Piers Morgan brands David Cameron 'a self-serving, soulless weasel' in damning column on Andy Coulson's phone hacking verdict

Morgan criticises the Prime Minister for publicly slamming Andy Coulson

Ella Alexander
Monday 07 July 2014 15:55
Piers Morgan attends his 'Piers Morgan Tonight' CNN launch Party at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Piers Morgan attends his 'Piers Morgan Tonight' CNN launch Party at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Hell hath no fury like a spurned Piers Morgan.

The former broadcaster has hit out at David Cameron, after the Prime Minister apologised for hiring Andy Coulson, following his conviction over the phone-hacking scandal.

Morgan’s friend, Rebekah Brooks, and her husband, Charlie, were cleared of all charges made against them.

Coulson was found guilty of conspiring to hack phones between 2000 and 2006. Cameron rushed to speak out against his former spin doctor before he was even sentenced on Friday 4 July to 18 months in prison, saying that it “was the wrong decision” to employ him.

“Cameron threw Andy to the wolves within seconds of the hacking conviction being announced,” he said.

“He didn’t even wait for the other verdicts to come in, thus threatening the whole legal process, and potentially prejudicing the outcome of the remaining decisions.

“Our great leader made no effort to contact Andy during his excruciatingly humiliating and painful ordeal.

“And he couldn’t find a single word of support for him in his darkest hour. Instead, he chose to deliberately pour petrol on to the flames of Andy’s immolation.

“That’s not the behaviour of a friend, it’s the behaviour of a self-serving, politically motivated, soulless weasel.”

Morgan described Coulson’s “undivided, unequivocal loyalty” to Cameron while working for him. His efforts were rewarded by the PM who “told anyone who would listen how brilliant Andy was at his job, and how much he valued him”.

The former Britain’s Got Talent judge also condemned Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan for “preaching” to the British press during the enquiry.

“As for the likes of His Holiness Hugh Grant, and Saint Steve Coogan – the whole concept of these two sleazy, hooker-loving wastrels preaching morals and ethics to the British press is so utterly preposterous that words, temporarily, fail me,” he wrote in a column for the Daily Mail.

“But even their hypocrisy pales into insignificance when compared to the repulsive behaviour of our Prime Minister, David Cameron.

“Andy helped get that guy elected, and gave him virtually every second of his life for three-and-a-half years in the process.”

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