Domestic violence victim asks West Midlands Police to release video of brutal attack

Warning: video contains graphic footage that may be distressing to some 

Chantal da Silva@chantaladasilva
Friday 10 March 2017 23:07
Domestic violence victim shares video of moment she was thrown down stairs by boyfriend

Police have released disturbing footage of a domestic violence attack at the request of the victim.

In the video, Mark Power, 37, can be seen dragging the 47-year-old victim, who was his girlfriend at the time, along a staircase landing by her hair and throwing her to the bottom of the stairs.

The woman lies motionless before getting up and being attacked by Power once again.

Birmingham Crown Court heard that the victim had been thrown down the same staircase a total of three times in the assault.

Birmingham Police say they were “alerted to a row between the couple” on the stairwell of a multi-occupancy house on Frances Road in Erdington, Birmingham on 20 December, 2014.

When officers arrived, they found the 47-year-old woman unconscious on the floor. Police had to physically restrain Power from stepping on her in an effort to escape, a statement posted on Birmingham Police’s Facebook page reads.

Power had been released from prison just weeks earlier after an attack on the same victim.

The 37-year-old, from Erdington, was sentenced to 13-and-a-half years behind bars after admitting to grievous bodily harm with intent.

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In delivering Power’s sentence the judge said: “This was a brutal, sustained and relentless attack upon ... a person who loved you and stood by you after that assault in 2014. You were out of control through alcohol. However the incident started what you did to her was unforgivable.”

The victim told the court: “The effects of what he did to me were terrible and life changing. I was in intensive care and spent four weeks in hospital,” the Birmingham Mail reports.

“I am unable to walk properly and need help for the simplest of tasks. I am struggling to cope on medication due to the injuries I sustained,” she said. “I was a happy go luck person before. I just wish Mark had killed me because I am serving my own life sentence.”

Police Constable Beth Spence from the Public Protection Unit said: “Power had little choice but to admit his guilt after CCTV footage showed the true horror of the injuries he inflicted on his then girlfriend.

“She suffered fractures to her pelvis, eye socket and the back of her head, as well as multiple bruises, a split lip and wobbly teeth. She continues to recover from her ordeal.”

The police constable added: “We hope that the lengthy sentence given to Power helps [the victim] come to terms with the assault and reassures her that he will be behind bars for some considerable time.”

The 24-hour National Domestic Violence Freephone Helpline can be reached at 0808 2000 247