Donald Trump: A journey through six years of unfathomable tweets

Heather Saul
Wednesday 30 December 2015 16:48 GMT
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the TD Convention Center, Thursday, Aug., 27, 2015
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the TD Convention Center, Thursday, Aug., 27, 2015 (AP)

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


You have to give Donald Trump credit for one thing - he understands the power of social media.

The outspoken billionaire has declared his Twitter page the equivalent of his own personal newspaper that he can use to relentlessly self-promote, campaign, attack, and share his opinions - regardless of whether the world wants to hear them.

His daily barrage of tweets regularly leave incredulous readers wondering if they are struggling to distinguish between truth or parody. Alas, Trump's claims are often serious - especially those that suggest Syrian refugees could be a fifth column, Muslims should be banned from entering the US and Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals.

But love him or loathe him (opinions rarely fall in the middle of the spectrum) his tweets have made for interesting and at times hilarious reading - usually when they are supposed to be anything but funny.

From offering Katy Perry advice on her former partners to urging Robert Pattinson not to make the same mistake twice, the 69-year-old’s Twitter membership has proved an eventful one.

He sends out 10 tweets a day on average, 11 per cent of which are attacks on his rivals, opponents, enemies and whoever he chooses to target that day, make him a prolific user. It’s hard to fully represent his six-years on the site, so The Independent has chosen some of his most unforgettable/ ridiculous/ jarring/ offensive/ insert appropriate adjective here.

Let's begin with one of his most memorable. In 2012, Trump felt compelled to attack the founder of The Huffington Post in the most personal and sexist manner:

But Arianna Huffington is just one of many women who have endured comments about their appearance from Trump:

His tendency to target women continued when Trump decided to intervene after the fall out between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart by offering this, er, sage advice:

He has also shown a keen interest in Katy Perry’s love life over the past three years, often sending her words of caution about a new suitor.

Trump strives to portray himself as the unflappable candidate who won't be knocked by criticism. However, there is one area where he becomes particularly defensive: his hair.

One monumental moment in his Twitter journey came in the form of a response from a media outlet that did not appreciate his praise:

His tweets about Barack Obama often go down like a ton of bricks with the public, while being largely ignored by the President himself:

Along with his various attempts at championing his concept of a "big, beautiful wall":

He has shared a number of messages for anyone who has had a problem with him on social media, including this one:

He has also aired his own gripes with people on Twitter. In January 2013, he decreed that using his name in a song was illegal, meaning rapper Mac Miller was in, ahem, serious trouble:

His Twitter feed often demonstrates his fondness for the phrase: “I told you so”

He has also offered his opinions on climate change:

He rarely minces his words, especially when it comes to the media:

And when not feuding with journalists, he turns his attention elsewhere:

He greatly enjoys re-tweeting praise, however exaggerated it may be:

His self-confidence has proved unwavering during his build up the the Presidential campaign:

Which seemed to reach peak offensiveness with his call for Muslims to be banned from entering the US, demanding a “total and complete shutdown” until authorities "can figure out" Muslim attitudes to the US. That explains the random letter praising his exemplary health, partly due to his having never used “alcohol products” (a claim Twitter had a few things to say about).

And his globally condemned comments brought to light a new bond between himself and - you guessed it - Katie Hopkins.

And to finish, this insightful gem:

The one thing all these tweets demonstrate is how, for better for worse, Trump is one nominee who is unlikely to change.

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