Daniel Craig interview becomes incredibly awkward when he is asked to pout

The James Bond actor was not impressed

Heather Saul
Friday 23 October 2015 10:21 BST
Daniel Craig Awkward interview with This Morning.mp4

A interview with Daniel Craig rapidly descended into awkwardness when the unimpressed actor refused repeated demands from a journalist to “pout”.

Craig has given a number of interviews to promote his turn as James Bond in the latest installment in the franchise, Spectre. But the whirlwind of interviews and public appearances was apparently growing thin by the time This Morning’s entertainment reporter Sarah Powell reached him.

Powell had noticed a facial expression Craig apparently pulled throughout the film and was keen for him to recreate it during the junket. Craig, it seemed, was less so.

“The Daniel Craig pout,” she said. “Are you familiar with it? Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Not really, no,” he replied, frowning. “Can you go and show me it?” asked Powell. “Go on, show me it, show me it? Do me a little pout. You know when he rolls over, he’s, uh…”

“I think you need to move on,” Craig replied flatly.

Craig has been notoriously grumpy in the weeks running up to Spectre’s release, even claiming he’d rather “slit his wrists” than reprise the role again.

“I’m over it at the moment,” he told Time Out. “We’re done. All I want to do is move on.”

Craig also admitted that he doesn’t “give a f**k” as to who would play Bond next and that if he were to resurrect his character, it would only be for the money.

The only advice he could offer to a future James Bond was “don’t be s**t”.

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