Katie Hopkins admits she cannot name 'no-go' areas for non-Muslims in Andrew Neil BBC Daily Politics interview

Controversial claimed "legal reasons" meant she couldn't name "no-go" areas 

Mollie Goodfellow@hansmollman
Friday 11 December 2015 15:20
Katie Hopkins questioned over 'vast swathes' comment

Katie Hopkins has admitted she cannot name the "swathes" of Britain that are no-go areas for non-Muslims - because it would not be "legally accurate".

She had claimed in an article defending US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump - who has said Muslims should be banned from entering the US - "we have gone too far and lost control of vast swathes of our country".

But, pressed on the statement by Andrew Neil during an interview on the BBC Daily Politics show, the controversial commentator said: "There's plenty of places in the UK that other people will tell you, I can tell you, I would not walk through..."

Neil interjected, saying: "Well tell me."

Hopkins replied: "I don't think it's legally accurate to actually name certain areas, I think there's been some legal issues."

Assured there were no legal problems with identifiying the areas, she continued to refuse.

"I do think that if I were to walk through certain areas, where over 90% of the population are Muslim, I wouldn’t fare too well," she insisted.

When asked by Neil to name one place the UK has lost control of, Ms Hopkins replied: “I know those places exist,” but failed to name a particular area of the country.

Her quotes come after Donald Trump tweeted praise for her Daily Mail column for the “powerful writing on the U.K’s Muslim problem.”

In the column, she claimed that in the UK “there is fear among the police and the public”.

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