Mother speaks out as daughter's rapist jailed

Pat Hurst,Press Association
Sunday 23 October 2011 05:49

A mother whose teenage daughter was raped by a stranger said today alcohol was too easily available as her attacker was jailed for 14 years.

Munshur Ali, 22, raped the girl and her friend, both aged 13, after the youngsters had been drinking while at an X-Factor sleepover with friends.

They were walking the streets when Ali pulled up in his car and asked them for directions, Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester was told.

He then agreed to give them a lift but instead visited a Bargain Booze off licence, plied them with yet more alcohol and drove them to a secluded spot where he raped them in turn.

Ali, of Hyde, Greater Manchester, denied the offences, saying the girls were willing to have sex with him - and each other.

But he was convicted last month by a jury's unanimous verdict of three counts of raping the girls on November 8 last year.

Passing sentence, Judge Peter Lakin said: "Once you had them in your clutches, you plied them with more alcohol. You drove them to a secluded area and then you raped them.

"You knew, because they had told you, they were only 13.

"You subjected these two vulnerable, naive 13-year-olds to a terrifying ordeal, an ordeal that had and continues to have a very substantial impact on both girls and their respective families.

"Throughout this case you have been devious and manipulative. Not only have you made serious and deeply unpleasant allegations against the two girls, you also concocted a defence to fit the prosecution evidence against you.

"Your attempts to pull the wool over the eyes of the jury failed, and rightly so."

Ali, who continues to plead his innocence, shouted: "You're all racist, I'm telling you," as he was led from the dock.

Speaking outside court the mother of one of the girls, known only as Girl A, said: "It's so easy for a parent to say to their teenage children: 'don't drink'.

"But unfortunately these days it seems to part of growing up.

"It's so easy to get hold of cheap alcohol now from supermarkets and off licences.

"We had no idea they were drinking in the bedroom because it was a girls' sleepover and we just assumed they would be watching TV before meeting their friends.

"They were very naive and they were too trusting of that man when they got into his car. He exploited them for his own satisfaction.

"My daughter was scared to tell me because she had been drinking, but no matter what - you have to tell somebody. It's not their fault, and if they don't tell anyone - someone could get away with it.

"I think our girls have both been very brave and very strong but it's clearly affected them."

Earlier the court heard that at 9pm on Saturday November 8 last year, the two victims were walking along Newton Street in Hyde when Ali pulled up alongside them in a silver Ford Fiesta.

He first asked for directions to Birmingham and then began chatting to them before offering them a lift home.

The girls got into the car but as Ali drove to where they wanted to get out, he refused to stop the car and continued driving towards Ashton-under-Lyne.

Ali stopped at Bargain Booze on Stockport Road, where he bought a bottle of vodka and some orange, which he gave the girls to drink.

He then drove to a side street near St Mark's Church in Dukinfield where he got into the back of the car and raped them.

Ali saw a man close by and quickly got back into the front of the car and drove off at speed. He parked a short distance away and again got into the back of the car and raped the girls a second time.

Ali discarded his condom out of the window and began to drive again before he eventually let them out.

Initially the girls decided not to tell anyone, as they believed they might be told off for drinking.

One of the girls eventually confided in her mother two days later, and the police were called.

Ali was traced through CCTV images of himself and his car taken at the Bargain Booze shop.

The mothers of both girls said their daughters were left devastated by Ali's attack.

Girl B's mother added: "They are not the same children now.

"He didn't show any remorse at court, joking with his friends. It's disgusting.

"If I ever spoke to him, I'd tell him he'd got off lightly - sitting in a prison cell, even if it is for 20 years, is nothing compared to what he's done to my daughter.

"To any other young girls, I just want to say if you are going out, stay with a group, and be careful who you speak to, and don't trust anyone. And never get into anyone's car."

Det Con Lindsey Morgan, from Greater Manchester Police added: "Ali preyed on two vulnerable young girls and plied them with alcohol in order to make it easier for him to carry out two horrific sexual attacks on them.

"They both feared for their lives during the attacks, and felt unable to fight back, terrified he would not let them out of the car.

"Both girls will carry this horrendous ordeal around with them for the rest of their lives, but at least they can now see that Ali will be punished for what he did to them and is behind bars where he belongs.

"I think he was a sly, evil person that knew full well what he was doing, and he went out on this evening knowing that his intention was to get vulnerable girls into his car and rape them."

Ali was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life and has also been disqualified from working with anyone under 18 indefinitely.