McDonald's worker ‘deliberately put bacon inside Muslim family’s chicken sandwiches'

Fast-food giant denies move was intentional

Jessica Brown
Friday 04 August 2017 13:46 BST
Bacon appears to be placed in each item of Muslim family's McDonald's meal

McDonald's is being accused of an “intentional act of bigotry” by an advocacy group claiming a worker deliberately hid bacon in a Muslim family’s chicken sandwiches.

The family is “disturbed” by the act, which caused one adult to vomit twice, Khaula Hadeed, head of the Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told

The council is reviewing CCTV cameras of the incident, and Mr Hadeed has called for the dismissal of any staff found to have been involved.

The family, who are from New York, ordered 14 chicken sandwiches from the fast food takeaway in Point Mallard Water Park in Decatur, Alabama.

Mr Hadeed said: “They started noticing it tasted different to them. They eat McChicken all the time at McDonald's. They knew what they ordered -- they know what's in the sandwich."

McDonald's denied the claim and said it was not an intentional act, when contacted by the Daily Mail.

CAIRtv uploaded a video clip of the family finding the bacon, which is said to have been originally uploaded to Snapchat.

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