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The Prime Minister's List

Life Peers

Hussey, Marmaduke James, former chairman, board of governors, BBC.

Lloyd, Dame June Kathleen, DBE, Nuffield Professor of Child Health, British Postgraduate Medical Federation, London University, 1985-1992, now Emeritus Professor.

Vincent, Field Marshal Sir Richard Frederick, GBE KCB DSO, former chairman of the Military Committee, Nato.

Brown, James Gordon, MP for Dunfermline East.

Cook, Robin Finlayson, MP for Livingston.

Curry, David Maurice, MP for Skipton and Ripon and Minister of State at the Department of the Environment.

Dewar, Donald Campbell, MP for Glasgow Garscadden.

Dixon, Don, MP for Jarrow.

Douglas-Hamilton, Lord James Alexander, MP for Edinburgh West and Minister of State at the Scottish Office.

Ardbrecknish, John Jackson Baron Mackay of, Minister of State at the Department of Social Security.

Smith, Sir Geoffrey Johnson, DL, MP for Wealden and vice-chairman of the 1922 Committee.

Howe, Richard Edward Geoffrey, Baron, of Aberavon, QC, for political service.

Bailhache, Philip Martin, Bailiff of Jersey, for services to the community in Jersey.

Barnes, James David Francis, CBE, chief executive officer Zeneca Group, for services to the pharmaceuticals industry.

Berry, Professor Michael Victor, FRS, Royal Society Research Professor, Bristol University, for services to physics.

Brown, William, CBE, former chairman of the Scottish Arts Council and of Scottish Television, for services to the arts and to broadcasting.

Chalstrey, Leonard John, Lord Mayor of London, for services to the City of London.

Craven, John Anthony, chairman of Morgan Grenfell Group, for services to banking and to the City of London.

Evans, Richard Harry, CBE, chief executive of British Aerospace, for services to the aerospace and defence industries.

Goldberg, Professor David Paul Brandes, director of research and development, Institute of Psychiatry, for services to medicine.

Hann, James, CBE, for services to industry in Scotland.

Hicks, Robert, MP for Cornwall South East, for political service.

Hill, Stanley James Allen, MP for Southampton Test, for political service.

Isaacs, Jeremy, general director of the Royal Opera House, for services to broadcasting and to the arts.

Jenkins, Elgar Spencer, OBE, for political and public service.

Kelly, David Robert Corbett, CBE, for political and public service.

Laming, William Herbert, CBE, chief inspector of the Social Services Inspectorate, Department of Health, for services to the social services.

Martin, George Henry, CBE, chairman Air Studios, for services to the recording industry.

Moffat, Brian Scott, OBE, chairman and chief executive British Steel, for services to the steel industry.

Morris, Professor Peter John, FRS, Nuffield Professor of Surgery, chairman of surgery and director of Oxford Transplantation Centre, Oxford University, for services to medicine.

Dunbar-Nasmith, Professor James Duncan, CBE, for services to architecture.

Powell, Raymond, MP, for services to the House of Commons.

Rudd, Anthony Nigel Russell, chairman Williams Holdings, for services to the manufacturing industry.

Sharples, James, QPM, Chief Constable Merseyside Police, for services to the police.

Sims, Roger Edward, MP for Chislehurst, for political service.

Skehel, John James, FRS, director of the National Institute for Medical Research, for services to science.

Smith, Professor Trevor Arthur, for services to higher education.

Thompson, Clive Malcolm, group chief executive Rentokil Group, for services to industry.

Tumim, His Honour Stephen, former HM Chief Inspector of Prisons in England and Wales.

Walker, Rodney Myerscough, chairman of the Sports Council, for services to sport.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Hart, Graham Allan, CB, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health.

Reid, William Kennedy, CB, Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration and Health Service Commissioner for England, Scotland and Wales.

Companion (CB)

Ashken, Kenneth Richard, fmrly Grade 3, Crown Prosecution Service. Barnes, Christopher John Andrew, fmrly Grade 3, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Bayliss, Mrs Valerie June, fmrly Grade 3, Dept for Educ and Employment. Brindley, John Frederick, Grade 3, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Dobbie, Robert Charles, Grade 3, Office of Public Service. Gulvin, John Albert, Grade 3, MoD. Langford, Anthony John, Ch exec, Valuation Office Agency, HM Bd of In Rev. Loades, David Henry, Grade 3, Govt Actuarys Dept. Luce, Thomas Richard Harman, hd of social care policy, Dept of Health. Mackenzie, Kenneth John, Grade 2, Scott Off. Mackay, Miss Eileen Alison, (Mrs Russell) fmrly Grade 3, Scott Off. Morgan, Mrs Marilynne Ann, solr and legal advr, Dept of Env. Norris, Sydney George, Grade 3, Home Off. Peirson, Miss Margaret Ellen, Grade 3, DSS. Russell, Alexander William, dep chm, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Staple, George Warren, dir of the Serious Fraud Office. Whetnall, Andrew Donald, Grade 3, Cabinet Office. Willott, William Brian, Ch exec, Export Credits Guarantee Dept.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

McWilliam, Michael Douglas, dir, School of Oriental and African Studies, London Univ, serv higher educ.

Commander (CMG)

Kelly, David Christopher, Dep Chief Scientific Offr, MoD.

Dame Commander (DBE)

Caldicott, Mrs Fiona, chm, the Academy of Medical R Colleges and pres, the R College of Psychiatrists, serv med.

Lott, Miss Felicity Ann Emwhyla, CBE, serv opera.

Masters, Miss Sheila Valerie, ptnr, KPMG, serv the fin ind.

Commander (CBE)

Anderson, Miss Mary Margaret, consult obstetrician and gynaecologist, Lewisham Hospital, serv med. Armitt, John Alexander, Ch exec, Union Railways, serv the rly ind. Armstrong, Geoffrey, dir-gen, Inst of Personnel and Development, serv industrial rels. Beckwith, John Lionel, vice-pres, R National Inst for the Blind and patron, Teenage Cancer Trust, for charitable serv. Beresford, Robert, group chm, Mott Mcdonald Group, serv engring and to expt. Boksenberg, Prof Alexander, FRS, former dir, the R Observatories, serv astronomy. Bonner, Trevor Courtnay, mgg dir, GKN Automotive and Agritech Products, serv the automotive components ind. Brasher, Christopher William, life pres, London Marathon and vice-pres, Brit Orienteering Federation, serv sport. Brookes, Miss Beata Ann, for polit serv. Brown, Ewan, dir, Noble Grossart, serv banking and to publ life in Scotland. Burton, Richard St John Vladimir, serv archture. Carruthers, Prof Donald, former dir of roads, Strathclyde Regional Ccl, serv loc government. Clarricoats, Prof Peter John Bell, FRS, hd, Dept of Electronic Engineering, Queen Mary and Westfield College, serv the MoD. Clemence, Col John Alistair, TD, former Regimental Col, London Scottish Regiment, Territorial Army, serv the Territorial Army. Cleverdon, Miss Julia Charity, (Mrs Garnett) Ch exec, Business in the commty, serv trg and to equal opportunities. Collins, Tim William George, for polit serv. Combes, Patrick Laurence, former professional and technol dir Grade A, MoD. Cook, Peter John, dir, Brit Geological Survey, for scient serv ind. Corless, Allan Gerald, former Ch exec, West Glamorgan Cnty Ccl, serv loc government. Crompton, Dan, QPM, Her Majestys Insp of Constabulary, serv the Police.

Davies, Derek Lewis, serv busnss and to the commty in North West Eng. Davies, Miss Edna Nansi Margaret, former Grade 5, Welsh Office. Dower, Michael Shillito Trevelyan, former dir gen, Countryside Commn, serv conservation and countryside recreation. Duberly, Archibald Hugh, DL, former nat pres, Country Landowners' Association, serv the rural commty. Ebsworth, Prof Evelyn Algernon Valentine, Vice-Chancellor and Warden, Univ of Durham, serv higher educ. Elkington, Prof Andrew, pres, R College of Ophthalmologists, serv med. English, The Rev Donald, serv world Methodism. Evans, Alun, OBE, chm, Brit Wool Marketing Board and chm, Welsh Food Promotions, serv agric. Freedman, Prof Lawrence David, Prof of War Studies, Kings College, London, serv defence studies. Gable, Christopher Michael, artistic dir, Northern Ballet Theatre, serv dance. Gallagher, Paul, former Health and Safety Commr, serv hlth and safety. Gee, Jack, former Grade 5, Dept of Env. Gill, Arthur Benjamin Norman, dep pres, National Farmers' Union, serv agric. Goldsmith, Harvey Anthony, Ch exec, the Allied Entertainment Group, serv entertainment. Hanson, Brian James, for polit serv. Harris, Prof Frank, Dean and Prof of Paediatrics, Univ of Leicester Medical School, serv med. Hewitt, Gary Leon, ch of mfg, Atomic Weapons Establishment, serv the defence ind. Hougham, John William, chm, Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, for serv to industrial rels. Howard, Prof Judith Ann Kathleen, Foundation Prof of Structural and Materials Chemistry, Univ of Durham, serv science. Howell, Leslie, chm, Merseyside Training and Enterprise Ccl, serv trg. Hunt, Terence, nat dir, NHS Supplies Authority, serv the NHS. Isherwood, Prof Ian, serv radiology. Ives, Prof Kenneth James, Emeritus Prof of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Univ College, London, serv the environment. Jacobs, David Lewis, DL, serv broadcasting and for charitable serv.

Kerr, James Alexander Mercer, for publ serv. King, James Anthony, Grade 5, MoD. Land, Ralph Richard, OBE, serv expt to Eastern Europe. Leach, Prof Donald Frederick, Principal, Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh, serv educ. Macfarlane, James Clarke, OBE, chm, Tayside Health Board, serv the NHS in Scotland. Maguire, John Edward, serv industrial tribunals. Malpas, Alfred David, mgg dir, Tesco, serv the food retail ind. Margetts, Robert John, exec dir, ICI Group, serv the chemical and engring industries. Matthews, Douglas Keith, dep contrler, HM Bd of In Rev. McCarter, William Thomas, serv ind. McCrum, Michael William, serv educ and to the Cathedrals Fabric Commn. McLatchie, Cameron, OBE, chm and Ch exec, Brit Polythene Industries plc, serv the polythene ind. Moore, Michael Rodney Newton, serv the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Noskwith, Mrs Annette, OBE, for polit and publ serv. Parker, James Geoffrey, chm, Teacher Training Agency, serv educ. Parkes, John Alan, former Ch exec, Humberside Cnty Ccl, serv loc government. Perry, Simon Frank, Ch exec, Brit Screen Finance, serv the film ind. Petherbridge, Prof Deanna Sheila, Prof of Drawing, R College of Art, serv draughtsmanship. Petrie, Prof James Colquhoun, Prof of Pharmacology and hd, Dept of Medicine and Therapeutics, Univ of Aberdeen and co-dir, Health Services Research Unit, Aberdeen, serv med. Pink, Mrs Rosina May, for polit and publ serv. Plowright, David Ernest, dep chm, Channel 4, serv the broadcasting ind. Porter, Donald Andrew, for polit serv. Pratt, Roger Allan, for polit serv. Price, Arthur Leolin, QC, serv the Inst of Child Health. Price, David Brookhouse, former Grade 4, Dept for Educ and Employment. Probert, David Henry, chm, Crown Agents for Overseas Govts and Administrations, serv busnss.

Quinn, Brian, former dir, Bank of Eng, serv banking. Ranson, Roy Henry, mgg dir and actuary, Equitable Life Assurance Society, serv the ins ind. Reeves, Miss Marjorie Ethel, hon Fellow, St Anne's and St Hugh's Colleges, Oxf, serv history. Rendell, Mrs Ruth Barbara, novelist, serv literature. Richardson, Norman, vice-pres, Northumbria Tourist Board, serv tourism. Robertson, George Francis, pres, Rent Assessment Panel for Scotland, serv the commty. Robinson, Brian Gordon, QFSM, Chief Fire Offr and Ch exec, London Fire and Civil Defence Authority, serv the fire serv.

Salt, Hedley Stephen, serv Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Ccl and to loc government. Samuel, Mrs Coral Cynthia, for charitable serv the arts. Sandford, Bryan Moile, serv the Church of Eng. Schofield, Kenneth Douglas, exec dir, PGA European Tour, serv golf. Shannon, John, OBE, chm, York Civic Trust, serv the commty in York. Shaw, Mrs Gillian Anne, serv the commty. Simmonds, Richard James, for polit serv. Corbet-Singleton, John Michael, for polit and publ serv. Smart, Kenneth Peter Ross, Grade 4, Dept of Transport. Smethurst, John Michael, former dep Ch exec, the Brit Library. Sorrell, John William, chm, Design Ccl, serv industrial design. Stewart, Brian John, Ch exec, Scottish and Newcastle, serv the brewing ind. Storey, The Hon Sir Richard, Bt, serv the newspaper ind. Sutton, John Sydney, gen sec, Secondary Heads Association, serv educ. Swan, Christopher Anthony, serv the Citizens Charter. Temple, Stephen Robin, Grade 4, Dept of Trade and Indust. Thompson, Nigel Cooper, dep chm, Ove Arup and Partners, serv the construction ind. Thornton, Peter Kai, serv the Sir John Soanes Museum. Truman, Derek Adrian, former Grade 5, HM Treas. Vaisey, David George, serv the Bodleian Library, Oxf. Vicary, David Anthony, chm, Chamber of Coal Traders and chm, National Association of Solid Fuel Wholesalers, serv the coal ind. Wallace, Prof David James, FRS, serv parallel computing. Walsh, Maj Gen Michael John Hatley, CB DSO, serv the voluntary sector. Warwick, Leonard John, mbr, Securities and Investments Board, serv fin regulation. Wendt, Robin Glover, DL, sec, Association of Cnty Ccls, serv loc government. Wilkins, John Granville, for polit serv.

