Loose Women discuss Brexit with Mr Blobby

'Do you think that if there’s a no deal and we slash the 12,651 EU protectionist tariffs, will that result in a loss or a gain to the UK treasury?' Noel Edmond's creation is asked

Thursday 22 November 2018 17:47
Bizarre moment Mr Blobby gives the Loose Women his opinion on Brexit

He is a strange-looking character who, despite – or, perhaps because – of his accident-prone buffoonery, has become a nationally recognised figure.

But…enough about Boris Johnston (etc etc).

Here’s Mr Blobby appearing on Loose Women, discussing Brexit.

The 1990s throwback was a guest on the ITV1 show to promote his creator Noel Edmonds’ appearance on another ITV show, I’m A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

But, for those who might accuse Loose Women of a reductive approach to complex issues, panellist Jane Moore was determined to prove the naysayers wrong by embarking on a political interrogation on the pink and yellow…whatever species he is.

“Do you think that if there’s a no deal and we slash the 12,651 EU protectionist tariffs, will that result in a loss or a gain to the UK treasury?” she asked.

Because he cannot speak other than to say “Blobby”, Mr Blobby singularly failed to offer an articulate and detailed analysis of the country's economic prospects in the event a withdrawal from the bloc without an agreement.

And that would have been that.

Except, of course, for Twitter: wits across the UK took to their social media to prove British humour is in terrific health by uttering memes like “what a time to be alive”.

Others opted for variations on the concept of a fictional character without a discernible vocabulary doing a better job than the politicians.

“Mr Blobby can’t have said anything more outrageous than our politicians,” said one. “Likely to come up with a better idea than #FailingGrayling,” another opined, referring to widely ridiculed former transport secretary Chris Grayling.

News sites pounced, too. “This is 2018,” one said. Which, if you think about it, really means nothing at all.

And, as when anything surreal enters the public consciousness, a Twitter user offered the customary observation: “Wasn’t this literally a Black Mirror episode?”.

It literally was not a Black Mirror episode.

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Either way the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) potential was not lost on some websites. Within an hour of the appearance, the inevitable “where is Mr Blobby now” headline had appeared.

What a time to alive, indeed.

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