Jamie Acourt: One of Britain's most wanted fugitives arrested in Barcelona

Extradition proceedings will now get underway, says Metropolitan Police

Friday 04 May 2018 21:36
Jamie Acourt, 41, was arrested in Barcelona
Jamie Acourt, 41, was arrested in Barcelona

One of Britain’s most-wanted men has been arrested in Spain under a European Arrest Warrant.

Jamie Acourt, who was a suspect in the murder of Stephen Lawrence but has always denied any involvement, was arrested in Barcelona in relation with a Metropolitan Police investigation into drug dealing, the force said.

“Extradition proceedings now await,” it added. Acourt is due to appear in court in Madrid early next week.

Armed officers detained Acourt, 41, of south London, after he left the Metropolitan Sagrada Familia Gym on Friday afternoon, an National Crime Agency (NCA) statement said.

The Spanish National Police were also involved in the arrest.

Ian Cruxton, head of international operations for the NCA, said: “We were able to direct the Spanish authorities to his location in Barcelona.

“Our ability to share information and work at speed with our international partners ensures there is no safe haven for fugitives.”

Acourt was the 81st fugitive to be located out of 96 in Operation Captura – a joint initiative by the NCA, Crimestoppers and the Spanish authorities.