Officer (OBE)

Adam, Ian Simpson Thomson, QFSM, Firemast, Central Scotland Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv. Aitken, Prof Ian Douglas, dir, Moredun Research Inst, serv agric science. Albon, Laurence John, chm and Ch exec, Albon Engineering and Manufacturing, serv the automobile components ind. Andrew, Philip, former Ch exec, Brit Coal Enterprise, serv the coal ind. Andrews, Miss Patricia Margaret, Grade 5, Cabinet Office. Ardley, John, former dep contrler of plant variety rights, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Astill, Timothy Preston, group dir, National Pharmaceutical Association, serv the pharmaceutical profession. Baderman, Howard, consult in charge, accident and emergencies, Univ College Hospital, London, serv med. Bailie, Robert Ernest, serv the printing ind. Banfield, Andrew Eric Joseph, pres, Chartered Inst of Environmental Health, serv environmental hlth. Barrell, John Reginald, TD, Ch exec, Inst of Occupational Safety and Health, serv hlth and safety. Barton, Bernard Daniel James, serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Surrey. Bayley, Trevor John, serv med educ. Beaumont, John Anthony, Ch exec, Inst of Grocery Distribution, serv the food ind. Besent, John Irving, Superintendent, Epping Forest, serv Epping Forest and to the Corporation of London. Bethel, Archibald Anderson, former Ch exec, Lanarkshire Development Agency, serv enterprise in Lanarkshire. Biggart, Alastair Ross, serv the construction and tunnelling industries. Blacker, Geoffrey Bernard, former Ch exec and dir of finance, R Borough of Windsor and Maidenhd, serv loc government. Bloor, Mrs Irene, former chairperson, War Widows' Association, serv war widows. Boore, Prof Jennifer Ruth Pryse, serv nursing. Booth, Michael John, serv internat trade. Brentford, Evelyn, Gillian, Viscountess, for humanitarian serv and serv the commty in London. Brighton, Mrs Marion Helen, chm, Lincolnshire Tourism and former mbr, East Midlands Tourist Board, serv tourism in Lincolnshire and South Humberside. Brown, James Douglas, chm, South Ayrshire Hospitals NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Brownlow, Terence Walter, former prin professional and technol offr, MoD. Bryan, Miss Dora May, actress, serv drama. Bukht, Mirza Michael John, (Michael Barry) programme contrler, Classic FM, serv radio and tv broadcasting. Bunch, Miss Antonia Janette, former dir, Scottish Science Library, National Library of Scotland. Bunting, Neville Edmund, Grade 7, DSS. Burden, Peter Victor, former ch crime correspondent of the Daily Mail, serv crime jrnism and to crime prevention. Burn, Michael, former Grade 7, Dept of Env. Burr, Miss Susan Mary, R College of Nursing advr on paediatric nursing, serv nursing. Burton, Peter John, Grade 6, Overseas Development Administration.

Cadbury, Mrs Annette Lorimer Knox, DL, for serv to the commty in Gloucestershire. Cail, Lt Col Harrison Harvey, exec sec, Independent Tank Storage Association, serv the oil and chemical industries. Caldwell, Peter Gavin, Grade 7, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env. Dixon-Carter, Miss Clare, serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Scotland. Clampton, Bernard Oliver, serv the R National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen. Clark, Peter, Controller, ,HM Bd of In Rev. Cole, Denis Oliver, former chm, Shaftesbury Housing Association, serv the Housing Association movement. Collcutt, Philip, Grade 7, Cabinet Office. Colvin, Miss Sheila Gillian, gen dir, Aldeburgh Foundation, serv the arts. Conway, William Elwyn, serv loc government in Wales. Cooper, Graham Hamilton, sen prin scient offr, MoD. Cooper, John Edward, Grade 7, Dept for Educ and Employment. Cooper, Richard Ernest, serv the magistracy in Buckinghamshire. Craig, Colin James, dir, Robert Fleming and Company, serv the MoD. Cross, Mrs Joy Carol, Grade 7, Dept for Educ and Employment. Curtis, Alan George, for charitable serv ex-servmen and women, and serv the Airborne Initiative. Dale, Maurice, former Grade 7, MoD. Darby, Adrian Marten George, chm, Plantlife, serv nature conservation. Davey, Mrs Margaret Wilmett, serv continuing educ and trg in the London Borough of Croydon. Davies, Mrs Constance Ann Gillian, administrator, the Allen Lane Foundation, for charitable serv. Davies, Col Norman Thomas, MBE, former regr, Gen Dental Ccl, for publ serv. Davies, Peter Roger, serv educ. Davis, Dennis Tyrone, QFSM, Chief Fire Offr, Cheshire Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv. Dawson, Peter, sen Crown prosecutor, Crown Prosecution Service. Dennis, Richard Anthony, Grade 6, MoD. Dicks, John Elliott Christopher, serv the newspaper ind. Doherty, Patrick Brian O'Cahir, for polit serv. Donovan, John Roland, Grade 7, MoD. Dougal, Andrew Patrick, serv hlth care. Dudley, Miss Caroline Elizabeth Anne, dir, R Cornwall Museum, Truro, serv muss and galleries. Dunlop, James Andrew Cameron, dairy farmer, serv agric. Dunlop, John Leeper, serv horse racing.

Earle, Mrs Prudence, serv the bd of visitors, HM Prison Blakenhurst. Emerson, Lt Col John Halifax Patrick, hon sec, Indian Army Association, serv ex-servmen and women. Evans, Prof John Davies, former chm, treasure trove reviewing cttee, serv archaeology. Ewington, John, serv the Guild of Church Musicians. Fiddes, James Angus Gordon, mbr, Glenrothes Development Corporation, serv busnss. Finch, David Arthur Ewart, for polit and publ serv. Finch, Miss Betty Lilian, mbr, bds of visitors co-ordinating cttee, serv prisoner welf. Fish, John, serv the Civil Service Retirement Fellowship. Fitzpatrick, Mrs Patricia Hilbery, for polit serv. Ford, James Angus, consult paediatrician, Rutherglen Maternity Hospital and R Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, serv med. Foster, John Charles, former mgg dir and Ch exec, USM Texon. serv the shoe ind. Fraser, John, Grade 6, MoD. Freeman, Miss Jeane, dir, Apex Scotland, serv the rehab of offenders. Frowd, Bernard, former Ch exec and city treas, Exeter City Ccl, Devon, serv loc government. Fyfe, Mrs Mary Rhoda, for polit serv. Galloway, The Rev Peter John, serv the Order of the Brit Empire. Gee, Jeremy Peter, Grade 7, Commwlth War Graves Commn. Gething, Peter Graham, former Grade 6, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food. Gill, George Allison, HM insp, Office for Standards in Educ. Goff, St John Rosslyn, BEM, serv the magistracy in Gwent. Golds, Peter, for polit serv. Goldson, Charles Richard Browne, comml dir, North and West, BR Board, serv the Railway ind. Goodall, Alexander, Headteach, Wester Hailes Educ Centre, Edinburgh, serv educ. Gordon, Ian, Grade 6, Highways Agency, Dept of Transport. Graham, The Rev George Gordon, serv botany. Gray, Alan Roy, Chief Fire Offr, Cambshire Fire and Rescue Service, serv fire serv. Gray, Alexander, serv rheumatology and cancer relief.

Hallett, Mrs Ann, for polit serv. Halley, Walter Weir Sommerville, district insp, HM Bd of In Rev. Hamill, Patrick Gerard, serv educ. Harper, The Ven Alan Edwin Thomas, serv conservation. Harris, Ronald Arthur, asst ch investigation offr, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Harwood, Laurence Hardy, advr on coast and countryside strategy plans, National Trust, serv conservation. Hewat, Maj Alastair John Crafton, former chm, Scottish River Purification Boards Association and chm, Tweed River Purification Board, serv conservation. Higgins, Patrick Joseph, for publ serv. Higham, Mrs Anita Mary Clarke, prin of Banbury School, Oxfordshire and dir, Heart of Eng Training and Enterprise Ccl, serv educ and trg. Holden, Mrs Sheila Margaret, sen prin engr (transportation), East Sussex Cnty Ccl, serv transportation planning. Holdich, John Frederick White, for polit and publ serv. Hole, Miss Shana Clare, spec advr to the Govt Chief Whip. Hollis, Desmond James, dir of finance, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, serv the pol. Hood, David, chm and jt mgg dir, Pace Micro Technology, serv the satellite receiver ind. House, Lt Col Robert William Edward, MBE, serv war pensions cttees in Kent. Howcroft, Alan Peter, former prin professional and technol offr, Welsh Office. Howick, John Anthony, former Grade 7, Dept of Transport. Howie, Robert, Grade 7, DSS. Hudson, Kenneth, serv muss.

Jadavji, Zulfikar Alibhai, audit mgr, National Audit Office. James, John Douglas, Ch exec, Woodland Trust, serv nature conservation. Jepson, Harry, serv Rugby League Football. Jepson, Michael Denis, chm, Brecon Cathedral 900th Anniversary Appeal, for charitable serv. Jonas, Nicholas, DL, serv the commty in Hampshire. Jones, Alan David, mgg dir, TNT Express UK, serv the transport ind. Jones, Christopher Frederick, ch clrk, central office, R Courts of Justice. Jones, Haydn Hugh Griffiths, serv the commty in Dinas Powis, Vale of Glamorgan. Jones, Leslie David, former reg gen mgr (Thames), National Rivers Authority, serv conservation. Pritchard- Jones, Robert Gwilym, serv the magistracy in Wales. Jones, Roger Spencer, mgg dir, Penn Pharmaceuticals, serv ind in Wales. Joseph, Stephen Francis Waley, exec dir, Transport 2000, serv transport and to the environment. Julian, Cyril Russell, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade in Cornwall. Karmel, Martin Newman, consult, Brit Bankers' Association, serv banking. Kaye, Charles Fitzroy Coogan, former Ch exec, Special Hospitals Service Authority, serv hlth care. Keight, James, ldr, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Ccl, serv loc government. Kennedy, Mrs Ann Elaine, Grade 6, FCO. Keogh, Mrs Joan, serv industrial tribunals. Kimberlin, Richard Henry, serv animal hlth. King, Clifford, dir, Trafalgar House Corporate Development, serv engring expts. Kirby, Ronald Peter, dir of publ affrs, the Engineering Ccl, serv engring.

Lader, Prof Malcolm Harold, serv the Advisory Ccl on the Misuse of Drugs. Lavery, Robin James Oliver, Grade 7, Dept of Trade and Indust. Leece, Mrs Anne Deirdre, serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in West Sussex. Lees, Clifford, European patent attorney, serv the patent ind. Lewin, Donald John, chm, Clinton Cards, serv the greeting cards ind. Lewis, Cyril Mervyn, prin and Ch exec, Swansea College, serv further educ in Wales. Lewis, Hywel Eifion, former chm, Assembly of Welsh Cnty Ccls, serv loc government in Wales. Lindsay, James Frazer, former hd of information, Forestry Commn. Linehan, Hugh Patrick, serv agric. Lister, Peter Arthur, sen prin scient offr, Health and Safety exec. Lockhd, Moir, Ch exec and dep chm, First Bus, serv the bus ind. Logan, James, actor, comedian and entertainer, serv entertainment. Lyons, Samuel Morrell, serv med. Lyttle, James Brian Chambers, serv the rehab of offenders. Mackay, Mrs Pamela Mary, for polit serv. Mann, Miss Patricia Kathleen Randall, (Mrs Walker) serv the Food Advisory Committee. Marriage, George Hugh, Grade 6, Home Off. Marshall, Peter John Dixon, for charitable serv the commty in Yorkshire. Marshall, Terence William, Grade 6, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Masefield, Patrick William Bussell, serv the arts. Mason, David Leslie, serv hlth charities. Matharu, Manmohan Singh, consult in publ hlth med, serv med. McCann, Bernard Brian, chm, South East Asia Committee, Brit Overseas Trade Board, serv expt. McCarney, William Gerard Vincent, serv the magistracy. McIlvanney, Hugh Montgomery, serv sports jrnism. McIntosh, John Charles, hdmast, the London Oratory School, Fulham, serv educ. McLean, Mrs Althea Icolyn, serv commty rels in Watford, Hertfordshire. McWilliam, John David Alexander, Dep Vice-Chancellor, Univ of Greenwich, serv educ. Mehta, Manubhai Bhogilal, former Ch exec, Torfaen Borough Ccl, serv loc government in Wales. Mellors, Rob, team ldr, Pilot District Support Project, Midlands Province, Zimbabwe, for humanitarian serv. Miller, Prof Hugh Graham, hd, Dept of Forestry, Univ of Aberdeen, serv forestry. Mills, Alan, serv lawn tennis. Moag, Thomas Gerald John, serv educ. Moody, Ian Charles Hugh, DL, chm, St John Ccl for Devon, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade. Morgan, David Gordon, for polit and publ serv. Morrison, Ivan, songwriter, singer and musician, serv music. Morrisroe, Peter Francis, mgg dir, airport co- ordination, serv the aviation ind. Mortimer, Ian Forbes, fine printer, serv printing. Mountain, William, team ldr, HM Bd of In Rev. Murphy, Bernard Patrick, for publ serv. Baird-Murray, David Spencer, DL, serv tourism in Wales. Murray, Peter, founder and exec dir, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, serv sculpture. Ostrycharz, Mrs Helen Ruth, chm, Ayrshire, Inverclyde and Argyll Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities, serv disabled people.

