Sarah Palin takes photo with dead pig in an attempt to get people to vote for Donald Trump

She shared an image of her trophy animal hours before she attended a rally with the Republican


Rachael Revesz
New York
Tuesday 05 April 2016 14:38
Ms Palin holds the ears of the boar and grins into the camera to encourage Trump voters
Ms Palin holds the ears of the boar and grins into the camera to encourage Trump voters

Sarah Palin is working hard to put the bacon on the table for Donald Trump before the people of Wisconsin go to the polls.

Ahead of the next primary, the former Alaska governor shared a picture of herself posing next to a wild boar that she had just killed - to encourage supporters of the second amendment to vote for Mr Trump.

In the picture, she is holding the boar’s ears and smiling into the camera, her rifle resting along the flank of the animal.

“The continued games of the permanent political class will assure a Hillary victory unless you tell them ‘ENOUGH!’ And vote for bold, new leadership that puts your interests before party politics,” she wrote. “Vote for your jobs and security.”

“Vote for the first candidate since Reagan who is growing the Commonsense Conservative movement… the only one who’s created middle class jobs… the only one not living off your tax dollars.. The only one Wisconsin can count on to steer us away from the rocky shoals ahead,” she added.

The 52-year-old posted the picture of herself in a camouflage jacket just hours before she attended a Trump rally at Zingers and Flingers Gun and Archery Range in Marathon City, Wisconsin.

The picture is from December 2014, when Ms Palin was promoting her reality television show "Amazing America With Sarah Palin".

On previous rallies Ms Palin stood alongside Mr Trump and said he was the only candidate who could "kick ISIS' ass".

Ms Palin was back on the Trump trail last weekend following some time off after her husband was injured in a snowmobiling accident.

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