The sleaze report: 20 are cleared by the findings

Thursday 03 July 1997 23:02 BST

Twenty present and former MPs were wholly or partially exonerated, including Sir Peter Hordern, a consultant to the House of Fraser who also stayed at the Ritz and Balnagown Castle. He registered his consultancy but not Mr Fayed's hospitality but Sir Gordon "would not see this as grounds for censure."

Lady Olga Maitland worked for Mr Greer before becoming an MP and although she invoiced for the work after her election there was no need to list it on the register of members' interests. Gerald Malone, former health minister, received an election donation of pounds 1,000 from Mr Fayed 18 months after meeting him to talk about his affairs but this was perfectly proper.

The others who had no case to answer were: Robert Atkins, Alan Beith, Vivian Bendall, John Bowis, Sir Graham Bright, Nirj Deva, Sir Anthony Durant, Gwyneth Dunwoody, Doug Hoyle, Norman Lamont, David Mellor, Michael Portillo, David Shaw, Chris Smith, Sir Malcolm Thornton, Sir Gerard Vaughan and Sir John Wheeler.

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