Painter, Richard Eric, Ch exec, ADT Educ Trust, serv educ. Parkes, Colin Murray, pres, Cruse Bereavement Care, serv bereaved people. Peach, Mrs Sylvia, chm, bd of visitors, HM Prison Winchester, serv prisoner welf. Pickering, Michael Stuart, chm, Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales, serv agric. Piggott, Brian Alexander Martin, Grade 6, Dept of Trade and Indust. Pinder, David Alan, for polit serv. Pollard, Derek Robert, nat commr for adult support, Scout Association, serv scouting. Powell, Prof James Alfred, dir, Graduate School, Univ of Salford, serv science and to engring educ. Priestley, Mrs Daphne June, DL, serv the magistracy in Berkshire and to the Thames Valley Police Authority. Purvis, Miss Maureen Lilian, Grade 6, Dept of Health. Rae, Malcolm Andrew, nurse advr, Mental Health Services, Salford NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Raphael, Herbert H, for charitable serv in Greater Manchester. Rea, Prof Desmond, serv Local Govt. Rees, Francis Vaughan, former Grade 7, Dept of National Heritage. Rees, Grahame Hughes, former group ldr, theory and future projects, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, serv particle acceleration theory. Rees, Mrs Margaret Jane, prin, Coventry Technical College, serv further educ. Reid, Mrs Barbara Brand Laing, serv children's panels and to young people in Scotland. Rennie, Frederick Brian, personnel advr, HM Bd of In Rev. Richards, Michael George, former Grade 7, Welsh Office. Richardson, Christopher Keith, MBE, prin consult, Roke Manor Research, serv the defence ind. Ritchie, Ian Billington, reg dir, Thames Water, serv the water ind and to expt. Robinson, Lt Col Thomas Ian McLaren, serv the Army Benevolent Fund. Rooney, Mrs Maureen, serv women's issues. Rosser, Col Peter George, MBE, for polit serv. Rudkin, Malcolm Spencer, DL, for polit and publ serv. Rugg, Colin Anthony, serv the Services Sound and Vision Corporation. Rutherford, Alan Gray, Scotch Whisky prodn dir, United Distillers, serv the Scotch whisky ind.

Sainsbury, Prof Eric Edward, serv the commty, partic voluntary organisations, in Sheffield. Sallis, Mrs Joan Mary, pres, Campaign for State Educ, serv educ. Sewell, Bryan Campbell, former dep dir of wks, House of Commons. Shaw, Paul Anthony, Ch exec, Southampton and South West Hampshire HA, serv hlth care. Sherrard, Albert James, serv the hlth care ind. Shropshire, John Bourne, mgg dir, the Shropshire Group, serv the horticulture ind and to expt. Silver, Miss Janet Helen, (Mrs Albu) former prin optometrist, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Singh, Indarjit, serv urban regeneration. Sloan, Hugh Drew, mgg dir, Semex UK, serv the dairy ind. Smillie, Ian Reid Dykes, former Ch exec, Kyle and Carrick District Ccl, serv loc government. Smith, David Arthur George, hdmast, Bradford Grammar School, West Yorkshire, serv educ. Smith, Miss Sally Belinda, div design dir, clothing div, Coats Viyella, serv the clothing ind. Sneddon, Clive Roderick, former ldr of the administration, North East Fife District Ccl, serv loc government in Scotland. Somers, Michael Lawrence, serv the Inst of Oceanographic Sciences and to sonar surveying. Spencer, Capt Herbert Franklin, RN (rtd), co-ordinator, ODA emergency engring unit, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Staples, Roy, TD, serv the commty in Spalding, Lincolnshire. Stewart, John Carwin, former dir of finance and dep Ch exec, Dumfries and Galloway Regional Ccl, serv loc government. Stuttaford, Thomas, for polit serv. Sumpter, Robin James Harry, chm, Scunthorpe Social Security Tribunal, serv the commty in Scunthorpe, Humberside. Swain, Peter Charles, dir, Living Options East Devon, serv disabled people. Swan, Mrs Marney Jane, for polit serv. Tanner, Peter Simon, prin scient offr, MoD. Tennet, David Scott, mgg dir, GEC Marconi Defence Systems, serv the defence ind. Thaxter, Brian, DL, serv the commty in Merseyside. Thomas, Bernard, former wks dir, Sekisui, serv ind in South Wales. Thomas, John Hugh, serv music in Wales. Thompson, Roger John, chm and mgg dir, Guide Friday, serv tourism. Thompson, Thomas Walter, dir of planning and transportation, Leicestershire Cnty Ccl, serv civil engring and to highway maintenance. Tod, Edward David Macrae, pres, National Association of Fundholding Practices, serv med. Toft, Mrs Helen Patricia, ch waste regulation offr, serv waste regulation. Treadwell, Graham Alfred, Grade 7, Home Off. Trollope, Miss Joanna, novelist, serv literature.

Vaughan, Mrs Barbara, chair, Scottish commty Educ Ccl and team ldr of publ administration, leisure and tourism, Angus College, serv educ. Vockins, The Rev Michael David, serv cricket. Walker, Graeme Murray, serv broadcasting and to motor sports. Walton, John, dep district valuer, HM Bd of In Rev. Walton, Leslie Howard, hdteach, Norham commty High School, North Tyneside, serv educ. Wanless, George McIlroy, former chm, East Lothian District Ccl, serv loc government in Scotland. Watkins, Arthur Ronald Dare, serv the Globe Theatre. Wells, Mrs Cecilia Emily, Equal Opportunities Commr, serv equal opportunities. Welsh, Eric, mgg dir, Tees Dockyard, serv the shipbldg ind. Weston, Ronald Edmund, former mbr, National Rivers Authority, serv conservation. Westwell, Alan Reynolds, Ch exec and mgg dir, Greater Manchester Buses North, serv publ transport in Greater Manchester. Westwell, Frank, Grade 6, Dept of Health. Whitaker, Sir James Herbert Ingham, Bt, serv Atlantic College, West Glamorgan and to young people. White, Raymond Carson, BEM, serv the pol. White, Robert Ian Kirkland, former Chief Estates Offr, Scott Off. Wiggall, Mrs Joan Marie, MBE, serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Hertfordshire. Wilkinson, Henry Russell, former dir of accounting practice, Audit Commn, serv accountancy and to loc government. Williams, John Kenneth, serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Association. Willis, Michael Ian, Ch exec, West Country Ambulance Services NHS Trust, serv the ambul serv. Wilshaw, Anthony Wilfred, Grade 7, Dept for Educ and Employment. Wilson, Mrs Catherine Mary, dir, Norfolk Museums Service, serv muss and galleries. Wilson, David Thomas Robison, for polit and publ serv. Wilson, Derrick Raymond, serv the Coal Trade Benevolent Association. Winstone, Mrs Dinah Mary, hd of radiography, Breast Test Wales, serv hlth care. Worsdall, Mrs Anthea, sec, Anti-Counterfeiting Group, serv ind.

Member (MBE)

Abbott, Mrs Betty, voluntary serv co-ordinator, East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Abbott, Mrs Joan Mary, serv the commty in and around West Wittering, West Sussex. Addison, Mrs Robina Gordon, serv the commty in Montrose, Angus. Agnew, Mrs Daphne Jean, admissions mgr, hous dept, Birmingham City Ccl, serv loc govt. Ahmed, Farhad, div offr, Metropolitan Special Constabulary, serv the pol. Aindow, Philip John, TD, higher exec offr, DSS. Ainsley, Russell, exec offr, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Akbar, Mrs Shireen, hd of adult and commty educ, Victoria & Albert Museum. Alderson, Miss Diana Marie, serv the commty in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. Allen, Mrs Dylis, youth worker, Talaton, Devon, serv young people. Allsop, Mrs Evlyn Mae Thomson, former hd teach, Kennoway Primary and commty School, Fife, serv educ. Alpin, Harry Rodney, group med advr, Yorkshire Electricity Group, serv occupational hlth. Ambler, Gordon Herbert, serv the commty in Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire. Anderson, Mrs Ilona Anne, serv the Duchess of Kent Residential Home, Guernsey. Angrisani, Mrs Rita Roberta, former pers sec, HM Bd of In Rev. Armitage, Derek Ivison, former quality mgr, Ultra Electronics, serv the aerospace and defence industries. Auld, Capt Alexander Davidson, trustee, Peterhd Harbour Board, serv the fishing ind.

Bagshawe, Benjamin, serv the Bureau of Analysed Samples. Baillie, Francis John, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Bainbridge, John, serv the Territorial, Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association in the North of Eng. Baines, Mrs Betty, serv the commty in Carnforth, Lancashire. Baines, Ernest Edwin, serv the Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital, West Sussex. Baker, Miss Margaret Emily, serv the Brit Red Cross Society. Balharry, Richard, promotions offr, Scottish Natural Heritage, serv nature conservation. Banham, Mrs Sheila, former sen exec offr, Intervention Board exec Agency. Barrance, Mrs Elizabeth Jane, serv the commty in Moggerhanger, Bedfordshire. Barratt, Mrs Joan, exec offr, Insolvency Service, Dept of Trade and Indust. Barratt, Michael John, serv disabled people in East Sussex. Bartet, Mrs Dorothy, sch nurse, Langside School, Dorset, serv young people. Bayliss, Michael James, former highways insp, Hereford City Ccl, serv highway maintenance. Beacock, David Leslie, ch clrk of wks, G Maunsell and Partners, serv civil engring. Beales, Mrs Margaret Mary Ann, Support Grade 1, HM Treas. Beaumont, Malcolm, higher exec offr, DSS. Beck, Mrs Myrtle Doreen, serv the National Association for the Relief of Pagets Disease. Bedi, Hardip Singh, sen exec offr, Dept of Health. Bell, Douglas McGibney, former craftsman, Scottish Power, serv the electricity ind. Bell, Mrs Judith Margaret, hon fellow, Univ of Sheffield, serv educ res. Bell, Philip John Reginald, GP, Leicester, serv med. Bell, Ronald Leslie, ch cashier, Power Systems Plant, Lucas Industries, serv the defence ind. Bennett, George, serv the rehab of offenders. Bentley, Mrs Edith, serv elderly people in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Berry, Jack, for charitable serv and serv horse racing. Biggs, Bryan, dir, Bluecoat Arts Centre, Liverpool, serv the arts in Liverpool. Bingham, Mrs Margaret Lily, serv the commty in Pilsley, Derbyshire. Bisson, Peter John, coxswain, St Peter Port Lifeboat, RNLI, serv safety at sea. Blackie, Gordon Forman, retained stn offr, Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv. Blackman, Mrs Kate, serv the care and resettlement of offenders in Hampshire. Blackman, Raymond George, sales and mkting mgr, GQ Parachutes, serv the parachute ind. Bloom, Alan Herbert Vawser, serv horticulture. Boggis, Mrs Dorothy, serv the commty in Lowestoft, Suffolk. Bolton, Ernest William, serv the commty in Flintshire. Bone, Mrs Jennifer Margaret, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Univ of the West of Eng, Bristol, serv higher educ. Boston, William John, serv the commty in Wigan, Greater Manchester. Bottomley, William, serv trg in Staffordshire. Boughton, Miss Betty Westwood Linnell, for polit and publ serv. Bowrin, Mrs Amethyst Vivienne, former admin offr, Dept of Health. Boyd, Mrs Jane Inman, custodian, Moffat Museum, serv the commty in Moffat, Dumfriesshire. Boyden, George Kenneth, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade and to the commty in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire. Braddon, Richard John, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade. Brennan, John Michael, serv Link Radio and to elderly people in Essex. Bretherick, Miss Anne Valerie, for polit serv. Broaderwick, Mrs Dorothy Freda, serv the magistracy in Warley, West Midlands. Broadhd, Brian William, former mgg dir, Coal Contractors, serv the coal ind. Bromley, Arthur, serv angling for people with disabilities. Brooks, Claude Basil, chm, Anguilla Improvement Association, West Indian Standing Committee, Slough, African/Caribbean Co-ordinating Committee, serv commty rels. Brown, Duncan, serv the Boys Brigade in Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire. Brown, George Joseph, former area mgr, Hales Waste Control, serv waste mgemt. Brown, Mrs Isabel, serv the Oxfshire Association for the Blind. Brown, Miss Margaret Ann, serv the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Camb. Brown, Mrs Norah Sophia, serv tourism. Browning, Paul Glyn, Special Constabulary Commandant and scenes of crime offr, Kent Cnty Constabulary, serv the pol. Browse, Miss Amy Louise, serv the commty in Willand, Devon. Bruce, Mrs Nancy C, asst hd teach, Kelso High School, Roxburghshire, serv educ. Brundle, Richard Frank, for polit serv. Brymer, Angus Findlay, train crew ldr, Hereford, Transrail, BR, serv the rly ind. Budd, Derek James, dir, mental hlth serv, Eastbourne and Cnty Healthcare Trust, East Sussex, serv hlth care. Bulmer, Mrs Elsa Violet, serv the commty in Petersfield, Hampshire. Burgess, Anthony, prison offr, HM Prison Ford. Burnham, Miss Lyndall, sub div telephonist, Leicestershire Constabulary, serv the pol. Burquest, Ralph Bernard, force statistical offr, Merseyside Police, serv the pol. Burrows, James Sydney, serv the commty in Islington, London. Burton, Miss Kate Florence, serv the commty in Croydon, south London. Burton, Priscilla Margaret Lady, serv Scope and to the commty in Ipswich, Suffolk. Bush, Mrs Vera Rimmelion, serv the commty in Devizes, Wiltshire. Butler, Mrs Ann, chm, Dersingham Phobbies Club, serv disabled people in Norfolk. Butler, Nigel Christopher, operations dir, Spectra-Tek UK, serv the computer and energy industries. Butler, Richard Keith, dir, Dalmellington and District Conservation Trust, serv conservation. Byng, Mrs Nora Elizabeth, serv the commty in Bromsgrove, Hereford and Worcester. Cadman, Miss Margery Edith, serv the R Brit Legion in Wickham Market, Suffolk. Cameron, Mrs Helen, serv the Multiple Sclerosis Society in the Borders. Campbell, John, serv the pol. Campbell, Mrs Murdina, chairwoman, Lochbroom commty Ccl, serv the commty in Ullapool and Lochbroom, Ross-shire. Capel, David, former mgr, repair engring, product support, Rolls-Royce Commercial Aeroengines, serv engring. Carlisle, Mrs Nora, serv road safety. Carman, Donald Boys, mbr, Ditton Parish Ccl, Aylesford, Kent, serv loc govt. Carmichael, Mrs Gladys Evelyn, serv the commty in Holywell, Flintshire. Carnall, Frank, serv the Cardiothoracic Centre, Liverpool. Carrigan, Mrs Kathleen M, for polit serv. Cartwright, Trevor Maurice, personnel mgr, Systems Group, Vosper Thornycroft (UK), serv the defence ind.

