As an election Donald Trump could actually win looms, Madonna tells America: 'The world is laughing at us'

The joke's on us, singer tells the US in grim warning about the future of the country 

Heather Saul
Sunday 06 November 2016 12:30 GMT
Mr Trump said Mr Obama was 'screaming' at the protester, 'really screaming at him'
Mr Trump said Mr Obama was 'screaming' at the protester, 'really screaming at him' (Win McNamee/Getty)

The nervousness building ahead of what will be one of the most polarising elections in recent history is palpable. Whereas only a few months ago celebrities were laughing at Donald Trump vying for the Republican nomination, with just two days to go, many are now pulling all the stops out to warn against the man who could actually be elected President of the United States.

In a damning summary of the series of events leading up to the situation America finds itself in now, Madonna says the joke is on the US. Her message is stark: “The whole world is laughing at us right now.”

After issuing calls for those on the fence to choose a Democrat and elect the first female President, this time the singer spoke directly to Trump supporters to warn them that while he may be entertaining, this is not television. This is real life, with potentially grave consequences.


Unlike many other celebratory endorsements issued by Lena Dunham, Katy Perry and Beyonce, Madonna’s was grim. “All politicians lie,” she wrote on Instagram. “All. Even our most beloved and esteemed.”

The undercurrent of ‘choose the lesser of two evils’ that has come to define this election continued with her imploring his supporters to ignore the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and vote for her, “or we are all f**ked”.

“We do not want a wall built around the US paid for with our hard-earned money. All politicians lie. All!! Even our most beloved and esteemed. Can we please get off the email scenario and focus on the bigger picture? If Trump were elected we would be at war in no time at all. The whole world is laughing at us right now. I can only imagine what Trump writes in his e-mails.

What to expect from the US election

“Wake up people - this is not a reality show. I appreciate his charm and entertainment value but he is not qualified to be a head of state! Facts! Vote Clinton or we are all f**ked.”

The embattled Republican nominee has been hit by accusations of sexual assault from a number of women, which he has denied, and lewd comments unearthed from 11 years previously that shocked when many thought they couldn’t be shocked by his actions anymore.

But neither his accusers or his comments have derailed his campaign and Mr Trump’s controversies have only seemed to bolster the support from his fans. That the US could wake up on 9 November with Donald Trump as the incumbent President is an outcome few had believed could be a reality. Now it is faced with an outcome that could radically shape the political landscape forever.

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