Amal Alamuddin calls for the return of the Elgin Marbles from Britain: 'Injustice has persisted for too long'

The human rights barrister said Greece has 'just cause' to wish for the repatriation of the artifacts

Ella Alexander
Thursday 16 October 2014 10:40 BST

Amal Alamuddin – who recently changed her name to Amal Clooney following her marriage – today spoke of the “injustice” that the Elgin Marbles have not yet been returned from Britain to Greece.

The human rights barrister has been enlisted to advise the Greek government on the issue.

The collection of sculptures, inscriptions and architectural features were acquired by Lord Elgin in 1816, while Athens was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. They are currently on display at the British Museum, despite Greece’s repeated request to have them returned.

Talking at a press conference in Athens, she said that the Greek government “has just cause” to call for the repatriation of the artifacts and “it’s time for the British Museum to recognise that”, The Telegraph reports.

She added that “the injustice has persisted for too long”.

Greece displays 40 percent of the marbles in the Acropolis Museum, while the majority remain at the British Museum.

Clooney – who married George Clooney in Venice last month – suggested that she had no sway over his decision to support the return of the friezes.

“I hope that even at this very early stage of the marriage,” she said, "I’m wise enough to know that it’s up to my husband to decide which causes he chooses to support.”

The actor said in February that to repatriate the collection was the “right thing to do”.

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