Cattanach, Miss Helen Margaret, serv the R Air Forces Association in Scotland. Chakraverty, Prashun Kumar, sen exec offr, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Charles, Mrs Anne Elizabeth, warden, Gorran Haven Sheltered Housing Unit, Restormel Borough Ccl, serv elderly people. Chenery, Robert Arthur, hd, borough liaison and devel, London Tourist Board, serv tourism in London. Chesters, Alan Arthur, serv the Barr Hill Lads Club and to assn football in Salford, Greater Manchester. Chilvers, Alan William, for charitable serv and serv the commty in Outwood, Surrey. Chivers, Anthony Hugh, for charitable serv the dental profession. Churcher, Neville John, serv archture. Clack, Michael David, prin lect, School of Music, Colchester Inst, Essex, serv music educ. Clargo, Ronald Wilfred, mgg dir, Alfred Maltby Bookbinders, serv bookbinding. Clark, Miss Gillian Margaret, serv badminton. Clarke, Michael John, sen exec offr, FCO. Clarkson, Geoffrey Malcolm, serv angling. Clayton, John Bruce, serv the Cheshire cnty libraries. Clewes, Bernard Cecil, pres, West Kent Battalion, Boys Brigade, serv young people. Clifton, John Ernest, serv athletics. Clough, Miss Alice May, admin offr, DSS. Clutterbuck, John Henry, serv St Michael's School, Barnstaple, Devon. Cobb, John Grant, serv the commty, partic disabled people, in the West Midlands. Cohen, Norman Isaac, serv the Jewish commty in Cardiff. Coley, Mrs Gladys Nellie, serv the Sunshine Club, Cradley Heath, West Midlands. Colling, Mrs Nancie, serv women's bowls. Collins, Philip Howard, engring dir, Smiths Industries, serv engring. Collins, William John Frank, serv the Not Forgotten Association. Connelly, Miss Daphne Margaret, former econ advr, Brit Printing Industries Federation, serv the printing ind. Cook, Stanley James Alan, higher exec offr, MoD. Cornford, Keith William, serv the commty, partic scouting, in the West Midlands. Cornwall, Mrs Pauline Mary, serv the commty in Sundon, Bedfordshire. Corten, William Alfred, serv the mobility of disabled people in Derbyshire. Courtney, Mrs Cynthia Mary Margaret, for charitable serv in Newport, Gwent. Cowan, Michael John, prin prison offr, HM Young Offenders' Inst Feltham. Cox, Gilbert Kirkwood, DL, serv the commty in Airdrie, Strathclyde. Cox, Mrs Gwendoline Mary, serv the R National Inst for the Blind. Craig, Colin Joseph, serv the commty. Crawford, Mrs Gladys Doreen, serv educ. Cream, Mrs Jean Barbara Violet, former admin offr, Dept of Transport. Cripps, John Charles Edward, emergencies warehouse mgr, Oxfam, for humanitarian serv in Rwanda. Cross, Miss Marie R, serv bell ringing and to the commty in Oxfshire. Cross, Roger Edward, tech consult, BAe Defence, serv the defence ind. Crowe, James Henry, dir, Railway commty Network, BR Board, serv the rly ind. Cumming, Joseph, former mbr, West Lothian District Ccl, serv loc govt in Scotland. Cunningham, Ian Ralph, former sen exec offr, HM Treas. Cutajar, Mrs Sheila Ada, occupational hlth mgr, Allied Steel and Wire, serv hlth and safety in the steel ind.

Dale, Mrs Sandra, PB8, Dept for Educ and Employment. Das, Bhagabat Charan, pres, Indian Sen Citizens' Centre, Manchester, serv the commty. Davey, Mrs Patricia Ellen, Local Offr 2, DSS. Davidson, Alexander Hugh Ririe, pipe major and ch piping instructor, Central Regional Ccl, serv music. Davidson, William, serv the commty in Burghd, Morayshire. Davies, Miss Irene Mina, pres, South Caernarfonshire Ladies Guild, RNLI, serv the RNLI. Davies, Terence, serv young people in Caerphilly, South Wales. Davis, Mrs Wendy Mary, matr and mgr, Maesteg commty Hospital, Bridgend, serv hlth care. Day, Alfred Edward Alan, DL, voluntary observer, Meteorological Office, Kent. De Mello, The Rev Gaulter Rose Holland Isaac Moraes-Lobo, serv the commty of Reconciliation and Fellowship, Hackney, London. Dean, Mrs Rose Lilian, serv deaf people in Bexley, Kent. Deeming, Robert Alan, for charitable serv in Tyne and Wear. Deering, Miss Alison, serv the commty in Haversham, Buckinghamshire. Dennis, Mrs Jennifer, hd teach, Garboldisham Primary School, Norfolk, serv educ. Devine, Miss Rosemary, higher exec offr, House of Lords. Dewar, Lawrence, Ch exec, Scottish Grocers Federation, serv the grocery trade. Dhillon, Gurdip Singh, mbr and former mayor, London Borough of Greenwich, serv loc govt. Dixon, Eric Stanley, serv the commty in Kirklees, West Yorkshire. Dixon, Gordon Bowes, Governor 4, HM Prison Winchester. Dixon, Mrs Margaret, serv the Brit Red Cross Society in Greater Manchester. Dixon, Mrs Rita Agnes, serv the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society. Dodson, Norman, serv the commty in Grantham, Lincolnshire. Doodson, Mrs Valerie Lyn, higher scient offr, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, serv science. Dowling, Mrs Esther, for publ serv. Drury, Miss Hilary Brenda, for publ serv. Dunbar, Mrs Angela, non-exec dir, North Ayrshire and Arran NHS Trust, serv hlth care. Duncan, David McGechie, former GP, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, serv med. Duncan, Mrs Olwyn, for polit serv. Dunn, Mrs Edna Florence, Support mgr 2, HM Treas. Dunn, Jack John, serv the Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade in Bootle, Merseyside. Dupuch, Miss Maureen Jane, serv the Inst of Arable Crops Research. Durrant, John Kenneth Bloomfield, serv the commty in Newton St Cyres, Devon.

Earp, Mrs Audrey Patricia, serv elderly people in Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire. Edwards, Kenneth John, exec offr, Welsh Office. Edwards, Walter C, serv the commty in the Isle of Wight. Eley, Mrs Carole Frances, serv the naval personnel and family serv, Portsmouth. Elliott, Arthur Henry Albert, serv the Norfolk Zipper Club. Elliott, Norman, former rly chargeman, Stowmkt Station, Anglia Railways, BR, serv the rly ind. Ellis, Mrs Phyllis Mary, serv nature conservation in Norfolk. Elphick, Mrs Marjorie Emily, chairwoman, Eastbourne and Hailsham Police Court Mission, serv prisoner welf. Emes, Dennis John, serv the R Air Forces Association in Europe and Christch, Dorset. Evans, Barry Edward, former ch insp, West Midlands Police, serv the pol. Evans, David Gwili, clrk, Llanddarog commty Ccl, serv loc govt in Carmarthenshire. Evans, Ieuan Cenydd, serv rugby union football. Eveleigh, Mrs Marion Alma, serv the commty and to loc history in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Fakes, Keith Arthur, serv the commty, partic scouting, in Brighton, East Sussex. Farr, Eric, serv sport in Grampian. Fawcett, Derek James, for charitable serv the commty in Hampshire. Fearn, Harold, shoe repairer, Remploy, for charitable serv in Derbyshire. Fellowes, David Stuart Ballingall, voluntary observer, Meteorological Office, Nottinghamshire. Felton, Mrs Teresa Ann, founder and administrator, commty Shop Trust, Leeds, serv the commty. Ferris, Edward James, serv the Brit Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association in Buckinghamshire. Fiore, Mrs, Sylvia Jeanette, serv the Citizens Advice Bureau, Portsmouth, Hampshire. Fishbourne, Peter, serv the War Pensions Committee, Borders and Lothian. Fisher, Miss Monica Chloe Ruth, clinical specist (Infant Feeding), John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxf, serv hlth care. Flegg, Reginald Alan, mbr, London Borough of Merton, serv loc govt. Flett, Mrs Margaret, serv guiding in Orkney. Flinder, Alexander, serv the Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites. Ford, Mrs Lilian Joyce, serv the commty in Torbay, Devon. Forster, Mrs Audrey Mavis, cnty pres, Lancashire North West Guides Association, serv guiding. Forsyth, Michael, former higher exec offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Fowles, Mrs Joyce, co-ordinator, Woking Victim Support, serv the commty in Surrey. Fraser, George, columnist on the Aberdeen Press and Journal, serv jrnism. Fresco, Moses Monty, serv photographic jrnism. Frost, Richard Clive, serv the Kings R Rifle Corps Association.

Gallagher, Miss Margaret Mary, serv the commty. Galsworthy, Lady Jennifer Ruth, serv hlth care and to the commty in Cornwall. Garner, Alan, leading ganger, Forestry Commn. Garrad, Mrs Pamela Rosemary, serv nature conservation in Essex. Garwood, Mrs Irene Gaynor, serv the Citizens Advice Bureau, Barry, South Glamorgan. Gelder, Mrs Pamela, unit mgr, Park View Elderly Persons' Home, Lincoln, serv elderly people. Gibb, Miss Margaret Isabel, fire contr offr, Tayside Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv. Gilbert, John Joseph Leslie, serv bell ringing in Handsworth, South Yorkshire. Gilling, Alan Thomas, sen exec offr, MoD. Gittins, Mrs Linda Ann, serv music in Wales. Glaister, Mrs Hazel Margaret, serv the commty in Southrepps, Norfolk. Godefroy, Richard George Neil, serv forestry in Wales. Gort-Barten, Maximilian, chm, Dualit, serv the catering ind. Gordon, Mrs Jean Ann, admin offr, MoD. Grant, Adam Giles, farm grieve, serv agric in Aberdeenshire. Gravell, Thomas Brinley, serv the commty in Cydweli and to the Patagonian Welsh Society. Graven, Mrs Irene, sen pers sec, DSS. Gray, Duncan MacMillan, chm, Wishaw Victim Support Scheme, serv victim support in Lanarkshire. Green, Edwin, serv the commty in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Green, Walter Ernest, serv the Salvation Army and to the commty in Norwich, Norfolk. Greig, Miss Susan, serv the commty in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Grender, Miss Rosalind, for polit serv. Gribble, Frank Colin, serv nature conservation. Griffin, Mrs Hilda May, gardener, Mompesson House, Wiltshire, serv the National Trust. Griffiths, John Brian, conservation, recreation and heritage forester, Forestry Commn. Grimmond, Gerald George, gen mgr, Camberwell Rehabilitation Association Workshop, serv mentally ill people. Grimshaw, John, dir and ch engr, Sustrans, serv cycling, sustainable transport and to the environment. Guild, Mrs Helen Mary, serv child care and to commty devel in Scotland. Gunner, Desmond Eric, serv agric and to conservation.

Hales, Mrs Margaret, for polit serv. Halley, Mrs Sheila Buchanan, mgr, Dixon commty Halls Day Centre, Glasgow, serv elderly people. Hamer, Miss Joyce Clayton, dep hd teach, Newtown High School, Powys, serv educ. Hamlett, Miss Eldora Horton, nursing auxiliary, Cheshire commty Healthcare Trust, serv hlth care. Hardie, Mrs Helen Gordon, auxiliary coastguard, HM Coastguard, Forth Maritime Rescue Sub Centre, serv safety at sea. Harding, Raymond Bertram, Neighbourhood Watch area co-ordinator, Essex Police, serv crime prevention. Harknett, Mrs Edna Mabel, former mbr, Holderness Borough Ccl, serv loc govt. Harper, Peter James Amis, mbr, Airworthiness Requirements Board, and chm, Operations Advisory Committee, Civil Aviation Authority, serv aviation. Harris, Miss Andrea, former loc offr 2, DSS. Harris, John Eric, founder, Helene Harris Memorial Trust, serv cancer res. Harris, Peter Joseph, exec offr, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Harrison, Mrs Elizabeth Marie Lucas, serv the R Air Forces Escaping Society. Harrison, Francis John, hdteach, Loddon Middle Sch, Norfolk,

Irene, sen pers sec, DSS. Gray, Duncan MacMillan, chm, Wishaw Victim Support Scheme, serv victim support in Lanarkshire. Green, Edwin, serv the commty in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Green, Walter Ernest, serv the Salvation Army and to the commty in Norwich, Norfolk. Greig, Miss Susan, serv the commty in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Grender, Miss Rosalind, for polit serv. Gribble, Frank Colin, serv nature conservation. Griffin, Mrs Hilda May, gardener, Mompesson House, Wiltshire, serv the National Trust. Griffiths, John Brian, conservation, recreation and heritage forester, Forestry Commn. Grimmond, Gerald George, gen mgr, Camberwell Rehabilitation Association Workshop, serv mentally ill people. Grimshaw, John, dir and ch engr, Sustrans, serv cycling, sustainable transport and to the environment. Guild, Mrs Helen Mary, serv child care and to commty devel in Scotland. Gunner, Desmond Eric, serv agric and to conservation.

