Tim Rose

urther to my obituary of Tim Rose [ 26 September]

Sunday 19 January 2014 02:08

Further to my obituary of Tim Rose [ 26 September], writes Spencer Leigh, the singer and songwriter Bonnie Dobson, who wrote "Morning Dew" after seeing the film On the Beach, says that the song was published in Broadside magazine in 1962 and recorded on her live album Bonnie Dobson at Folk City.

The lyric was amended by a fellow performer, Fred Neil, who recorded it with Vince Martin in 1964, but did not take a songwriting credit. Tim Rose, in an interview with myself in 1998, said that he had heard Martin perform the song as a dirge, and he quickened the tempo, added a rock backing and released his own version. He claimed to have added words but, as Dobson points out, they are very close to Martin and Neil's version.

Dobson and Rose have differing accounts as to how his name came to be added to the credits for a 25 per cent cut.

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