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Gina Miller: I can no longer travel on public transport because of threats over my Brexit legal challenge

'It has become a complete poisoned chalice' businesswoman says

Olivia Blair
Monday 05 December 2016 12:55 GMT
Gina Miller
Gina Miller (Getty)

Gina Miller, the businesswoman who successfully derailed Theresa May’s plans for Brexit, says she is no longer able to travel on public transport due to the abuse she has faced since the High Court ruled in her favour.

On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear the government’s appeal against last month’s High Court ruling that the Prime Minister must seek parliamentary approval before triggering Article 50, the process by which the UK can leave the European Union following the June referendum.

Miller was the lead claimant in the case against the government and while she may have been successful, the backlash against her has included racist and misogynistic abuse.

Gina Miller criticises Daily Mail's 'shameful' coverage

She said on Sunday she can no longer travel on public transport, work in her office or relax at the weekend by going out with her family.

“I don’t go anywhere – it has been a complete poisoned chalice,” she told The Guardian.

She also criticised sections of the press which had targeted the lives of the senior judges who had ruled in her favour last month.

“I think it is such a dangerous road to be going down to be attacking the judges and their integrity and their independence,” she said. “They are being vilified and it is totally disgraceful.

Miller, who also says she has experienced death threats, also criticised the media and politicians suggesting they have incited the abuse she has had to endure in an essay for Vogue.

“I’ve been quite used to being the most hated women in the investment and charity sectors but now I’ve been called the most hated women in the country,” she wrote. “I’m realistic about what happens when you put your head above the parapet – I know what that means – but the reaction to this case has been very alarming and I think certain media outlets and politicians should be hanging their heads in shame that they are inciting violence, racial and sexual hatred, even death threats against me. It is a total disgrace”.

Miller said although she was warned about receiving backlash, she was not going to back down.

“I have always detested bullies and have never been afraid to stand by my words and deeds – whatever the backlash,” she wrote.

Miller, who voted Remain in the referendum, maintains she is not trying to stop Brexit but preserve “parliamentary sovereignty, democracy and the rule of law”.

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