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Oscar Quine
Monday 03 June 2013 22:20
Cruz is lined up to appear with Daniel Craig in the next Bond film
Cruz is lined up to appear with Daniel Craig in the next Bond film

Ey, que pasa?

Cruz is lined up to appear with Daniel Craig in the next Bond film, earning the accolade “oldest Bond girl ever”. At 40, she just pips Honor Blackman to the title, who played Goldfinger’s Pussy Galore at 39. The 78-year-old Judi Dench, who has played M since 1995, may be glad of the more mature cast. Craig is now 45 and it is believed that Cruz’s casting was partly made in deference to his advancing years. The decision to not go with a young, pretty thing has also been heralded as a minor feminist breakthrough.

Isn’t it rude to talk about a lady’s age?

Perhaps, especially when there’s so much else to discuss about the lady: her talents, achievements and, yes, her looks. Perhaps most famous for the six Pedro Almodovar films she has appeared in, Cruz is known for being fiery, feisty and a little kooky. Woody Allen has taken a shine to her, casting her in From Rome With Love and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. All this from a working-class upbringing in Spain and without really trying – she went to New York with a dream of becoming a ballerina.

But isn’t she with the bad guy?

In 2010, she married Javier Bardem with whom she starred 18 years earlier in her first feature, Jamón, Jamón. In Skyfall, Bardem played the wonderfully creepy and reptilian Raoul Silva, a former MI6 operative turned cyber-terrorist who exacts revenge on Craig’s 007. Cause for concern about split allegiances perhaps, but fans should note that the revelation of Cruz’s involvement means the next Bond instalment is probably a lot closer than we think.

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