Seth Meyers chokes back tears reflecting on Donald Trump presidency

The talk show host has frequently told jokes at Mr Trump's expense but on Wednesday his monologue took an emotional turn

Olivia Blair
Thursday 10 November 2016 17:50
Seth Meyers chokes when processing Trump victory

Late Night with Seth Meyers took a sombre turn on Wednesday when the host choked back tears as he spoke of his disappointment that America did not elect its first woman president.

The 42-year-old's voice faltered as he described his mother’s excitement at the prospect of an administration led by Hillary Clinton and his hopes they would both witness a female president within their lifetime.

“I do really feel for parents who had to explain this to their kids this morning, especially parents with daughters because a lot of them, like me, probably thought Hillary would be our first woman president but she won’t be but that does mean someone’s daughter is out there right now who will one day have that title,” he said.

“Maybe you’re a woman who may be a senator, maybe you’re in college. Hopefully, you’re not a toddler but who knows, with the way things went last night, who knows? We don’t know who you are but I imagine this moment today will be a defining one for you. One that will make you work harder and strive farther and whoever you are I hope I live to see your inauguration".

“And I hope my Mum does too. She was really excited yesterday and I was really sad for her,” he added, his voice beginning to waver.

The Saturday Night Live alum later went on to congratulate Donald Trump before warning the show will be watching his next moves very closely.

During the election campaign, Meyers repeatedly used his show and monologues to criticised Mr Trump and his policy pledges. In 2011, he and Barack Obama roasted the real estate mogul in a video which now feels incredibly surreal to watch.


In the video, the pair mocked his ambitions to run for presidency. In one dig, Meyers quipped: “Donald Trump has been saying that he will run for president as a Republican which is surprising as I just assumed he was running as a joke" and "Donald Trump often appears on Fox which is ironic because a fox often appears on Donald Trump’s head."

Mr Trump sat stony-faced in the audience, apparently not amused.

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