A third of Britons ‘secretly hoping for lockdown Christmas’ to avoid family they dislike

One in three Brits want a lockdown Christmas as an excuse to avoid difficult family members. 

Emma Pearson
Monday 09 November 2020 14:53 GMT
A pedestrian walks past a shop with a Christmas display
A pedestrian walks past a shop with a Christmas display

A third of Brits are secretly hoping for a lockdown Christmas to avoid family they don't like, a study has revealed.

As the UK was plunged into a second lockdown last week, a new survey has shown that four in ten see lockdown restrictions as the perfect excuse to swerve annoying relatives.

The national survey of 2,000 people also found that participants think that a more exclusive guest list will lead to better food and drink, with 22 per cent hoping for higher quality booze to wash down their Christmas dinner with restrictions in place.

The study, by drinks company Vin Crowd, found that in total, 44 per cent of people are looking forward to a "quieter Christmas", with some describing it as a "relief" with "no more bad food or booze with people you don't really want to see".

Just under ten per cent have even taken up cocktail making ahead of the holiday to boost fancier festivities, without the stress of the family lurking by the drinks cabinet.

Drinks expert Nathan McGivern, from Vin Crowd, said: "It is so important to remember that Christmas is a time for people to let their hair down.

"Whether it be with loved ones at home or celebrated in your social bubble, if you have the right crowd around you, Christmas is always going to be fun.

Christmas lights on Oxford Street

"The holidays are the perfect opportunity to don your mixologist hat, experiment in your home bar and try new drinks. Pre-mixed spritzers, like Vin Crowd, are an easy way to impress guests with cocktail hour in your home this winter." Despite the enthusiasm for a tamer festive season, however, 52 per cent of those surveyed admitted that Covid-19 restrictions would result in them missing quality time with loved ones.

More than a quarter said they were sad to be missing their Christmas office party - with 17 per cent setting up virtual parties to see the year out.

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