Watch Richard Dawkins read his own hatemail: 'I hope you do get sodomised by satanic monkeys in hell'

The evolutionary biologist performs a selection of his finest burns

Jenn Selby
Monday 26 January 2015 12:27 GMT

Richard Dawkins’ staunchly atheist views on evolutionary biology have long angered the religious.

In particular, his 2006 best seller The God Delusion, during which he argues that a supernatural creator almost certainly does not exist and that those who hold such beliefs in a personal god are fantasists.

As such, he frequently receives hate mail. Mostly homophobic in nature (he’s actually married to Dr Who actress Lalla Ward) and littered with expletives.

So he’s decided to read a selection of the finest aloud, and has posted the evidence on YouTube.

Warning: The below video contains Richard Dawkins swearing. A lot. And may be considered offensive.

“You don’t think God is real because you’re gay and stupid,” he begins on another. “Why don’t you stop being gay and stupid and go have sexy time.”

“Oh, and your science books are shit,” a third letter reads midway through. “Not as shit as God Delusion. Dude, it was so poorly written, it was a waste of toilet paper. Mother f**cker.”

“I think they’re all just rather fun,” he said of why he decided to read the collection.

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