Katie Hopkins says Chloe Madeley should 'accept' rape threats: 'It is just kids being idiots'

The ever caustic Hopkins tells Chloe Madeley to stop worrying about Twitter threats

Friday 17 October 2014 13:34
Katie Hopkins was recently praised by Donald Trump.
Katie Hopkins was recently praised by Donald Trump.

Katie Hopkins has said that Chloe Madeley should not complain about receiving Twitter rape threats.

The consistently caustic television personality questionably believes that those who put themselves in the public eye “need to accept the reaction you get”.

Richard Madeley said he would prosecute trolls, who used Twitter to tell his daughter that “Judy’s given me her blessing to rape you” – a reference to controversial comments Judy Finnigan made concerning now-freed rapist Ched Evans, in which she said the footballer should be allowed to return to his job, claiming that the rape was “not violent”. She later apologised for the remarks.

Madeley consequently tweeted that “prosecution awaits” “every single troll threat”.

Chloe Madeley told the Daily Mail that the comments were "insulting, threatening, violent" and a "shocking violation".

Unsurprisingly, Hopkins had little sympathy for the Madeleys.

“He should know his ‘I’m telling the cops’ line only really works when you’ve been burgled or you have been mugged for your iPhone 6,” she said, comparing calling the police about a Twitter incident to dialling 999 in a playground “when someone calls you speccy four-eyes”.

“Sure, it isn’t very kind but it is just kids being idiots,” she wrote in a column for The Sun.

Hopkins added that those making such threats were harmless and that as a celebrity one must tolerate offensive comments.

“The thing about putting yourself on telly is you need to accept the reaction you get,” she commented, arguing that “the fact people are interested in what you are about to say and are prepared to join in the conversation is your asset.”

“You capitalise on it every time you stick your face on a screen.”

She advised anyone concerned by threats to simply remove themselves from Twitter.

“If you want polite, go to a tea party dressed in a frock,” she said.

“Don’t do a Richard and expect the boys in blue to come running because you don’t like what’s been said.”

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