Hales, Mrs Margaret, for polit serv. Halley, Mrs Sheila Buchanan, mgr, Dixon commty Halls Day Centre, Glasgow, serv elderly people. Hamer, Miss Joyce Clayton, dep hd teach, Newtown High School, Powys, serv educ. Hamlett, Miss Eldora Horton, nursing auxiliary, Cheshire commty Healthcare Trust, serv hlth care. Hardie, Mrs Helen Gordon, auxiliary coastguard, HM Coastguard, Forth Maritime Rescue Sub Centre, serv safety at sea. Harding, Raymond Bertram, Neighbourhood Watch area co-ordinator, Essex Police, serv crime prevention. Harknett, Mrs Edna Mabel, former mbr, Holderness Borough Ccl, serv loc govt. Harper, Peter James Amis, mbr, Airworthiness Requirements Board, and chm, Operations Advisory Committee, Civil Aviation Authority, serv aviation. Harris, Miss Andrea, former loc offr 2, DSS. Harris, John Eric, founder, Helene Harris Memorial Trust, serv cancer res. Harris, Peter Joseph, exec offr, Lord Chancellor's Dept. Harrison, Mrs Elizabeth Marie Lucas, serv the R Air Forces Escaping Society. Harrison, Francis John, hdteach, Loddon Middle Sch, Norfolk, serv educ. Hartley, Martin, resdt engr/mgr, Balfour Beatty Projects and Engineering, serv expt. Harvey, Robert Ian, Constable, Lancashire Constabulary, serv the pol. Hatton, Mrs Ann, serv the commty in Norton Grange, Stockton on Tees, Cleveland. Havard, Geoffrey, serv the Tanglewood Social Club for People with Learning Disabilities, Harrow, Middlesex. Havard, Mrs Julie, serv the Tanglewood Social Club for People with Learning Disabilities, Harrow, Middlesex. Hayes, Capt George, serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen's Families Association in Leicestershire. Haythornthwaite, Roland, serv the Brit Deaf Sports Ccl. Heath, Michael Gordon, project co-ordinator, bus privatisation, London Buses, serv publ transport in London. Helleur, Robert John, mgr, busnss support, design and build, Brit Telecommuns, for scient serv the telecommuns ind. Henderson, David Allan, serv industrial hlth and safety. Henderson, Keith, for polit serv. Herd, Mrs Frances Margaret, refectory mgress, Elmwood College, Cupar, Fife, serv educ. Heyes, Richard, pres, Central Lancashire Dial-a-Ride, serv the mobility of disabled people. Hickman, Roy Jack, dir, Woodrow High House, London Federation of Boys' Clubs, serv young people. Hignett, Reginald, serv the commty in Tyldesley, Manchester. Hiller, Mrs Judith, serv the Brit Diplomatic Spouses Association. Hobson, Mrs Olga Joan, serv the commty in Maidenhd, Berkshire. Holder, Mark Graham, radio opr, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Holland, John Albert, sec, National Advisory Panel, Advanced Drivers' Association, R Society for the Prevention of Accidents, serv road safety. Holman, Peter Michael, QPM, Detective Sergeant, Met Pol, serv the pol. Horner, Mrs Lorna Gillian, serv the commty in Hargrave, Northamptonshire. Howard, Miss Diana, prin librarian, reference and information serv, London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, serv librarianship.

Howard, Gp Capt Raymond Frederick George, BEM, serv the commty in Essex. Howes, Ralph George, Sub-Divisional Commandant, Special Constabulary, serv the pol. Howie, William James, serv the dairy ind. Hudson, Charles William, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade in Sussex and to the Bluebell Railway. Hughes, James Patrick, welf offr, HM Bd of In Rev. Hughes, Michael John, higher exec offr, Overseas Development Administration. Hughes, Mrs Vera, serv the magistracy in Liverpool, Merseyside. Humphrey, Mrs Anne, serv elderly people in Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear. Humphreys, Reginald Harold, drvr, trainload freight, BR, serv the rly ind. Humphries, Mrs Doreen Stella, for polit and publ serv. Hunt, Mrs Doreen, serv the Citizens Advice Bureau, Yardley, Birmingham. Huntley, William Hugh, serv the Rotary movement. Hutchinson, Mrs Hannah Vera, for charitable serv in the Isle of Wight. Hynes, Mrs Marie, serv the commty in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Ingham, Mrs Pamela, mgr, Cornerstone, serv the Buddle Road Estate, Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne. Inwood, Mrs Ellen Irene, serv the mobility of disabled people in Northamptonshire. Irving, James Glendower, voluntary observer, Meteorological Office, Looe, Cornwall. Irving, Mrs Susan, fire contr offr, Lincolnshire Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv.

James, Norman Gwyrosydd Perry, serv the St John Ambulance Brigade. Janes, Mrs Gladys, founder and organiser, Harrow commty Transport, serv the mobility of disabled people. Jefferis, Anthony Lloyd, reg estates surv, Anglian reg, the Environment Agency, serv the water ind. Jogee, Moussa, serv race rels in Scotland. John, David Reginald Careilw, serv Clwyd Deaf Childrens Society. Johnson, Miss Emma Louise, clarinettist, serv music. Johnson, Mrs Jean Barbara, serv the WRVS and to the commty in Worcester. Johnson, Miss Mary Louise, higher exec offr, Dept of Trade and Indust. Johnson, William, mbr, Bury Metropolitan Borough Ccl, serv loc government. Jones, Dennis Owen, reg collector, HM Bd of In Rev. Jones, Gareth, project mgr, (BAJ Banwell), Meggitt Aerospace, serv the defence ind. Jones, Gruffudd Hefin, leading firefighter, North Wales Fire Service, serv the fire serv. Jones, Leonard Harry, serv the R Brit Legion in Suffolk. Jordan, Keith, asst dir, tech serv, Brit Academy of Film and Television Arts, serv the film and tv industries. Joshi, Subhash Kantilal, ptnr, Pannell Kerr Forster, and chm, Strathclyde Ethnic Minorities Business Forum, serv busnss and to race rels.

Kaley, Geoffrey Arthur, mgg dir, Computer Cab Company, and chm, Licensed Taxi Drivers' Association, serv the taxi ind. Kandler, Reuben, serv the Far East (Prisoner of War and Internees) Fund. Kendrew, Arthur Keith, process and gen supervy Grade C, MoD. Kennedy, James, field dir, War Child, Mostar, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Kennedy, Mrs Margaret Ann, revenue exec offr, HM Bd of In Rev. Kent, Derek, sub offr (retained), Humberside Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv. Kessler, Mrs Joanna, serv the commty in London. King, Nigel John, serv deaf people. Knight, Brian, site mgr, Willingdon Trees School, Eastbourne, East Sussex, serv educ. Knight, Miss Sheila, admin offr, MoD. Knotts, Miss Beryl Elaine, serv Oxfam.

Lackenby, John, Kielder water mgr, Northumbrian Water, serv the water ind. Lamb, John Robert, prin orthotist and mgr, Tayside Orthotics Service, serv the NHS in Scotland. Lancashire, Mrs Sandra Christine, loc offr 2, DSS. Laycock, David Bryan, dir, Computer Centre for People with Disabilities, serv educ and to disabled people. Lazarus, Sidney, former forensic med examr, Met Pol, serv forensic med. Page, Capt John Henry Le, warden, Communicare Centre, St Brelade, Jersey, serv the commty. Lees, Miss Sarah Imelda, revenue exec, HM Bd of In Rev. Leggate, Thomas, serv the Citizens Advice Bureau in Bellshill, Scotland. Leigh, John, former dir (north), Commn for New Towns, serv new towns. Leonard, Gp Capt Brian John, serv the War Pensions Committee, North West Eng. Linfoot, Peter, insp of construction, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env. Little, Brian, serv ornithological res. Little, Peter James, sen exec offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Lowther, Mrs Margaret, MPB5, Dept for Educ and Employment. Macdonald, Neil James, GP, Aviemore, Inverness-shire, serv med and to mountain rescue. Macfarlane, Gary Preston, GP, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow, serv med. Macleod, Lachlan Robertson, Constable, Strathclyde Police, serv the pol and for humanitarian serv in Romania.

Machell, Mrs Jean, serv the Cleveland library serv and to the commty in Cleveland. Machray, Maj Dorothy Jill, retd offr 2, MoD. Mackay, Mrs Beryl Patricia, serv the League of Friends, Shenley Hospital, Hertfordshire. Mackrill, Mrs Edna, support grade 2, Health and Safety exec, Dept of Env. Maclean, Miss Christina, serv cancer care in Scotland. Magee, Mrs Evelyn Margaret, for publ serv. Magowan, Mrs Margretta Rita, for publ serv. Man, Tony F C, serv the commty in Croydon, Surrey. Margetson, Mrs Myfanwy, serv the commty, partic young people, in Cwmavon, Port Talbot. Marnoch, Mrs Kathleen, serv the WRVS and to the commty in Kincardine and Deeside. Marshall, Mrs Eileen Esther, serv the commty in north London. Marshall, Mrs Jessie, serv blind people. Marwood, Mrs Jean Margaret Burrington, for polit and publ serv. Mawhinney, Brian Desmond, serv scouting. Mayes, Alan John, support grade 1, HM Board of Customs and Excise. McCafferty, Mrs Margaret Patricia, former admin asst, Dept for National Savings. McCausland, Frank, serv the commty and to the arts. McDiarmid, John Michael, vice chm, Red Deer Commn, serv agric. McDonagh, Mrs Janet Isobel, serv the hospice movement and to the commty. McDowell, James Gilbert, serv schs assn football. McFarlane, Thomas, serv higher educ. McGrory, Mrs Annie, serv St Annes Primary School, Whitechapel, London. McIvor, James Edward Hugh, serv the pol. McKeown, Mrs Pauline Taylor, programme dir, Marie Stopes Internat, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. McLaughlin, John, mgg dir, Skylight Internat. serv ind and to the commty in Renfrewshire. McMillan, James, former mbr, Argyll and Bute District Ccl, serv loc government in Scotland. McMullan, Mrs Rita, former admin offr, Home Off. McNellan, Anne Mrs, mgg dir, Scottish Childminding Association, serv childminding.

McRae, Colin Steele, serv motor rallying. McRitchie, James Fleming, for charitable serv the Save the Children Fund and to the Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association. McVeigh, Miss Marie, for publ serv. McVity, Mrs Margaret, sen lect and equal opportunities offr (disability), Huddersfield Technical College, serv further educ and to disabled people. Meeten, Jeffrey, account investigation advr, customer serv, South Eastern Electricity plc, serv the electricity ind. Menzies, Robert Speirs, wkshop mgr, Beltane Products, serv disabled people in Lanarkshire. Midgley, Mrs Patricia Winifred, serv the North End Trust, King's Lynn, Norfolk. Millar, Andrew, serv talking newspapers and to the National Federation of the Blind of the UK. Miller, Charles, for publ serv. Miller, Charles Antony, TD, serv the Brit Red Cross Society and to the commty in Knutsford, Cheshire.

Miller, David James, sector offr, Coastguard Agency, South Pembrokeshire sector, Dept of Transport. Miller, Robert Singleton, former leather worker, Andrew Muirhd and Sons, serv the leather ind. Miloszewska, Mrs Maria Antonina, former higher exec offr, Dept for Educ and Employment. Minshull, Melvyn Barry, prin engr, GEC Marconi, serv the defence ind. Mitchell, Charles Robin Wingate, former hlth and safety offr, environmental affrs, Brit Aggregate Construction Materials Industries, serv the construction ind. Mitchell, Hubert Charles Weston, serv the Brit Limbless Ex-Servicemen's Association in Bristol, Avon. Mitchell, James, former coxswain, Kirkwall Lifeboat, RNLI, serv safety at sea. Mitchell, William Reginald, serv jrnism and to the commty in Yorkshire and Cumbria. Mobsby, Philip John, dir, Brit Meat Manufacturers Association, serv the meat ind. Monbiot, Mrs Jacqueline Lucette, drvr, Govt Car Service, Dept of Env. Monks, Mrs Hope Mary, sch crossing patrol, Walthamstow, London, serv road safety.

Montgomery, Mrs Maureen, serv the chartered surveying profession. Moon, Christopher John, serv the Halo Trust. Moore, Mrs Eunice Dorothy, serv young people in Mold, Flintshire. Moore, Paul, Constable, ,Nottinghamshire Constabulary, serv the pol and to the commty. Morgan, David John Elwyn, serv the commty in South East Wales. Morrison, James Kingsley, serv the commty in Broughty Ferry, Dundee. Mossop, Mrs Mary Bewick, serv the commty in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham. Mounsey, Allan, clerical offr, site construction, Brit Nuclear Fuels, serv the nuclear ind. Murison, Gordon Alexander, former sen exec offr, Dept for National Savings. Munday, Peter Henry Rance, BEM, higher instructional offr, Army School of Ammunition, MOD. Murdock, James, serv the pol. Murray, Robert Joseph, prison offr, HM Young Offenders Inst Polmont.

Nelson, Alexander Donald, former vice-chm, Wigtown District Ccl, serv loc government. Nethercott, Raymond, serv the rehab of offenders. Newman, Mrs Muriel, serv the commty, partic elderly people, in Nettleham, Lincolnshire. Newton, Ronald Archer, serv the Soldiers Sailors and Airmen's Families Association in Co Durham. Nicoll, Mrs Bunty, serv the commty in Angus. Nicolle, David Jeune, for polit serv. Nicolson, James Craig, insp, custody serv, security facilities exec, Office of Public Service. Noke, Cyril George, serv the commty in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Norman, Roger, serv the commty and to jrnism in South East Eng. North, Charles Arthur, former rail opr, North Dulwich Station, Network South Central,,BR, serv the rly ind. Noyes, Mrs Marilyn, pers sec, MOD.

O'Connell, Patrick, serv the R Life Saving Society. O'Leary, Father Francis Aloysias, dir, St Josephs Hospice Association-Jospice Internat, serv the hospice movement. O'Shea, Mrs Barbara Joyce, sch crossing patrol, Wincham, Cheshire Cnty Ccl, serv road safety. Ogborn, Dennis William, serv the commty. Oliver, Joseph Henderson, serv the R Air Forces Association in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Ollis, Mrs Catherine Joan, serv the WRVS in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. Ollivere, Gordon Kaye, dir and Ch exec, Regional Technology Centre North, serv busnss in North East Eng. Osborne, Norris Wallington, serv the Berkshire Probation Service. Overend, Robert, serv agric. Owen, Tommy Wyn, support grade 2, Welsh Office. Page, George William, former car park attendant, Norfolk and Norwich Healthcare Trust, serv hlth care. Pailes, Stephen Jeffrey, constable, Warwickshire Constabulary, serv the pol and to the commty.

