British Academy

Monday 22 July 1996 23:02

The following have been elected Fellows of the British Academy:

Professor J.D. Ades; Dr J. Bergin; Dr J.N. Butterfield; Professor J. Carey; Professor N.L.D. Cartwright; Dr A.D. Cliff; Professor J.F. Dunn; Professor R.H. Finnegan; Dr R. Foot; Professsor H. Goldstein; Dr M.D. Goodman; Dr I.R. Hodder; Professor C.C. Hood; Professor A.G. Hopkins; Dr J.R.L. Maddicott; Professor W.D. Marlsen-Wilson; Lord Mustill; Professor J.L. Nelson; Professor B. J. Pimlott; Dr C.A.J. Prendergast; Dr A. Pyman; Professor N.G. Round; Professor P. Sims-Williams; Professor R. Sugden; Professor J. Sutton; Professor M.W. Thomas; Dr D.J. Thompson; Professor J.C. Wells; Dr K.E. Wrightson; Dr J. Wymer.

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