Travelodge denies puppet in new advert is based on David Cameron

Viewers are congratulating the Prime Minister on his new part time job

Kashmira Gander
Friday 12 June 2015 16:08 BST
Travelodge has denied Max in its new advert is based on the likeness of David Cameron
Travelodge has denied Max in its new advert is based on the likeness of David Cameron (YouTube)

With his short brown hair, thin nose, and rounded face, viewers are convinced a naked puppet in a new budget hotel advert is based on Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Travelodge advert features a group of singing puppets, including an everyman character called Max who visits a hotel with his wife and child, Sophie and Lily.

Hundreds of viewers who have seen the new advert tweeted in faux shock that the Prime Minister appears to have a job on the side.

Some congratulated the Prime Minister for securing a part-time job, while most simply asking "Why is David Cameron advertising for Travelodge?"

But Travelodge has stressed that the likeness is a co-incidence, which is just as well, as it is illegal to use characteristic which could identify a person, including they name, likeness or voice, without permission for a commercial purpose.

A spokesman for the firm told The Mirror: “Perhaps he just has one of those familiar-looking faces because it's also been pointed out that Max looks a bit like the former England manager Fabio Capello as well.”

Last year, Goodfellas actor Frank Sivero launched a $250million lawsuit against the makers of The Simpsons, claiming the programme “based this character on his own personality” and had contributed to "type-casting" him.

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