Pandora: Young Prezza makes new Commons bid

Robert Meakin
Tuesday 16 March 2010 01:00 GMT

While John Prescott is busy enjoying his political swansong in typically bullish fashion, I hear another member of the Prezza dynasty has quietly launched a fresh bid for a parliamentary career of his own.

Step forward the veteran bruiser's son David, who, after making an unsuccessful bid to succeed his old man in Hull East a couple of years back, is now on the final Labour shortlist for Weaver Vale in Cheshire.

Prescott junior, who is down to the last four, is bidding to succeed departing MP Mike Hall. Following boundary changes, Labour has a notional majority of just under 5,000. Party members will vote this Friday.

"David appeared to impress the local membership when he spoke to them, but it's now just a case of wait and see," I'm told. "He actually has strong family links on both his mother and father's side to Cheshire."

Young Prezza has played an active role in the party's online campaigning in recent years, not least his father's Go Fourth website, launched with Alastair Campbell. It had previously been suggested that David had, for the time being at least, given up on trying to follow in Two Jags' footsteps after party members in Hull scuppered his previous bid back in 2008. "This time David hasn't had to cope with all the baggage that came with him going for Hull East," says a party official. "It's been a lot more low-profile."

Naked chef talks facts of life

As he prepares to be a father for the fourth time, Jamie Oliver appears surprisingly keen to shed light on the story behind his marital breeding habits. Indeed, the chef goes as far as to suggest that Mrs Oliver very much calls the shots in the reproduction stakes. "It was always Jools' plan, she wants a big family," he tells New! magazine. "If we had stopped at three children I'd have been more than happy, but she's very convincing at times when it comes to babies. I personally think she takes advantage of me. She has a way of talking me into things." Too much information already, I fear.

A cautionary tale of two Opiks

Fresh news from the weird but occasionally wonderful world of Lembit Opik MP. The former Cheeky Girl sidekick is bidding to clear his name after an "internet smear campaign" claimed he had cunningly employed the services of a "body double" in his Montgomeryshire constituency. Opik is naturally anxious to set the record straight. "The only reason this individual looks like me is because he is me," he insists. "There was this bloke over in Leicester going around impersonating me, but this definitely isn't him."

Dalek revamp exterminated

Just months after being handed the keys to the Tardis, newly installed Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat confesses the show's principal villains continue to prove problematic. Moffat, who has taken over the reins for Matt Smith's first series as the Timelord, now admits to the Radio Times: "The Daleks – they were never intended to be universe-conquering monsters. They didn't make sense then, they don't make sense now. They're a bit of ridiculous Sixties pop art – but they're beautiful." He adds: "We've occasionally thought 'Can we redesign them?' Can we heck! They've got to have a dome and they've got to have an eye stalk and a sucker. I mean, a sucker! What in the name of God is that sucker?"

Liam defends Brits snub for his brother

Having declined to pay tribute to his brother, Noel, when he picked up Oasis's Brit award last month, Liam Gallagher is finally anxious to set the record straight. Gallagher accepted the prestigious "Best Album of 30 years" gong after their 1995 release (What's The Story) Morning Glory? got the nod, but declined to acknowledge his older sibling.

"I'm sick of it all being about me and Noel," he now explains, "so I thought it was only right to mention the other lads." Shame on those of you who thought he was merely being petty.

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