Nick Griffin voting UKIP: Former BNP leader backs Nigel Farage

Far-right politician says he wants to "hold Cameron's feet to the fire" on an EU referendum

Jon Stone
Sunday 30 November 2014 10:56 GMT
Nick Griffin celebrates in 2009 as the European results are announced at Manchester town hall
Nick Griffin celebrates in 2009 as the European results are announced at Manchester town hall

The former leader of the British National Party has endorsed UKIP at the next election.

Nick Griffin said he was planning to vote UKIP to shake up the political system and because he believed it would increase the chances of an EU referendum happening.

“I will hold nose & vote Ukip because it will help break up the Westminster system. & hold Cameron's feet to referendum fire,” he tweeted yesterday.

He however criticised Nigel Farage, referring to him as a “Toryboy” and posting a photograph of the party leader holding a mug with a picture of Margaret Thatcher on it.

“Don’t be fooled,” he added.

In another tweet this morning, Mr Griffin said: "Farage votes for GM crops in the EU Parliament. Vote UKIP to kick Cameron, but don't be fooled."

UKIP has sought to distance itself from parties of the far-right, banning former BNP members from joining and rejecting alliances in Europe with France’s Front National.

It has however, like the BNP, been dogged with allegations of racism amongst its members.

Mr Griffin quit the BNP as party leader this summer after a series of election disastrous election result, including the loss of his own European Parliament seat.

He was replaced by party member Adam Walker.

The far-right party was wiped out in the European Parliament elections in May and lost nearly all of its council seats.

Back in 2009 Mr Griffin presided over a moderate rise in support for the BNP when it took six per cent of the vote in the European elections.

He was declared financially bankrupt in January this year.

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