‘Go on son’: Streamer goes live from London Heathrow Airport as planes land in Storm Eunice

Jerry Dyer saw viewing numbers soar on his channel BigJetTV - with over 176,000 people currently watching

Emily Atkinson
Friday 18 February 2022 13:15 GMT
Watch live as planes try to land at Heathrow as Storm Eunice chaos hits UK

A man streaming live from Heathrow has shot to internet fame for his raucous commentary of planes as they attempt to land amid 100 mph winds as Storm Eunice tears its way through the UK.

The storm has brought with it the strongest winds experienced in Britain for over 30 years, prompting the Met Office to issue two “red” weather warnings - posing possible danger to life - in south Wales and southwest England, and in London and the southeast.

Jerry Dyer, who is streaming live from the major international airport in London, saw viewing numbers soar on his channel BigJetTV today - with over 176,000 people currently watching - as planes struggled to make their landings.

“Oh man, this guy’s all over the shop,” Jerry shouted in an effort to be heard above the roaring gusts as a British Airways (BA) flight was knocked from side to side by the turbulent winds.

The pilot then lowered the planes landing gear. “That is a dirty configuration,” said Gerry.

Another gust then struck the side of the plane, promoting the pilot to abort his attempt to land.

Jerry said: “Get that gear up ASAP.”

Not long after, a Qatar Airways A380 - the world’s largest passenger airliner - came into land.

“We’ve got an A380. People - get sharing.” said Jerry

“Share this to your family and friends, folks, because this is going to be awesome.”

The plane then started to make its descent down to the runway. “Flipping heck. Easy son,” he said.

“Everything about this plane is big. Check it out.”

The wind picked as another gust tore past the airport, causing the plane to jolt sideways: “Oh no! Blimmin’ heck,” said Jerry.

“Im not making it up. This is really intense now.”

He added: “This may be the last you hear of me, folks, before I get three hundred tonnes of this on my nut.”

Marvelling at the aircraft as it attempted to land, he said: “Thirty-five tonnes of under-carriage alone. The big behemoth. Double decker. Airbus A380.”

The plane then withdrew from its landing attempt and embarked on a circle of the airport to try another landing.

Jerry said: “Paddy power! 15-1 odds on that the guys’s going to land. But gamble responsibly please, ladies and gentlemen.”

It comes as the government’s emergency Cobra committee is convening for a second consecutive day in response to Storm Eunice, as it brought gusts surpassing the strongest winds recorded during the deadly 1987 “Great Storm”.

Millions of people have been urged to stay indoors, and Boris Johnson has said the army is on standby to assist.

As reports emerge of roofs being torn from homes, lorries overturning and large trees being uprooted, a gust of 122mph has hit the Needles on the Isle of Wight – thought to be the strongest ever recorded in England.

Join us on our Storm Eunice blog for live updates.

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