Palmer, John Millar, serv the pol. Parker, Bryant John, lock keeper, Stoke Lock, Stoke Bardolph, Nottinghamshire, serv Brit Waterways. Parker, Sq Ldr John Joseph, RAF (rtd), MoD. Parkin, Mrs Ann, carer, home finding scheme, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, serv disabled people. Parkyn, Horace Henzell, chm, Brownsea Island Voluntary Wardens Committee, serv the National Trust. Parrott, John Stephen, for charitable serv in Merseyside. Parry, Edward Henry, Chief Superintendent, Northamptonshire Police, serv the pol. Parsons, Anthony Fred Lewis, serv National Federation of Retail Newsagents. Patmore, Mrs Josephine Kathleen, serv the R College of Defence Studies. Peake, Mrs Devora Yaffa, pres, Boxford Suffolk Farms, serv the fruit and fruit juice industries. Pearson, Ronald Stanley Springfield, former chm, Stockbury Parish Ccl, Sittingbourne, Kent, for serv loc government. Peat, Matthew Elliot, serv the Boys Brigade in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Perea, Charles Edward Joseph, exec offr, MoD. Perratt, Maurice Reginald, serv the Submarine Old Comrades' Association. Perry, John Trevor, mbr, bd of visitors, HM Prison Featherstone, serv prisoner welf. Peterson, Mrs Mary Patricia, key keeper, Muness Castle, serv conservation in Shetland. Phillips, Mrs Patricia, serv the Brit Academy. Phillips, Ronald Frederick, serv the Reading Cygnets Swimming Club, Berkshire. Pierce, Mrs Joan Elizabeth, serv the WRVS and to the commty in Wokingham, Berkshire. Piper, Graham Arthur Richard, typist, Dept of Trade and Indust. Pollard, Arthur Donald, for polit and publ serv. Pollitt, William Edward, serv the Soldiers, Sailors and Airmens Families Association in Greater Manchester. Pollock, Thomas Duncan, serv the commty. Pool, John Richard, for charitable serv in Bristol, Avon. Pottinger, Mrs Irene Maud, serv the commty in Muswell Hill, London. Powell, Mrs Anne Grigor, serv the Save the Children Fund in Leicester. Powell, Mrs Edith, for polit and publ serv. Pratt, Thomas Ernest Eric, serv cricket in Wales. Prestage, John, chm, exec ccl, Inst of Plumbing, serv plumbing. Price, William Georges, sen hd gardener, Commwlth War Graves Commn. Pullen, Mrs Margaret Laura, for polit serv. Purvis, Rennie William, sen exec offr, DSS. Quine, Mrs Catherine, chairwoman, National Federation of Estate Management Boards, serv urban regeneration.

Radcliffe, Mrs Constance Kewin, serv the cultural and literary heritage of the Isle of Man. Rains, Mrs Marjorie Mary, former pers sec, Dept of Trade and Indust. Ramsay, Miss Susan Patricia Elizabeth, exec offr, HM Board of Customs and Excise. Ramsden, Edward, former dir, environmental hlth serv, Swansea City Ccl, serv loc government in Wales. Rana, Diljit, serv ind and to the commty. Randall, Miss Margaret Ann, sec, National Gallery Publications, serv the National Gallery. Raphael, Dr Montague, Remploy and fmrly Sunelm, serv disabled people. Rate, Mrs Patricia Elizabeth, serv the R Naval Association in Peterborough, Cambshire. Reading, Mrs Linda, PB8, Dept for Educ and Employment. Reay, Mrs Nancy, private sec, Brit Coal Corporation, serv the coal ind. Reger, Archibald John Christopher, former mbr, Chichester Harbour Conservancy, serv the environment. Renton, Miss Katherine Chelsea, programme devel advr, Marie Stopes Internat, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Richards, Edwin Arnold, ch engr,AS90,VSEL, serv the defence ind. Richards, Mrs Marianne Joan, Ch exec, Port Talbot Co-operative Development Agency, serv small busnsses in Port Talbot. Richardson, Ian, serv the commty in Laggan, Inverness- shire. Riding, Mrs Anne Elizabeth, serv the R Air Forces Association in London. Rivers, Mrs Marilyn, hd, Grendon Church of Eng Primary School, Northamptonshire, serv educ.

Roberts, Miss Gwyneth Parul, serv the commty in North Wales. Roberts, Mrs Jean, prison visitor, HM Young Offenders Inst Feltham, serv prison welf. Roberts, John Ian, temp Sub Offr, London Fire and Civil Defence Authority, serv the fire serv. Roberts, William John, serv the Anglesey Cancer Support Group. Robertson, Miss Florence Jean, former asst sec, Faculty of Public Health Medicine, serv publ hlth. Robertson, Robert, support grade 2, Scott Off. Robinson, Mrs Olive Marjorie, for polit serv. Robson, John William, Ch exec, Shildon and Sedgefield District Development Agency, serv busnss and to the commty in Sedgefield District, Cnty Durham. Robson, Jonathan, for polit serv. Rogers, Mrs Sheila Betty, serv the Multiple Sclerosis Society in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Rolf, Terence George, serv the Territorial, Auxiliary and Volunteer Reserve Association in the South of Eng. Ross, Mrs Elizabeth, hd banqueting waitress, Swallow Hotel, Seaburn, Sunderland, serv tourism. Ross, Mrs Janet, serv Bannockburn Hospital, Stirling. Ross, Leslie, sen presenter,BRMB, Birmingham, serv radio broadcasting. Rowlands, Peter Owen Jeffrey, group scout ldr, Brecon, serv young people. Rowlands, Mrs Rachel Annora, serv agric in Wales. Geddes-Ruffle, Mrs Vera Elsie, for polit serv. Hamilton-Russell, Mrs Pauline Albinia, serv the Citizens Advice Bureau, Covent Garden, London. Russell, Robert Charles (Jack), serv cricket.

Saker, W Cdr Robert Noel James, RAF (rtd), serv the MoD. Saunders, David Alfred, mus support grade 1, National Army Museum. Scott, Robert, global consult, engring, Brit Petroleum Company, serv the oil ind. Selwyn, Victor, serv The Salamander Oasis Trust. Semple, James Beggs, serv the Prison Service. Shardlow, Mrs Patricia Alice, serv the commty in Cheddington, Bedfordshire. Sharman, Michael Thomas, former hd of consultancy, Dept of Planning, Transportation and Economic Strategy, Warwickshire Cnty Ccl, serv highway maintenance. Shaw, Duncan Frederic, mbr, Ccl for English Nature, and mbr, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, serv nature conservation. Shaw, Mrs Joan, shop mgress, R Society for the Protection of Birds, serv the RSPB in Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire. Shearer, Mrs Caroline Margaret, serv the Employment Service in Ashington, Northumberland. Sheikh, Iftikhar Hassan, mbr, Croydon Race Equality Ccl, serv race rels in Surrey. Sherwood, Mrs Ann Mary, mgr, portage serv, Wandsworth Local Educ Authority, serv educ. Shewry, Mrs Christine Ann, admin offr, MoD. Short, John, clinical nurse specist, North Durham Acute Hospitals Trust, serv hlth care.

Sidaway, Mrs Dorothy, former sub div offr, South Yorkshire Police, serv the pol. Sidebottom, Miss Kathleen, serv the Thornton Cleveleys Old Peoples Welfare Association, Lancashire. Simpson, Francis William, serv nature conservation in Suffolk. Simpson, Mrs Joan, serv the commty in Upton St Leonards, Gloucestershire. Simpson, Thomas, serv the Brit Talking Book Service for the Blind. Sinclair, Mrs Audrey Maud, former sen pers sec, MoD. Singerman, Mrs Susan, serv the understanding of the Holocaust. Smart, Geoffrey, co-founder, Heart Link, serv parents of children with heart disease.

Smith, Anthony Glen, former aid logistician, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Smith, Mrs Elizabeth, serv Murroes Primary School, Duntrune, Dundee. Smith, Eric Hedley, chm, Filton Parish Ccl, and life pres, Filton Town Twinning Association, serv loc government and to town twinning. Smith, Geoffrey Donald, former pattern maker and joiner, serv the Museum of Science and ind, Manchester. Hedley-Smith, Miss Olive, serv the Carers National Association and to the commty in Torquay, Devon. Smith, Mrs Patricia Ellen Anne, serv the Soldiers Widows and Widowers and Single Soldiers Dependants Funds. Smith, Percy Roger, div offr, Gwent Special Constabulary, serv the pol. Smith, Philip Charles Pendrell, serv R National Inst for the Blind. Smith, Mrs Robina, serv the commty in Arnside, Cumbria. Snelling, Mrs Sybil Mavis, serv the NSPCC in the Isle of Wight. Sorbie, Miss Muriel Ann, former higher exec offr, Scott Off. Southall, Neville, serv assn football. Spalding, Alec John, serv scouting in Glasgow. Sperring, Mrs Pearl Marie, former PB8, Dept for Educ and Employment. Spofforth, Miss Pamela Marian, founder and pres, Pro Corda, serv music for young string players. Spring, Roy Orland Charles, serv Salisbury Cathedral. Steer, Peter Leslie, serv Ostomy Patient Care.

Steere, Harry Michael, sub offr (retained), Cleveland Fire Brigade, serv the fire serv. Stein, William, serv swimming. Stephenson, Silbourne Howard, serv the commty in Bedfordshire. Storey, Miss Patricia Agnes, sen pers sec, DSS. Stowell, Miss Tina Wendy, former sen pers sec, Cabinet Office. Sudra, Jamnadas Virji, sub-postmast, Chislehurst, Kent, serv the Post Office and to the commty. Suffield, Miss Peggy Kate, serv the commty in Wythall, Birmingham. Swinger, Edgar Robert, serv the London Pensions Fund Authority. Sword, Mrs Helen Elizabeth, trustee, Housing Association for Offrs Families, serv ex-servmen and women. Syvret, Kenneth William, for charitable serv in Jersey.

Tabb, Mrs Muriel, serv music in St Austell, Cornwall. Tallon, Mrs Jillian Valerie, serv The Compassionate Friends. Tanner, Michael, mgr, Metal Finishing Flight Refuelling, serv materials technol. Thom, Mrs Margaret Jane, former home care organiser, Social Work Dept, Banff and Buchan Division, Grampian Regional Ccl, serv the commty. Thomas, John Rowland, serv the commty in North East Powys. Thomas, William, emergency logistician, for humanitarian serv in the former Yugoslavia. Thompson, David Bernard, TD, serv the commty in Canterbury, Kent. Thompson, Ernest, serv people with learning disabilities and to nursing. Thomson, Mrs Margery Jean, for polit and publ serv. Thornton, Alan Woodburn, mgg dir, Thor Ceramics, serv the Ceramics ind. Thornton, Charles, serv the Guild of Technical Dyers and Dyework and to the dyeing ind. Tierney, Mrs Margaret, support mgr 3, MoD. Timms, John Henry, tech offr, Preston and Mall Residents Association, serv the commty in Middlesex. Tolhurst, Mrs Frances Alice, youth worker, Rye Boys Club, East Sussex, serv young people. Toogood, Alan, personnel mgr, Lucas Automotive, serv engring educ and trg.

Torrance, Samuel Robert, serv golf. Tosh, William John Alexander, range warden, MoD. Tough, James, sen caretaker, Angus College, Arbroath, serv educ. Tripp, Jack, actor, serv pantomime. Truelove, Albert Frederick, serv the commty in Trumpington, Cambshire. Turnbull, Mrs Myra Shortreed, former chm, Roxburgh District Ccl, serv the commty and to loc government. Turner, Cyril Crosbie, serv the commty in Ludford, Lincolnshire. Turvey, Miss Margery Kay, former prin occupational hlth nursing advr, Occupational Health and Safety Agency, Office of Public Service. Tyler, Mrs Patricia, serv the John Boag Probation and Bail Hostel, Norwich, Norfolk. Tyrrell, David Leslie, sen exec offr, Min of Agric, Fisheries and Food.

Urquhart, Colin, cemetery supt and grounds maintenance superv, Argyll and Bute District Ccl, serv the commty. Vertefeuille, Mrs Vivienne, pers asst and translator, MoD. Vickery, John Ernest, former sergeant, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, serv the pol. Voutt, Alan, quarry frmn, Northern Aggregates, serv the construction ind. Walker, Anthony Alfred, serv stonemasonry in Oxf. Walker, Mrs Judith Mary, serv riding for people with Disabilities. Wallis, Mrs Gloria Teresa, for polit and publ serv. Walls, John Kenneth, serv young people. Walmsley, Robert Seddon, dir, Chapeltown and Harehills Enterprises, serv urban regeneration. Walsby, Mrs Joyce, fin accounting mgr, Ordnance Survey. Ward, Mrs Mary Angela, artistic dir, Chicken Shed Theatre Trust, serv the arts. Warwick, Colin Thomas, chm, Northumberland Sea Fisheries Committee, serv the fishing ind. Waters, John, serv the HMS Liverpool Association. Waterson, David, ldr, Salford Lads Club, Greater Manchester, serv young people. Wates, Miss Susan Mary, serv child care and to the commty in London. Watson, Paul, dir, Bristol Cyrenians, serv homeless people. Watson, Stewart, brass instructor and brass band conductor, Aberdeen, serv music. Watt, Alan Stewart, serv the commty.

Webb, Miss Beryl May Jago, chm, Ashingdon Parish Ccl, Essex, serv road safety and to the commty. Webb, Colin David, former delivery mgr, R Mail Anglia, Post Office, serv the Post Office and to the commty in Chelmsford, Essex. Webber, Michael Huyshe, exec dir, Tinsley Bridge, serv the motor ind. Welsh, Philip, former chm, West Whitelawburn Housing Co-operative, and mbr, New Gorbals Housing Association, serv the hous assn movement in Scotland. West, Mrs Joy, serv the War Widows Association of Great Britain. Weston, Terence John, former dir of finance, Ceredigion District Ccl, serv loc government in Wales. White, Michael John, firefighter, Devon Fire and Rescue Service, serv the fire serv. White, Mrs Morag Mary, for polit and publ serv. White, Thomas Patrick, serv the construction ind. Whitesides, Keith Robert, serv the commty in the East Midlands. Whittaker, Mrs Norma, serv the commty in Oldham, Lancashire. Whittall, Mrs Jean Marion, admin offr, MoD. Wilkins, Mrs Mary, serv the commty in Highley, Shropshire. Willcock, Frank, constable, Greater Manchester Police, serv the pol and for charitable serv. Dare-Williams, Keith Edward, auxiliary coastguard in charge, HM Coastguard, Plymouth, Devon, serv safety at sea. Williams, Thomas John, former chm, Ccl of Welsh Districts, serv loc government in Wales. Willis, George Robert Thomas, DFC, non-exec dir, Business Link, in Barnsley and Doncaster, serv trg. Willson, Cecil Edward Austin, serv the Fleet Air Arm. Wilmot, Arthur John, sen road safety offr, Leicestershire Cnty Ccl, serv road safety. Wilsher, Miss Maureen Elizabeth, support grade 1, MoD. Wilson, Hugh D, serv rural and agric workers in Scotland. Wilson, Ronald, serv the commty in Yorkshire. Wilton, John Wesley, serv the commty in Harrowbarrow, Cornwall. Winkworth, Geoffrey George, asst ch offr, Fire Service College, serv the fire serv.

