Driver uncovers drugs factory after crashing through house wall

Owners of large cannabis farm nowhere to be found when police arrive

Tim Wyatt
Tuesday 20 July 2021 15:12
<p>The car was left embedded in the wall of the cannabis factory</p>

The car was left embedded in the wall of the cannabis factory

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A cannabis farm was discovered inside a Cardiff home by accident when a car crashed through the wall.

Police were called to the scene of the crash in the Cathays neighbourhood in the early hours of Monday morning, but quickly realised the road accident had uncovered a potentially more serious crime.

The vehicle had careered off the road and slammed into the wall of a house in Cranbrook Street, exposing row upon row of cannabis plants inside.

The South Wales Police roads policing unit tweeted a picture of the car embedded in the wall and of the cannabis farm inside, and said: “Surprisingly the home owner wasn’t home.

“If they’d like to contact us and we can have a little chat about what was inside.”

A spokesperson for the force said the building was currently deemed unsafe after the car crashed into it and therefore investigators had not yet been able to go inside to examine the cannabis farm.

However, images tweeted by the roads policing unit showed dozens of plants neatly lined up underneath industrial lighting and heating equipment and a watering system, suggesting the house was being used to grow large quantities of the Class B drug.

No arrests have been made. Police did not provide details of the driver's condition when contacted by The Independent.