Barack Obama and Joe Biden 'really love each other', their wives confirm

Mr Biden's wife Jill says his friendship with the president is 'beautiful'

Olivia Blair
Friday 09 December 2016 16:30

Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s friendship has spurred handmade friendship bracelets, heartfelt happy birthday messages and a plethora of memes.

But for cynics out there, it has now been confirmed by their wives that the pair “really love each other”.

The president and vice president are famed for having a particularly close friendship, a somewhat alien concept in the ruthless world of politics.

While doubters amongst us may have wondered just how good a friendship Mr Obama and Mr Biden have given their positions of two incredibly powerful people in stressful jobs, their other halves have said none of it is for show.

“That has become a truly beautiful friendship and I don’t think we have seen a lot of that especially in politics but I think they really love one another,” Mr Biden’s wife Dr Jill Biden told People.

“They do,” agreed the First Lady Michelle Obama. “They have their lunches together and Barack comes home like, ‘I had lunch with Joe today’… and there’s real joy in the fact that ‘I got to have lunch with Joe’.

“I think for Barack, having somebody who’s like the big brother, somebody he respects and admires. It’s the best decision Barack has made as president of the United States picking Joe and the Bidens in our partners in this journey so that’s real.”

Ms Obama said when her family leaves the White House she expects her husband and Mr Biden to play lots of golf together, joking they will meet for ice cream and go for long walks gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes.

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