes cost?

Question 4

Here is a number written in Roman numerals. CVX. Write the number in figures.

Question 5

A bag of 5 lemons costs £1. A bag of 4 oranges costs £1.80. How much more does one orange cost than one lemon?

Question 6

Two decimal numbers add together to equal 1. One of the numbers is 0.007. What is the other number?

Question 7

Lara chooses a number less than 100. She divides it by 3 and then subtracts 11. She then divides this result by 2. Her answer is 10.5. What was the number she started with?

Question 8

The area of a rugby pitch is 6,108 square metres. A football pitch measures 112 metres long and 82 metres wide. How much larger is the area of the football pitch than the area of the rugby pitch?

Question 9

Large pizzas cost £8.50 each. Small pizzas cost £6.75 each. Five children together buy one large pizza and three small pizzas. They share the cost equally. How much does each child pay?

Question 10

On Saturday Lara read two-fifths of her book. On Sunday she read the other 90 pages to finish the book. How many pages are there in Lara’s book?

Rishi Sunak plans to ensure all pupils study some form of maths until the age of 18


1. 122

2. 7 hours and 24 minutes

3. £2.55

4. 105

5. 25p

6. 0.993

7. 96

8. 3076 square metres

9. £5.75

10. 150 pages

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