Tony and Cherie Blair's Christmas card is a sight to behold: Twitter's best reactions

Nothing says festive cheer more than an uncomfortable grin

Ella Alexander
Monday 01 December 2014 19:44 GMT

It’s the first day of advent, so the Blair family have issued their annual Christmas card.

The post-boxes of a select few were filled with festive cheer from Save the Children’s legacy award-winner and GQ’s 2014 philanthropist of the year; a man so seemingly busy he was unable to choose a decent photo of himself.

Instead, here Tony Blair is smiling uncomfortably with wife Cherie. So questionable is the image, that some have questioned its authenticity, but a spokesperson for Tony Blair’s office confirmed it is, in fact, genuine.

But don’t let us influence your opinion on Blair’s attempt at Christmas – the great British public have voiced their views on Twitter.

Some have likened his spurious grin to that of Friends character Chandler Bing, who famously struggled to smile, while others have gone for a most obvious villain, The Demon Headmaster, from the Nineties children’s television show.

One political blog has described the image as “godless” and another suggests that the couple “want to deck your halls with blood. possibly”.

Last month, Save The Children received criticism from its staff who disagreed with the charity’s decision to bestow the former Prime Minister with its global legacy award.

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