Woody Harrelson applies to open one of Hawaii's first medical marijuana dispensaries

The Hunger Games actor is a resident of the state

Olivia Blair
Saturday 06 February 2016 17:15 GMT
Woody Harrelson
Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson has applied to be at the helm of one of Hawaii’s first medical marijuana dispensaries.

The True Detective actor’s name and company Single Organic Living is listed on a page of 66 applications for a license posted on the state’s Department of Health website.

Eight licenses will be given for marijuana business owners under a new law passed in 2015. The state is currently reviewing the applications to decide which eight will receive the dispensary permits which are set to open across the islands in July.

The license will allow applicants to have two production centres and two dispensaries spread across the Hawaiian islands, the process is only open to individuals who have lived on the islands for over five years.

The 54-year-old has long been open about his use of marijuana and advocated the legalisation of the drug. In 2008 he told Esquire magazine: “...Marijuana's about marijuana. That's consensual, victimless crime. That's saying, I think I should have the freedom to do whatever the hell I want to do if I'm living in a so-called free country, as long as I'm not hurting someone else. That's freedom. If I'm gonna hit myself in the head with a hammer, so be it. That's freedom.”

In 2002 he told the Independent: "I think that it's absurd that you throw people in jail for smoking a joint when alcohol is more destructive."

Additional reporting by Associated Press.

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