Donald Trump to appear on Dr Oz show to discuss 'personal health regimen'

Mr Trump is appearing for a 'one on one' with one of TV's most famous doctors

Heather Saul
Saturday 10 September 2016 11:01 BST
Donald Trump attending a church service in Detroit at the weekend
Donald Trump attending a church service in Detroit at the weekend (Reuters)

After producing a typically hyperbolic doctor’s letter declaring his health “excellent”, Donald Trump has now announced plans to appear on a celebrity doctor’s talk show to discuss his “personal health regimen”.

The former boss on The Apprentice, 70, is following up on his suggestion that he and his Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton release more detailed health records with an appearance on the eight season of Dr Oz. His daughter Ivanka Trump will also appear, according to a statement from producers.

The move comes after the doctor who declared Mr Trump would be “ unequivocally the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency” admitted writing the letter in just five minutes while Mr Trump's team waited in a car outside of his office.

However, Harold Bornstein, Mr Trump's physician for 35 years, stood by his assessment, telling NBC News: “His health is excellent, especially his mental health”, adding that his brain is switched on “24 hours a day”.

Mr Trump recently pledged to release his full medical records, the letter being the only document he has released publicly about his health.

Dr. Mehmet Oz has had a number of celebrities on his health show to discuss their health, including the actor Charlie Sheen, who appeared shortly after disclosing his HIV diagnosis.

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