The News Matrix: Tuesday 4 September 2012


Monday 03 September 2012 23:28 BST

MP stands behind burglary 'victim'

A man arrested on suspicion of shooting two suspected burglars at his house in Welby is a "victim" and should not be prosecuted, MP Alan Duncan has said. Police arrested a man known as Andy Ferrie, 35, and his wife Tracey, 43, on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm. MORE

Woman returns book 78 years late

A woman wanted to return an overdue copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray to the Chicago Public Library, but first she wanted to be sure she wouldn't go to jail, because the book, a rare limited edition of the Oscar Wilde novel, was checked out in 1934. Harlean Hoffman Vision found it in her late mother's possessions.

Cat-borne infection affects thousands

Some 350,000 people per year in Britain are being infected with toxoplasma, a parasite spread by cats which has been linked with schizophrenia. Infections occur through direct contact with cats or eating contaminated food and can lead to birth deformities and dementia. MORE

Man caught with drug-filled chicken

A man has been arrested at Lagos' Murtala Muhammed International Airport after he was caught trying to bring into the country a roasted chicken with unusual stuffing: £100,000 of cocaine. Vincent Chegini Chinweuwa flew in from Sao Paolo, Brazil, and said he hoped to start a business with the drug money.

Communists to hold leadership transition

The Communist Party is gearing up for a once-in-a-decade power transition at a vital congress in October. The closely watched gathering will mark the beginning of a process to install China's Vice-President Xi Jinping as its next leader as President Hu Jintao steps down. MORE

Democrats stumble ahead of convention

The Democratic Party was in damage control mode on the eve of its convention, after three top lieutenants stumbled while assessing whether Americans were better off after President Obama's first term. MORE

Frozen IVF embryos better than 'fresh'

Frozen embryos could give women undergoing fertility treatment a better chance of conceiving than "fresh" ones, a study has found. By reviewing 37,000 IVF pregnancies, it was found that fewer premature births occurred when the embryos used were stored and frozen, which could lead to a change in policy. MORE

Winstone censures films' 'scumbags'

Actor Ray Winstone has attacked the "scumbags" he says are damaging the British film industry. The 55-year-old slammed the use of private investors in films. He told the Radio Times: "There's a lot of scumbags… You used to sit down with a man and shake his hand – it was done. Or if it wasn't done, no one was screwed over."

Protest at schools 'brainwashing'

Up to 8,000 protesters surrounded Hong Kong's government headquarters yesterday over a plan to introduce a pro-China school curriculum. Chanting "No to brainwashing education", they denounced a booklet they say glorifies China's Communist Party while glossing over more brutal aspects of its rule.

Jackson was an 'emotional mess'

Emails between the promoters of Michael Jackson's ill-fated shows at London's O2 Arena have revealed he was an "emotionally paralysed mess" and a "basket case" leading up to his death in 2009. Before a worldwide press conference, Jackson was drunk in his hotel room. Concert promoters AEG deny any wrongdoing. MORE

Cleric charged over inciting dissent

A Kenyan cleric accused by Washington of supporting al-Qa'ida-linked militants in Somalia was charged yesterday with inciting protests that rocked the city of Mombasa last week. Abubaker Sharif allegedly urged protesters to kill police officers during the riots. MORE

London Met to take UKBA to court

London Metropolitan University is to commence legal action against UKBA's decision to revoke its licence to sponsor international students. The institution said it was making the move so that its students can return to study. The Government revoked London Met's licence last week after it found a quarter of a sample of foreign students did not have permission to stay in the country. MORE

Doubts over benefits of going organic

Organic products are no healthier than conventional alternatives, according to scientists at Stanford University. Meanwhile a second study by Oxford University has brought claims that organic farming methods can cause more harm to the environment than normal industry practices.

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