Jeremy Corbyn invites presidential candidate Donald Trump to visit London mosque

'As you know my wife is Mexican and my constituency is very very multicultural'

Maya Oppenheim
Sunday 17 January 2016 17:47 GMT
Jeremy Corbyn invites Donald Trump on multi-cultural tour of London
Jeremy Corbyn invites Donald Trump on multi-cultural tour of London (PA)

Jeremy Corbyn has invited presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to join him on a visit to a mosque in his constituency.

Talking on The Andrew Marr Show, the Labour leader said: “I decided to invite Donald Trump on his visit to Britain to come with me to my constituency because he has problems with Mexicans and he has problems with Muslims”.

“As you know, my wife is Mexican and my constituency is very, very multicultural so what I was going to do was go down to the mosque with him and let him talk to people there,” he added.

Since Trump called for Muslims to be banned from entering the United States, a petition calling for the Republican candidate to be prohibited from entering the UK has garnered over 570,000 signatures.

On Monday, MPs will hold a debate in the House of Commons over whether Trump should indeed be banned from Britain.

Corbyn has made it clear he does not believe the billionaire businessman should be forbidden from entering the UK.

“No, I don’t think we should ban people coming to Britain on that basis. I think he should come here and have a lesson in going to all our cities,” he said. “Why can't he go to Leicester, why can’t he go to Birmingham, why can’t he go to Newcastle, and see that we do have great diversity within our society?

“Take a walk around central Manchester, take a walk around any of our cities, understand that yeah we’ve got problems in Britain but we’ve also got a great community, great society, and great cohesion. He might learn something, you never know”.

Trump’s comments about cultural cohesion in the UK have been condemned by senior British political figures, including London’s Mayor Boris Johnson who said, "Donald Trump's ill informed comments are complete and utter nonsense".

The presidential forerunner claimed that, “We have places in London and other places that are so radicalised that the police are afraid for their own lives. We have to be very smart and very vigilant.”

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