Jennifer Lawrence reveals her (unusual) favourite swear word

Lawrence said it's a word 'everyone gets'

Olivia Blair
Friday 08 January 2016 11:25 GMT
Lawrence also said she enjoys a 'pizza chilli sandwich'
Lawrence also said she enjoys a 'pizza chilli sandwich'

She is known for her use of colourful language, so it comes as no surprise that Jennifer Lawrence has a favourite swear word.

A word which she recently revealed to be: “F**kery”.

While discussing a number of favourite things with Glamour magazine, the Joy actress didn’t hold back in declaring the word to be her go-to.

“It’s not technically a word but it makes complete sense and comes out of my mouth a lot,” Lawrence said.

Giving examples of when the word should be used, she added: “I feel like everyone gets that, ‘This is a bunch of f**kery’.”

Lawrence’s ‘explicit content’ has been a talking-point before and in 2015, she raised $10,000 for charity by naming as many swear words as she could in 30 seconds on the Conan O’Brien Show.

Among other things the 25-year-old said she enjoys is a “pizza chilli sandwich” which consists of southern chilli with noodles sandwiched in between two slices of pizza – something she said she made when she was “stone cold sober”.

However, when it comes to alcohol, Lawrence believes that her natural scent is probably red wine.

“I’m sure it’s probably just always seeping from my pores, I smell like a Cabernet,” she said.

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