Wong, San, serv ind and to the commty. Wood, David John, operations standard mgr, Midlands zone, Railtrack, serv the rly ind. Wood, Prof William Gordon, serv the Cricklade Music Festival, Wiltshire. Woodcock, Mrs Ann, superv, Clepington Playgroup, Dundee, serv race rels in Dundee. Woodhd, Mrs Kathleen Mary, former higher exec offr, Dept of Health. Wren, Timothy Edward James, prison offr, HM Prison Featherstone. Wright, Mrs Eileen Lily, for polit and publ serv. Wybrow, Mrs Rosina, serv Sir Thomas Abney Primary School, Hackney, London. Yates, Mrs Gloria, serv the commty in Ely, Cardiff. Yeowell, Mrs Maureen, advr to Bupa and nat mammography trainer, the Bupa Health Screening Centre, London, serv hlth care. Young, Peter Michael, former professional and technol offr, Transport Research Laboratory exec Agency, Dept of Transport. Young, Mrs Rena Violet Douglas, former sen pers sec, Scott Off. Younge, Mrs Irene, serv nursing.

Knight Grand Cross (GCVO)

Blewitt, Maj Sir Shane Gabriel Basil, KCVO, Keeper of the Privy Purse and Treasurer to The Queen.

Fellowes, The Rt Hon Sir Robert, KCB KCVO, Pte Sec to the Queen.

Knight Commander (KCVO)

Evans, The Very Rev Thomas Eric, Dean of St Pauls Cathedral.

Neill, James Hugh, CBE TD, former Lord Lt of South Yorkshire.

Commander (CVO)

Anson, Charles Vernon, LVO, press sec to the Queen. Gulliver, James Gerald, former trustee, the Duke of Edinburghs Award Scheme. Morris, Robert Matthew, former Assistant Under-Sec of State, Criminal Justice and Constitutional Dept, Home Off. Parsons, Kenneth William, LVO, former Surveyor of the Lands for the South Survey, Duchy of Lancaster. Shebbeare, Thomas Andrew, exec dir, the Prince's Trusts.

Lieutenant (LVO)

Arbiter, Richard Winston, dir of media affrs, R Collection. Barne, Maj Nicholas Michael Lancelot, private sec to Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Daglish, Cdr Hugh Blyth, R Navy, Her Majestys Yacht Britannia. Graham, Cecil William Lavery, OBE, former vice-chm of the bd, the Princes Trust. Harvey, Mrs Katharine Joan, lady in waiting to Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester. Maughan, Cdr Jonathan Mortimer Collingwood, R Navy, fmrly of Her Majestys Yacht Britannia. Walker- Okeover, Miss Jane Katharine, Extra Woman of the Bedchamber to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Parsons, Ian Richard, Surveyor of Lands for the Lancashire and Crewe Surveys, Duchy of Lancaster. Roberts, Harold Geoffrey, former dir of information, Welsh Office. Woodcock, Thomas, Somerset Herald, College of Arms.

Member (MVO)

Brown, Mrs Kathleen Elizabeth, serv the Crown in Canada. Burgess, Maj Colin Neville, former temp equerry to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Button, Miss Wendy Dorothea, pers asst (auxiliary) to the Governor-Gen of Aust. Cicutto, Miss Maria, serv the Crown in Aust. Cochrane, Miss Sandra Evelyn, pers asst to the Governor-Gen of Aust. Ford, Sgt Brian Edward, Rty and Diplomatic Protection Dept, Met Pol. Fuller, Sgt Jeffrey Alan, Rty and Diplomatic Protection Dept, Met Pol. Glasser, Daniel Neil, serv the Crown in Aust. Gray, Miss Jean Catherine, sec, household of the Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. Jones, Bernard Rushmer, former chm of the bd of the Princes Youth Business Trust. Norton, Edwin Alfred Andrew, maintenance mgr, Windsor Castle. Smith, Maj Albert Victor, MBE, supt of the R Mews, Buckingham Palace. Summers, Terence Hector, ptnr, Smith-Woolley. Wilde, Mrs Patricia, asst to the Lieutenancy of Hereford and Worcester. Wilson, Brian, former hd forester, Duchy of Cornwall.

Royal Victorian Medal (Gold)

Simmons, Leslie Robert, RVM, former agric worker, Sandringham Estate.

Bar to the Royal Victorian Medal


Cribbett, Leslie Frank, RVM, former mbr of the Princetown Works Dept, Duchy of Cornwall, Dartmoor. Howling, Roy Thomas William, RVM, farm frmn, Sandringham Estate.

Royal Victorian Medal


Brown, John Alan, agric worker, Sandringham Estate. Croasdale, Philip Shaun, palace steward, Buckingham Palace. Esson, Edward, farm grieve, Balmoral Estate. Griffin, David Albert, lead chauffeur, Buckingham Palace. Griffiths, Keith Howard, sen dining room asst, Buckingham Palace. Hale, Leading Seaman (Missile) Paul Andrew, Her Majestys Yacht Britannia. Hook, Sgt Maj John Glyn, the Queens Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard. Mace, Acting Charge Chief Marine Engineering Artificer John Gordon, Her Majestys Yacht Britannia. Plows, Local Acting CPO Communications Yeoman Christopher Ian, Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia. Rough, James Charles Edward, electrician, Buckingham Palace. Tadd, Dennis Harold, standsman, mbrs enclosure, Ascot Racecourse. Wilkinson, Dennis, former Messenger Sgt Maj, the Queens Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard. Winn, James Douglas, parks worker, the Crown Estate, Windsor. Woodman, Divisional Sgt Maj Ernest James, MBE, the Queens Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard.

Fang, Harry, Sin-yang, CBE, JP, serv orthopaedic and rehabilitative med in Hong Kong.

Trotman, Alexander, serv Brit-American comml rels.

Knight Grand Cross (GCMG)

Mallaby, Sir Christopher Leslie George, GCVO KCMG, HM Ambassador, Paris.

Knight Commander (KCMG)

Spedding, David Rolland, CVO OBE, ch of Secret Intelligence Service.

Wall, John Stephen, CMG LVO, UK perm rep to the European Union, Brussels. Wright, David John, CMG LVO, HM Ambassador, Tokyo.

Commander (CMG)

Baker-Bates, Merrick Stuart, HM Consul-Gen, Los Angeles.

Devlin, Bishop Bernard Patrick, serv the commty in Gibraltar.

Duggan, Gordon Aldridge, High Commr, Singapore.

Fletcher, Richard George Hopper, FCO.

Hendry, Ian Duncan, FCO.

Hodge, James William, Minr, HM Embassy, Peking.

Maidment, Neil, serv Brit comml intrsts in Hong Kong and China.

Savage, Francis Joseph, LVO OBE, Governor, Montserrat.

Wilmott, Peter Graham, former dir gen (customs and indirect taxation), Commn of the European Union.

Commander (CBE)

Coplin, John Frederick, serv Brit intrsts in Indonesia. Fletcher, John Wilfred Sword, serv Brit intrsts in Asia. Goodman, Ellis Martin, serv Brit expts to the USA. Jackson, John Albert Sidney, MBE, JP, Presdt of the Senate, Bermuda. Ma Chung, Prof (Mrs), Ho-kei, OBE, JP, serv the devel of med in Hong Kong. Neame, Ronald, serv the Brit film ind. Priestley, Philip John, fmrly HM Consul-Gen, Geneva. So, James, Yiu-Cho, OBE, JP, Sec for Recreation and Culture, Hong Kong. Woo, Mr Justice, Kwok-hing, for serv as chm, Boundary and Election Commn, Hong Kong.

Officer (OBE)

Allan, Peter Gerard, serv Brit comml intrsts in France. Baylis, Robin Grenville, MVO, resdt act High Commr, Antigua. Beith, John William, serv Brit comml intrsts in Brazil. Busby, George Benedict Joseph Pascal, former first sec, HM Embassy, Belgrade. Clephane, James Cavin Alexander McLaughlan, first sec, Brit High Commn Bandar Seri Begawan. Davies, David Stanley, for voluntary serv commty welf in Hong Kong. Delve-Sanders, Miss Beryl, serv relief work in Zaire. Franks, Rodney Gordon, serv Brit comml intrsts in Malaysia. Gardiner, Peter Alexander, serv Brit comml intrsts in the USA. Harris, Graham Mitchell, serv Brit comml and fin intrsts in Japan. Henning, Claus-Christian, dir, Br Ccl, Romania. Hodson, John Barry, serv Brit expts in the USA.

Lainson, Prof Ralph, serv parasitology in Brazil. Lam, Billy, Chung-lun, JP, dir, new airport projects co-ordination office, Hong Kong. Leibovici, Mrs Margaret Kelly, serv entertainment and chty. Leong, John, Chi-yan, JP, serv hlth educ and the commty, Hong Kong. Li, The Hon Eric, Ka-cheung, JP, for distinguished publ serv, Hong Kong. Lilley, Anthony Donald, serv English language teaching in Egypt. Michael, Franklyn Vere, perm sec, Chief Minrs Office, Montserrat. Montado, Ernest George, for distinguished publ serv, Gibraltar. Moss, Christopher Roger, serv the Mass Transit Railway Corporation and to commty welf, Hong Kong. Pett, Frederick, LVO, First Sec, Brit High Commn, Islamabad. Pirie, Gordon Andrew, First Sec and DHM, HM Embassy Rabat. Preskey, Gerald, serv Brit comml intrsts in Russia. Ripley, Charles Edward Arthur, First Sec, HM Embassy, Tokyo.

Shearing, George Albert, serv music and Anglo-American rels. Simons, The Hon Gerald Dennis Edison, serv publ and environmental intrsts in Bermuda. Slader, The Rev (Miss) Betty Margaret, MBE, for welf serv the commty in Fiji. Spears, Kevin Gerald, serv Br Ccl work in India and South Asia. Stephens, Miss Catherine Anne, former dep dir, Br Ccl, Indonesia. Takield, John, serv Brit comml intrsts in Switzerland. Telford, John, JP, for publ serv, Hong Kong. Ward, Hubert, hdmast, English College, Prague. Watson, Donald McFarlane, QPM CPM, Commr, Customs and Excise, Hong Kong. Wheatley, Charles Hugo, serv educ, Brit Virgin Islands. Willock, Miss Margaret Rose, serv broadcasting, Montserrat. Wilson, Simon Jules, First Sec, HM Embassy, Zagreb. Wong, Louis Kar-chit, serv trade and expts, Hong Kong. Woods, Peter Joseph, serv Brit comml intrsts in Japan. York, Michael, serv act and to chty.

Member (MBE)

Appiah, Mrs Peggy Enid Margaret, serv UK/Ghanaian rels and commty welf. Au yeung, Man-tak, serv vocational trg, Hong Kong. Austen, Richard James, Dep High Commr, Banjul. Bale, Christopher John, serv chty, Hong Kong. Broomfield, John Neville, CPM, serv pol trg, Hong Kong. Buckby, Anthony Jonathan, dir, Br Ccl, Bologna. Chan, Anthony George, Shing-kee, for publ serv, Hong Kong. Cohen, Simon, hon consul, Guadalajara, Mexico. Davies, Robin Victor, mbr, locly-engaged staff, HM Embassy, Paris. Douglas, Mrs Sheila, serv the commty in Perigueux and the Dordogne.

Eldemire, Irvin Bruce, district offr, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands. Farlie, Michael Stanley Nicholas, serv shipping intrsts in Hong Kong. Fraser, Mrs Mary Charteris Love, serv primary educ in Swaziland. Gale, Ian Percy, ch security offr, HM Embassy, Manila. Gibson, Ian Bennett, hon consul, Kiel, Germany. Ginty, Terence, serv Brit comml intrsts in China. Gordon, Mrs Ann Smith, for charitable serv the commty, Bermuda. Gore, Mrs Monica Marina, for voluntary welf and charitable serv in the Cayman Islands. Graham, Peter Norman, serv the Independent Commn against Corruption, Hong Kong. Borello Hansen, Mrs Joan, locly-engaged comml asst, HM Embassy, Copenhagen. Hicks, Brian Walter, serv the commty and Brit comml intrsts in Bahrain. Ho, Kwok-fong, for publ serv in Hong Kong. Ho, Peter, Wing-ko, serv culture and to commty welf, Hong Kong. Howard, Mrs Elizabeth, serv the Brit Embassy School, Athens. Hui, Victor, Chun-fui, serv youth recreation and social work in Hong Kong. Johnston, Mrs Nell Dorothea, for voluntary serv to the commty, Bermuda. Knill, Miss Margaret Nora, serv the blind in Afghanistan. Ko, Tam-kan, for voluntary commty serv, Hong Kong. Lam, Jeffrey, King-fung, serv ind, Hong Kong. Law, Richard William Evan, serv UK-Italian cultural rels, Florence. Law, Edward, Wing- tak, for publ serv, Hong Kong. Lee, Joseph, Man-kong, JP, dep commr for census and statistics, Hong Kong. Leung, Miss Sabina, Fuk-tai, serv the mentally hndcppd, Hong Kong. Linde, Michael Philip, serv the Brit commty in Switzerland. LUK Tuet, Mrs Helen, , Siu-wah, for publ serv, Hong Kong.

