The Twitter 100: The full at-a-glance list


Thursday 01 March 2012 12:25 GMT

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1. Richard Branson, Tycoon
2=. Sarah Brown, Campaigner
2=. Alan Carr, Broadcaster
4=. Ricky Gervais, Actor and comedian
4=. Rob Brydon, Actor and comedian
4=. Chris Moyles, Broadcaster
4=. Jamie Oliver, Chef
8. Eddie Izzard, Actor, Comedian
9. Derren Brown, Illusionist
10=. Jack Wilshere, Footballer
10=. James Corden, Actor
10=. Stephen Fry, Actor, Comedian

13. Lord Sugar, Tycoon
14=. Jimmy Carr, Comedian
14=. Rio Ferdinand, Footballer
16. Leigh Francis, Comedian, presenter
17. Dara O'Briain, Comedian
18=. David Mitchell, Comedian and writer
18=. Simon Pegg, Actor
20=.Olly Murs, Singer
20=.Darren Bent, Footballer

22. Harry Styles, Musician
23=.Brian Cox, Musician, scientist and broadcaster
23=. Jonathan Ross, Broadcaster
23=.Philip Schofield, Broadcaster
26=. Fearne Cotton, Broadcaster
26=. Richard Bacon, Broadcaster
26=. Umair Haque, Economist
29. Robert Peston, Journalist
30. Davina McCall, Broadcaster

31=. Wayne Rooney, Footballer
31=. Gary Neville, Ex-footballer/pundit
33=. Ben Goldacre, Scientist/science writer
33=. Joey Barton, Footballer
35. Richard Dawkins, Scientist and author
36=. Felix Salmon, Financial journalist
36=.Hilary Alexander, Fashion writer
38=. Cory Doctorow, Blogger
38=.Faisal Islam, Journalist
38=. Graham Linehan, Writer
38=. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist
38=. Paul Mason, Journalist

43=. Gary Barlow, Musician and TV personality
43=. Mo Farah, Athlete
43=. Guy Garvey, Musician
46=. Paul Waugh, Political blogger
46=. Sunny Hundal, Blogger
46=.Tim Bradshaw, Journalist
49=. Tom Watson, Politician
49=.Salman Rushdie, Author
49=. Jonathan Freeland, Journalist/author
49=. Robin van Persie, Footballer
49=. Michael Owen, Footballer

54=. Andrew Sparrow, Journalist
54=. Ian Wright, Broadcaster
56=. Sandra Hagelstam, Fashion blogger
56=. John Prescott, Politician
56=. Charles Arthur, Journalist
56=. Peter Jones, Entrepreneur
60=. Caitlin Moran, Journalist
60=. Mehdi Hasan, Journalist

62=. Neal Mann, Journalist
62=. Laura Kuenssberg, Journalist
62=. Phil McNulty, Sports journalist
65=. Rory Cellan-Jones, Technology journalist
65=. Alastair Campbell, Former spin doctor/diarist
67=. Lucy Marcus, Businesswoman
67=. George Monbiot, Academic and journalist
69=. Bill Bailey, Comedian
69=. Jon Snow, TV news anchor
69=. Owen Jones, Writer
69=. Susanna Lau, Fashion blogger

73=. Alberto Nardelli, Entrepreneur and journalist
73=. India Knight, Journalist
73=.David Bradley, Science writer
73=. Louise Mensch, Politician
77=. Alan Rusbridger, Newspaper editor
77=. Milo Yiannopoulos, Cultural commentato
77=. Robin Ince, Science comedian
80=. Jemima Khan, Writer and campaigner
80=. Andrew Keen, Technology writer
80=. Andy Lewis, Anti-alternative medicine blogger/campaigner
80=. Mo Costandi, Scientist

84=. Adrian Monck, Communications manager
84=. Hermione Way, Entrepreneur
84=. Roger Highfield, Museum executive/journalist
87=. Fraser Nelson, Journalist
87=. Ian Mansfield, Blogger/photographer
87=. Sharon Horgan, Actress, comedian and writer

90=. David Stringer, political journlist
90=. Jay Rayner, Journalist, writer, food critic
90=.Julian Huppert, Politician
90=. Krishnan Guru-Murthy, TV news anchor
90=. Sasha Wilkins, Lifestyle and fashion blogger
90=. Laurie Penny, Journalist
97=. Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the world wide web
97=. Sarah Millican, Comedian
97=. Chuka Umunna, Politician
100. Sian Meades, Lifestyle blog


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