BNP Christmas card wishes supporters a 'white Christmas' wink-wink

Don't give the gift of xenophobia this Christmas

Christopher Hooton
Monday 15 December 2014 10:56 GMT

In an overtly racist message even by BNP standards, the party is "wishing you a white Christmas" in its annual greetings card.

I'm pretty sure the commonly-accepted phrases are "wishing you a merry Christmas" and "white Christmas", but they were collided because if you're a BNP supporter Christmas is a time where you hope for snow but also BLOODY FOREIGNERS TO STOP COMING OVER HERE AND EATING OUR BRANDY BUTTER.

In a festive message on the inside of the card, the party claims Christmas is under threat from pro-Islam penguins.

"We've all heard of 'Winterval,'" it reads, "it’s the Politically Correct replacement of our traditional Christmas – an engineered replacement complete with polar bears, penguins, and snowflakes to eradicate our traditional nativity scenes, with baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, and the Three Wise Kings all to be airbrushed out."

The card depicts a smiling white child hunched over a present, and is only mildly more subtle than the BNP's last Christmas card which was fronted by a blonde girl with pale skin and blue eyes that used the 'white Christmas' gag in 72-size font.

At least it got the timing right on the card - the same can't be said for its Remembrance Day minute silence message, which was sent out a day late.

Update: Yep, the BNP photoshopped the stock image of the girl to make her eyes blue

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