Alan Rickman dies aged 69: Actor was scolded by Edith Bowman for his 'potty mouth' in BBC Radio 5 interview

Roisin O'Connor
Thursday 14 January 2016 16:30 GMT
Alan Rickman pictured at the Goodwood Festival, July 2015
Alan Rickman pictured at the Goodwood Festival, July 2015 (Getty Images)

Speaking about his film A Little Chaos, a wonderful interview with Edith Bowman and James King led to Alan Rickman being scolded for his “potty mouth”.

Rickman appeared on BBC Radio 5 to talk about his second film as a director, which starred Kate Winslet, Rickman, Stanley Tucci and Helen McCrory.

Below is a transcript of the conversation after Rickman was asked by a listener whether his style of directing had changed since The Winter Guest in 1997.

Alan Rickman: "The big moment for me as a director was when I thought ‘OK, now I feel confident enough’… when you realised as an actor that one of the most encouraging things you can hear a director when you ask them a question say is: 'I don’t know.'

Alan Rickman dies aged 69

"Because it gives you the confidence that the director isn’t bulls****ing, and there is space for a conversation, so I hope I’ve just become more trusting about that, to ask the actors for their opinions and make them part of it all."

Edith Bowman: "I apologise if anyone was offended by Alan’s little potty mouth."

Rickman: "Oh you’re not allowed to say-"

Bowman: "No. Don’t do it again!"

The incident takes place around 15 minutes into the interview.

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