Sofia Richie mortified after TMZ asks father Lionel Richie if he 'approves' of her and Justin Bieber

'I'm uncomfortable. Gonna start running'

Heather Saul
Wednesday 07 September 2016 13:35 BST
Lionel Richie's daughter Sofia
Lionel Richie's daughter Sofia (Getty Images)

The teenage angst was palpable when Sofia Richie’s father Lionel Richie was questioned about Justin Bieber by the kings of ambush, TMZ, causing the horrified 18-year-old to make a run for it.

Being questioned about a romantic interest in front of family is the stuff of adolescent nightmares, yet somewhat unavoidable when the interest in question is one of the most famous men in the world who has chosen to share pictures of you together with his 78 million followers. Sofia began making an appearance on Bieber’s now deleted Instagram page a few weeks ago. A journalist from the celebrity gossip site was waiting for her father as they exited a juicing shop in LA, and this time, Sofia was in tow.

After a cursory preamble about his pressed juice and how Lionel "keeps the pipes wet",TMZ went in for the kill.

“How do you feel about Justin Bieber and your daughter?"

"I'm not going there," Lionel told TMZ, waving his hand and laughing. "I have strict instructions not to go there."

“But you approve though? You give father approval?” they pressed. Gesturing, Lionel mumbled, "well, er, yeah, yeah, er, yeah, yeah, yes." His mortified daughter could only respond: “I'm uncomfortable. Gonna start running,” before sprinting ahead.

Lionel decided not to spare his daughter any further embarrassment by continuing to talk to TMZ, saying he would consider collobarating with the singer in the future.

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