Ma, Farley, Man-chiu, serv recreation and amenities, Hong Kong. McClelland, William John, serv student exchanges with Canada. Orr, Mrs Marion Calder, locly-engaged vice-consul, Durban. Osborne, Mrs Lystra, serv the Red Cross, Montserrat. Panayiotou, Miss Artemisia, serv Brit comml intrsts in Cyprus. Parker, Mrs Barbara Helen, locly-engaged pers asst, HM Consulate-Gen, San Francisco. Peralta, James Phillip, serv comml enterprise and the commty in Gibraltar. Podolecki, George Zbigniew, hon consul, Maracaibo, Venezuela. Poon, Kam-kwong, for voluntary commty serv, Hong Kong. Prouten, Matthew, fmrly of HM Embassy, Tokyo. Reid, Graham Wightman, serv educ and literature, Macedonia. Reid, Mrs Margaret, serv educ and literature, Macedonia. Robinson, Graeme Neville, hon consul, Christch. Rodigas, John Augustus Alvarez Louis Charles, serv the Brit commty in Nice. Rogers, John Crute, serv the commty and to Brit busnss intrsts in Windhoek. Rowson, David John, serv English language teaching in Tbilisi, Georgia. Rummeli, Mrs Audrey, serv chty in Ankara. Scott, Richard Walter, serv Brit and other war veterans in Cameroon.

Staples, Mea Hannelore Margarethe, locly-engaged asst mgemt offr, HM Consulate-Gen, Frankfurt. Stew, Timothy David, former third sec, HM Embassy, Sarajevo. Taylor, Mrs Daphne Lucille, serv the expatriate commty in Seoul. Temple, Thomas, for voluntary serv chty, Belgium. Wang, Kenneth, Kuk-kei, serv mfg ind, Hong Kong. Webb, Richard, staff offr to the Governor, Montserrat. Willis Yau, Mrs Carrie, Sheung-mui, Chief Electoral Offr, Hong Kong. Wong, Raymond, Siu-keung, for publ serv, Hong Kong. Yip, Wah, JP, serv the commty in Hong Kong.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Tod, Vice Adml Jonathan James Richard, CBE.

Companion (CB)

Clarke, Rear Adml John Patrick, LVO MBE.

Commander (CBE)

Davies, Capt Peter Roland, MBE. Ferguson, Commodore Alan Duncan. Wraith, Capt Richard Somerton.

Officer (OBE)

Boycott, Cdr Timothy Harold. Grant, Cdr Alan Kenneth. Horrell, Cdr Michael Ian. Manley, Cdr Charlotte Elizabeth. McFadyen, Cdr Howard. Pallister, Cdr Richard John Thornton. Rennison, Cdr William Ross.

Member (MBE)

Charge, Lt Cdr Richard John, R Navy. Connelly, WO Class 2 Frank Taylor, R Marines. Cudmore, WO Graham Barry. Davis, Capt (Local Maj) Edward Grant Martin, R Marines. Dismore, WO Peter David. Drewett, Lt Cdr Robin Edward, R Navy. Egging, Charge Chief Weapon Engineering Artificer Wim James Michael. Grice, WO Class 1 (RSM) Colin Frederick, R Marines. Harris, WO Peter. Kimbrey, WO Class 1 John Martin, R Marines. Lloyd, Charge Chief Weapon Engineering Artificer Jeffery Paul. Lovatt, WO David Neil. Madders, Chaplain Brian Richard, R Navy. Marsh, Lt Brian Henry, R Navy. Matthews, WO Robert Arthur Henry. McGarrity, WO Peter. McLaren, Lt Cdr Ian, R Navy. Meekins, WO Mervyn James. Morrish, CPO Weapons Engineering Mechanic (Radio) Stephen Anthony, D125089M. Riches, Lt Neil, R Navy. Roberts, Lt Harry Charles, R Navy. Sullivan, WO Michael Gerrard. Swan, Wren Writer 1st Class Natalie Ruth.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Hayman-Joyce, Lt Gen Robert John, CBE, former R Hussars.

Companion (CB)

Corp, Maj Gen Philip James Gladstone, former Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Kennedy, Maj Gen Alasdair Ian Gordon, CBE, former The Gordon Highlanders. Regan, Maj Gen Michael Dalrymple, OBE, former The Light Infantry.

Knight Commander (KBE)

Harley, Lt Gen Alexander George Hamilton, CB OBE, fmrly R Regiment of Artillery.

Commander (CBE)

Irvine, Col Ian Charles, TD, fmrly of the Parachute Regiment, Territorial Army. O'Donoghue, Brig (Acting Maj Gen) Kevin, fmrly of the Corps of R Engineers. Raper, Brig Anthony John, MBE, fmrly of the R Corps of Signals.

Officer (OBE)

Dixon, Lt Col Peter Reginald Cloudesley, the R Anglian Regiment. Fitzalan Howard, Lt Col (act Col) Thomas Michael, Scots Guards. Fraser, Lt Col Paul, the R Logistic Corps. Hearn, Lt Col (act Col) Shane Crisp, The R Green Jackets. King, Acting Col David Edwin, Oxfshire Army Cadet Force. Lampard, Lt Col Nigel Anthony, the R Logistic Corps. McAllister, Lt Col Hubert Kelly, TD, R Army Dental Corps, Territorial Army. Semple, Lt Col Brian Mervyn, Corps of R Engineers.

Member (MBE)

Archibald, WO Class 1 James McCallum, the Highlanders. Attwood, Capt David Thomas, the Kings Regiment. Bowen, Maj David Christopher, Corps of R Engineers. Caldwell, WO Class 2 John Austin, the R Logistic Corps. Carroll, WO Class 2 John, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Clemison, Maj Ronald, Scots Guards. Cooper, WO Class 1 David, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Cooper, Acting Maj Francis Neil, R Grammar School High Wycombe Combined Cadet Force. Davies, Sgt (act Colour Sgt) Ernest Clive Gwynn, the Parachute Regiment. Dillon, Capt (act Maj) Denis Nigel, the R Logistic Corps. Dineen, Capt John James, the R Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. Dinley, WO Class 2 Stephen John, Small Arms School Corps.

Ferguson, Capt Graeme, BEM, Corps of R Engineers. Filmer, Maj John Wickham, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Firth, WO Class 2 George Albert, R Corps of Signals. Fisher, Staff Sgt Paul Edward, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Fox, WO Class 2 David Doddridge, R Corps of Signals. Gallagher, Maj Michael Anthony, the R Logistic Corps. Gardner, WO Class 1 Paul Clifford, the R Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. Gawler, Maj William Eric, the Princess of Waless R Regiment, Territorial Army. Gerrish, Acting Lt Col Michael Howard, Northumberland Army Cadet Force. Gill, Capt Patrick Joseph, the R Logistic Corps, Territorial Army. Greene, Lt (Acting Capt) Rodney Shane Foster, Corps of R Engineers. Greeves, Maj Paul David, the Parachute Regiment. Grinstead, Maj John Stanley, the R Logistic Corps. Gurung, Maj (Gurkha Commned Offr) MILANCHANDRA, the Queens Gurkha Engineers. Gurung, Maj (Gurkha Commned Offr) UDAIBAHADUR, the R Gurkha Rifles. Harmer, (WO Class 2 Martin Neil, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Holdom, Maj Grant Jonathan Leslie, R Regiment of Artillery. Hornby, Maj John William, R Corps of Signals. Howse, Maj Christopher Royston, the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment. Ingram, Capt (Acting Maj) Philip James, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Jones, WO Class 2 Eric Leonard, The R Green Jackets.

Kintrea, Maj William John, the Highlanders. Lacey, Maj Graham John, Small Arms School Corps. Grys, Maj Barry John LE, Corps of R Engineers. Limbu, Maj (Queens Gurkha Offr) CHANDRAPRASAD, the R Gurkha Rifles. Lock, WO Class 2 Martin John Stuart, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Macpherson, Sgt Angus, R Corps of Signals. Madine, WO Class 1 Gerald, the R Logistic Corps. Mahanty, Maj Arup, the R Logistic Corps. Munro, Cpl Catherine Bernadette McCurry, Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS). Naylor, Maj Nigel John Hugh, R Corps of Signals. O'Neill, Maj Henry Shaun, the Light Dragoons. Parish, WO Class 1 David George Anthony, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers,,Territorial Army. Pearsall, Sgt Ronnie, Corps of R Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Reddin, Lt Col David Gordon, Adjutant Gens Corps (ALS). Russell, Maj Philip Spencer, the Parachute Regiment.

Sabellini, WO Class 1 Stephen Carl, Adjutant Gens Corps (SPS). Shaw, WO Class 1 William, Adjutant Gens Corps (RMP). Smeaton, Maj Ian Barry, R Regiment of Artillery. Staveley, Maj Robin, R Regiment of Artillery. Sumpter, WO Class 1 William, Adjutant Gens Corps (RMP). Wakerley, Maj Christopher, R Corps of Signals. Walker, Capt Roy Keith Burgess, the R Logistic Corps. Walker, Cpl Stuart William, the R Logistic Corps. Walton, Maj Adrian Christopher Dickenson, TD, the Staffordshire Regiment, Territorial Army. Whitch, Maj Matthew William, Corps of R Engineers. Whitfield, Maj Alexander David Thompson, Adjutant Gens Corps (ETS). Ashton-Wickett, Lt Col Peter Douglas, R Regiment of Artillery. Wu, Capt SIU YING, the R Logistic Corps. Wylie, Maj George Moore, R Corps of Signals, Territorial Army. Young, Maj Gordon William Alexander, the Parachute Regiment. Young, Sgt Terance Michael, the R Green Jackets, Territorial Army.

Knight Commander (KCB)

Cousins, A M David, CB AFC.

Companion (CB)

Baldwin, Air Vice-Marshal Nigel Bruce, CBE. Main, Air Vice-Marshal John Bartram, OBE, RAF (rtd).

Commander (CBE)

Ayee, A Cdre Peter Clarence. Granville-White, Gp Capt Christopher.

Officer (OBE)

Akehurst, W Cdr Peter Basil, LVO. Bowen, W Cdr Peter Raymond, (rtd). Corney, W Cdr Hugh Richard. Goodman, W Cdr Gordon James. Greaves, W Cdr Keith Robert Colin. Pettifer, W Cdr (now act Gp Capt) Maurice Ian. Rands, Sq Ldr John Edward. Wheeler, W Cdr Jonathan Kim.

Member (MBE)

Batson, Chief Technician (act F Sgt) William. Beighton, Sq Ldr Stanley, AE, RAF Volunteer Reserve. Bushe, Sgt Philip. Christensen, Sq Ldr Clifford Karl. Coleby, Sq Ldr Brian Finbarr. (93950), WO Bryan Michael CROSS. Cunningham, Flt Lt Derek John. Granger, WO Derek Alan. Hicks, Sq Ldr Peter George. Howard, Flt Lt Alan Arthur, RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training). Julian, WO Peter John. Larkman, Sgt Michael George. Lindsay, Sq Ldr Paul Frederick. McCarthy, Sq Ldr (now W Cdr) William John. Miles, Sq Ldr Peter Godfrey. Needham, F Sgt Kathryn Joy. North, Sq Ldr Barry Mark. Paffett, Sgt Charles. Pollitt, Sq Ldr Ian Steven. Powell, Junior Technician Brian Mark. Redman, Flt Lt Derek, AE, RAF Volunteer Reserve (rtd). Richardson, Flt Lt Bryan Thomas. Shaw, Flt Lt Philip Arthur Thomas, AE, R Auxiliary Air Force (rtd). Smith, Sgt Grenville John, (rtd). Tanswell, Sgt Barry Raymond. Webster, Flt Lt David Stewart. Whittingham, Flt Lt Raymond Carden. .


Banford, Maj Rosemary Helen, Queen Alexandras R Army Nursing Corps.


Frazer, Capt Neil Thompson, Queen Alexandras R Army Nursing Corps. Griffin, Lt Robert Thomas, Queen Alexandras R Naval Nursing Service. Oakman, Sqn Ldr Janice, Princess Mary's Royal Aur Force Nursing Service (ret'd). Russell, Staff Sgt Caroline, Queen Alexandras R Army Nursing Corps. Webb, Acting CPO enrolled nurse (gen) Rosemary Louise, Queen Alexandras R Naval Nursing Service.

Bennett, John William, Detective Superintendent, Gloucestershire Constabulary. Blackburn, John Noel, Detective Chief Superintendent, Kent Constabulary. Charlesworth, Allan, Assistant Ch Const (designate), West Yorkshire Police. Clare, Mrs Pauline Ann, Ch Const, Lancashire Constabulary. Coles, Peter John, Detective Superintendent, Nottinghamshire Constabulary. Essery, John Charles, Detective Chief Superintendent, Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. Forster, Malcolm, Detective Constable, South Yorkshire Police. Hall, Raymond Kenneth, Constable, Met Pol. Hamilton, John Patterson, dep dir gen, National Criminal Intelligence Service. Harris, Peter, Chief Superintendent, Greater Manchester Police. Hermitage, Peter, HM Assistant Insp of Constabulary. Manning, Paul Andrew, Assistant Commr, Met Pol. Nelson, William George, Assistant Ch Const (designate), Hampshire Constabulary. Rowe, Anthony Leslie, Cdr, Met Pol. Smith, Frederick John, Chief Superintendent, Sussex Police. Townsend, John, Cdr, Met Pol. Tucker, David, Cdr, Met Pol. Wilson, Jack, Chief Supt, Cumbria Constabulary.

Northern Ireland

Semple, William Frederick Reginald Welch, Chief Insp, R Ulster Constabulary.


Cunningham, Justin, Chief Superintendent, R Hong Kong Police. Stevenson- Hamilton, Angus John Delano, Assistant Commr, R Hong Kong Police. Malone, Vernon Elroy, Commr of Police, Brit Virgin Islands. Gilchrist, James, Chief Superintendent, Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary. Strachan, John Crispian, Assistant Ch Const, Strathclyde Police.

Coombs, Peter John, Dep Chief Fire Offr, Kent Fire Brigade. Higton, Brian Anthony, temp asst div offr, Derbyshire Fire Service. Penton, Miss Margaret Jean, Principal Fire Control Offr, West Midlands Fire Service. Pluck, Mrs Valerie Ann, Principal Fire Control Offr, Essex Fire Service. Walters, Andrew John, Chief Fire Offr, Avon Fire Brigade. Coyle, James, Assistant Firemast, Strathclyde Fire Brigade. Cranston, Colin, Firemast, Lothian and Borders Fire Brigade.

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